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Open Wide!


The film Jaws has been widely admired by audiences since its release in 1975 and has been the main cause for fear of knee deep ocean water for the past decades.

What makes Jaws a great monster/horror movie is the tension created in no small part by the director Steven Spielberg. John Williams accompanying music simply compliments the feat that Spielberg was trying to point out, the fact that you are most scared when the shark is not seen. The acting on part of the three heroes sent to hunt the man eating fish is also very commendable. What makes the acting good is that not only is there tension hunting the shark, but the crew are all polar opposites and have conflictions with one another causing friction between crewmates which ultimately gives the shark the upper hand.

What is also very unique about Jaws is that it’s not overly violent. Spielberg could have made this film a gore fest but he didn’t. Yes, there is blood and body parts, but it is used in moderation. If there are any flaws I have with the film, is that some of the characters I wish could have been developed a little more and there are some moments where the film does seem to drag on a little before the tension picks back up again.

Nevertheless, Jaws is a staple to both the horror and monster movies genres of film and overall it is a well done piece of film.

Rating: 4.6/5


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