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Dejah Thoris: If you had the means to save others, would you not take any action possible to make it so?
John Carter: No good will come out of me fightin’ your war.
Dejah Thoris: I would lay down my life for Helium. Yes, I ran away. I was…afraid, weak. Maybe I should have married, but I so feared that it would somehow be the end of Barsoom. I tell you truly, John Carter of Earth, there are no Gates of Iss. They are not real.
John Carter: I’m sorry, princess. But this…
[he shows her the medallion that brought him to Barsoom]
John Carter: This is real. And so is my cave of gold.
[he offers his hand to Dejah to help her up which she reluctantly takes]


[referring to Carter, Dejah and Sola]
Voice of Thern #1: They have reached The Iss.
Matai Shang: It took them longer than I thought.
Voice of Thern #2: If they should reach the gates…
Voice of Thern #1: They can breach the sanctuary. And her knowledge of the ninth ray is already…
Matai Shang: As advanced as it will ever be. Patience, brothers. It is under my control. I’m already there.
[Matai Shang teleports himself to a rock formation overlooking the river]


[when they arrive at the river of Iss]
Sola: The Iss. Here pilgrims must leave behind all they have, all they know, never to return. May the Goddess find me worthy.
[as Carter is about to take a drink of the water from The Iss, he notices Sola trying to embark on the journey to the Gates of Iss alone, he leaps across the river towards her to stop her]
John Carter: Wait! What do you think you’re doing?
Sola: It is my way, Dotar Sojat, not yours. I must honor my Jeddak and redeem my unworthiness.
John Carter: You wanna honor your father? Then stay alive and help me!
Sola: My father?
John Carter: Sola.
Sola: Why would you say that?
John Carter: That’s what drives your compassions, the blood of your father, Tars Tarkas. And of all the Tharks, you’re the only one worthy of him. And your duty to your father demands that you see me through. Just help me find the Gates, then you can decide what honor requires.
Sola: Just through the Gates then.


[as the trio arrive the Gates of Iss which looks like a giant umbrella-like rock formation]
John Carter: Professor.
Dejah Thoris: Impossible! I’ve never seen this kind of structure before
John Carter: I wanna get a better look.
[suddenly Carter grabs Dejah and leaps to the top of the rock formation]
Dejah Thoris: Carter, your feet!
[the medallion Carter carries lights up blue and as they look down they notice the center of the rock begins to lower and a set of stairs emerges, the stairs lead into a cave where the walls form blue webbed material]


Dejah Thoris: This is not the work of Gods. These are machines. Your medallion
[Carter gives her the medallion and Dejah places it on the glowing spider carving on the cave ground]
John Carter: The spider.
[nine blue glowing rays suddenly appear out of the spider symbol]john-carter-11
Dejah Thoris: Nine. Nine rays. Nine! The ninth ray real! It can be harnessed, do you see? This entire structure runs on ninth ray isolates. The Iss is such power, and somehow Zodanga has it. The Therns, they must be real. And you, you are John Carter of Earth?
John Carter: Yes, ma’am.
Dejah Thoris: And the ships that sail on the sea, you’ve seen them?
[Carter nods his head]
Dejah Thoris: That must be a beautiful sight.
John Carter: It truly is.


[as Carter steps on the blue ray light suddenly the set of symbols connects and the solar system appears on the ground]
Dejah Thoris: It’s our solar system!
[Carter steps on the symbol of Earth and a set of symbols connects the planet to Barsoom]
John Carter: What’s it saying?
Dejah Thoris: I’m not sure.
John Carter: Okay. What do you think it says?
Dejah Thoris: It appears to be…a kind of technical diagram. Here is Barsoom, there is Jarsoom. This bit here, it’s like our symbol for a transcription. A copy, sent along these lines here, between the worlds. Like…
John Carter: A telegram. You’re saying I was telegraphed here. I’m a copy of myself.
Dejah Thoris: Possibly. Making these words here, the command for travel.


[referring to the symbols they’ve just discovered]
Dejah Thoris: I don’t like guessing. I need more information, I need charts, codesses.
[Carter looks at Dejah with suspicion]
John Carter: Right. And where might we find those?
Dejah Thoris: In the Hall of Science.
John Carter: And where’s that?
Dejah Thoris: Helium.
[Carter becomes angry, thinking that Dejah is still trying to convince him to go to Helium]
John Carter: Then quick! Let’s just head on turn on back to Helium.


[Carter grabs Dejah’s arm in anger]
John Carter: What do you take me for?
Dejah Thoris: I take you for a man who’s lost!
John Carter: I won’t be lost if you just tell me how to work this thing!
Dejah Thoris: I will! But everything I need to understand the medallion is in Helium. I’m trying to get you back to your cave of gold. Isn’t that what you want?
John Carter: Yes.
Dejah Thoris: No, I don’t believe you. We may have been born worlds apart, but I know you, John Carter. From the moment you caught me in the sky, I knew. I felt the heart of a man willing to lay down his life for others. A man willing to fight for a cause, here, on Barsoom.
[suddenly Carter kisses Dejah, but he has a flashback of his wife and daughter and pulls away from Dejah]
Dejah Thoris: Don’t you see? Carter, I fled to find another way. You are the other way.
[suddenly they hear Sola calling out to Carter, as they leave the cave they see a tribe of Tharks, led by Matai Shang, shooting at Sola]


[as they watch Carter, Dejah and Sola try to escape the Tharks attacking them]
Matai Shang: Pursue them to the Helium Plane, then overtake them and capture the red woman alive.
Tal Hajus: The one who jumps?
Matai Shang: Let’s see what he’s capable of.


[as they are pursued by the Thark tribe, Carter touches Dejah’s hand and has flashback to coming home after the war to find his home burned with his wife and his daughter inside]
Sola: Dotar Sojat!
Dejah Thoris: What are you doing?
John Carter: Sola, get her out of here.
[he jumps off the lizard-horse creature]
John Carter: Carter! I was too late once. I won’t be again.
[Sola grabs Dejah and flees off with her lizard-horse creature]
Dejah Thoris: No! No! No! No!
[Carter tries to force Woola to flee with the women, but Woola remains, as the Thark tribe reach him, Carter leaps in the air and onto the warriors, with each slash of his sword he flashbacks to burying his wife and daughter and placing his wife’s wedding ring on his hand, then the Tharks begin to overwhelm him and Carter disappears under a pile of Thark warriors]


[after Tardos Mors ship arrives, Tardos greets his daughter with joy and Dejah runs back to save Carter from under the pile of Thark warriors, Carter is alive but unconscious]
Dejah Thoris: Oh, thank Issus!
Tardos Mors: Who is he?john-carter-12
Dejah Thoris: His name is John Carter. He saved my life. He’s from Jarsoom.
Tardos Mors: Jarsoom?
[suddenly Sab Than appears out of Tardos’ ship]
Sab Than: Zodanga’s closer, he’ll have my personal physician.
[Dejah goes to attack Sab Than]
Dejah Thoris: He shot me out of the sky!
[Tardos grabs hold of Dejah to stop her attacking Sab Than]


Tardos Mors: My daughter, listen to me! Listen to me! Sab has admitted to everything. Now, he came to me, alone, without an escort. I could have had him prisoned, I could have had him killed, yet it was clear he only cared about your safety.
Sab Than: I feared you’d be tortured by the Tharks and condemned to die in their arena. I could not live with that on my conscience. I do have one, princess.
Dejah Thoris: Really? I thought you had it removed along with your…
Tardos Mors: Dejah!
Sab Than: She does not trust me, Jeddak. And why should she? There’s never been trust between Zodanga and Helium. Therefore, princess, I offer you this small, but sincere token of my good will.
[he takes out his sword, kneels in front of Dejah and offers her his sword]
Sab Than: My life.
[Dejah takes his sword and suddenly moves to strike Sab Than, but instead places the sword against his throat]
Sab Than: You hold the power, princess. The power of life, over me and over all Barsoom. With our two cities united, anything is possible. All you have to do is marry me.


[Carter awakens in a guarded cell in Zodanga]
John Carter: Is this Helium?
[suddenly Kantos Kan walks in the room]
Kantos Kan: No. Zodanga. Where the men are as limited as the menu, and the women are as hard as the beds.
Zodangan Guard: What’s your business here?
[referring to Carter]
Kantos Kan: He is my business. The Jarsoom needs to be taken to more secure accommodation.
Zodangan Guard: We’ve received no such orders.
Kantos Kan: Well, you’re receiving them now! Straight from the laughing lips of Sab Than himself.


[Kantos walks towards Carter]
Kantos Kan: I hear that you are incredibly dangerous.
[he whispers to Carter]
Kantos Kan: Take me hostage.
John Carter: What?
Kantos Kan: Take me hostage.
John Carter: Are you alright?
[as Carter appears confused by his request Kantos grabs his own sword, holds it to his neck, and grabs Carter’s arm to make it seem like the latter has taken him hostage]
Kantos Kan: The white imbecile! He takes my sword!
[they break out of cell]


[as they get away from the Zodangan guards]
John Carter: Right. Your turn.
Kantos Kan: My turn?
John Carter: Who are you?
Kantos Kan: My name is Kantos Khan. I sever Princess Dejah.
John Carter: Dejah?
Kantos Kan: Uh-huh. And from what she tells me, you can get us over…there.
[he points to Sab Than’s palace]
John Carter: She said I could make that?
Kantos Kan: We could always surrender.
[as they hear the Zodangan guards approaching them]
Kantos Kan: Is that what you do on Jarsoom? Huh?
[as the guards reach them, Carter quickly grabs hold of Kantos and leaps into the air and just goes just far enough to grab a stone ledge and tumble into Dejah’s bridal suite]


[after Carter and Kantos land in Dejah’s bridal suit]
Dejah Thoris: You are expected to bow in my presence, Captain Carter.
[Carter looks at Dejah, in her bridal gown and the servant women attending her; Kantos whispers to Carter]
Kantos Kan: Bow.john-carter-10
[Carter bows]
Dejah Thoris: Suppose that will do.
Kantos Kan: I fetched him, as you commanded.
Dejah Thoris: Thank you, Kantos.
[turning to the servant women]
Dejah Thoris: I wish to speak to Captain Carter alone.
[to Kantos]
Dejah Thoris: Keep watch outside.


[as they are alone in Dejah’s bridal suite]
John Carter: You look beautiful.
Dejah Thoris: It’s traditional Zodangan, worn by the groom’s mother I’m told. It’s a little vulgar for my taste, but my opinions are about to become irrelevant.
John Carter: You can’t seriously be considering this.
Dejah Thoris: What other choice do I have?
John Carter: Don’t marry him.
Dejah Thoris: Give me a reason not to. Will you stay and fight for Helium? Will you stay? And for Helium?
[Carter looks away from her and glances at his wedding ring]
John Carter: Dejah.
[seeing that Carter will still not agree, she turns away from him]


Dejah Thoris: We have a saying on Barsoom, ‘A warrior may change his metal, but not his heart.’
[she turns to face him again with his medallion in her hand]
Dejah Thoris: You were right, I could decipher the command. It’s a set of sounds, a simple phrase. Repeat after me.
[she takes Carter’s hand]
Dejah Thoris: Ak Ohum Oktay.
[they hear Sab Than and his men outside the room]
Dejah Thoris: Say it now. Ak Ohum Oktay.
John Carter: Ak Ohum Oktay.
Dejah Thoris: Weez.
John Carter: Weez.
Dejah Thoris: Jarsoom.
[Carter looks at her]
Dejah Thoris: Jarsoom.
[Carter hesitates and we hear Sab Than’s men try to bust down the door]
Dejah Thoris: Say it! Say it! Say it!
[just as Carter is about to say ‘Jarsoom’, Sab Than and his men burst into the room]


Sab Than: Dejah, you alone?
[Dejah turns and sees that she’s alone, thinking Carter must have teleported back to Earth]
Dejah Thoris: Yes. I am alone.
[she turns back to Sab Than]
Dejah Thoris: Well, my Jeddak. The moons will soon be rising, let us not delay the proceedings any further.
Sab Than: Yes. Yes, of course.
[as they leave the room we see Carter hiding above in an alcove, he goes into the hallway and sees the older servant woman who attended Dejah transform into Matai Shang]


[after Matai Shang has captured Carter, they ride through the city in a lizard-horse drawn carriage]
John Carter: Who are you?
Matai Shang: American.
John Carter: Who are you, sir?
Matai Shang: Sir? Definitely the South. The Carolinas? Virginia? It’s Virginia, isn’t it? Lovely place.
John Carter: You know it?
Matai Shang: Not as well as I should, but I will.


[looking at Carter’s body]
Matai Shang: Increased strength and agility. Simple matter of gravitation and anatomy, one we ought to have foreseen.
John Carter: We?
Matai Shang: No apparent increase in intelligence. Still this will not do at all.
[he holds up the medallion that brought Carter to Mars]
John Carter: Your kind of Earthmen projecting themselves over here, leaping about, causing all manner of disruption.
John Carter: You’re a Thern.
Matai Shang: Therns are a myth.


[Matai Shang transforms into a Red Man general and leads a now powerless Carter through the city]
Matai Shang: My name is Matai Shang, and I do not exist. Indeed I work very hard at it.
[as Matai Shang leads Carter through the city he transforms into an old woman, he and Carter watch Dejah and Sab Than’s lavish wedding procession]
Matai Shang: It’s a shame really. She’s a remarkable creature and she came very close indeed.
John Carter: You mean the ninth ray.
Matai Shang: It’s of no consequence now. After tonight’s ceremony, when the two moons meet and vows are exchanged, she and anyone else with knowledge of the ninth ray will be eliminated. In effect cutting the head off the beast.
[Matai Shang transforms into his original self again]
Matai Shang: Quick, clean and precise.
[Carter tries to shout to warn Dejah, but cannot as Matai Shang has made him powerless]
Matai Shang: Shame there’s no one to warn her. The balance must be restored.
[Matai Shang transforms into the old woman again]
John Carter: What gives you the right to interfere?
Matai Shang: Do you care? This is not your home, you have no obligation to these people. You don’t have a dog on this side. Is that how you would say it in Virginia? Man without a cause.


[Matai Shang transforms into the general again and takes Carter to a flying ship]
John Carter: So what is your cause?
[Matai Shang transforms into his original self again]
Matai Shang: We have none. We’re not haunted by mortality as you are. We are eternal.
John Carter: I don’t understand, the wedding, this little stroll. Why not just kill me? Kill Dejah?
Matai Shang: History will follow the course we have set, Earthman. And we’ve chosen Sab Than to rule next. The ninth ray must remain in the hands of mindless brutes we can control. And the infamy of Dejah Thor’s wedding death will seal his rain. We’ve been playing these games since before this planet, and we’ll continue to do so long after the death of yours. We don’t cause the destruction of a world, Captain Carter. We simply manage it. Feed off it, if you like. But on every host planet it always plays out exactly the same way. Populations rise, societies divide, wars spread, and all the while the neglected planet slowly fades.


[as Matai Shang is about to place Carter on the ship, Woola arrives on the scene and attacks a shocked Matai Shang]
John Carter: Immortal ain’t bullet proof. I shot one of you back on earth.
[Carter grab the medallion off of Matai Shang and makes a getaway on the flying ship]


[Carter crash-lands the ship in the desert, and Sola finds him]
Sola: I told you Woola would follow you anywhere!john-carter-13
John Carter: He did a lot more than just that.
[Carter tries to get back on the flying ship again]
Sola: Wait! Wait! Where are you going?
John Carter: To save Dejah. And I’ll need an army to do it. Get on.
Sola: No. Tharks do not fly.


[after Carter reaches Tharks city, he finds Tal Hajus is now Jeddak and he throws Carter in prison]
Tars Tarkas: I see the dead.
John Carter: Tars?
Tars Tarkas: The Virginia I know traveled the east.
[Carter sees Tars in the shadows, looking wounded and weak]
John Carter: What have they done to you?
Tars Tarkas: Tal challenged, I lost. Virginia, when I saw you leap into the sky, I wished to believe it was a sign that something new can come into this world. That the greatness of our Thark race might rise again, but it is too late. My daughter is with her mother in paradise, there is comfort in that.
John Carter: Tars. Sola, actually she’s here with me.
[suddenly Tarkas becomes enraged and hits Carter]john-carter-14
Tars Tarkas: This is how you repay your debt to me!
John Carter: Tars!
Tars Tarkas: I need my sword that it would half your thoughtless head from your body!
[Tarkas grabs Carter by the throat and tries to strangle him but suddenly passes out and falls on top of Carter]


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