By Darren Chan Keng Leong (Singapore)


Minor Spoilers!

Jurassic World got me very excited I grew up watching the previous Jurassic Park instalments and was excited for a sequel to the popular dinosaur film franchise. No doubt, it is time for another adventure where it shows Jurassic World is now a modern-day bustling tourist attraction and the dinosaurs have their own space to roam.

Sticking to the old premise of the other films, humans have now successfully engineered new species of dinosaurs from DNA splicing to create newer hybrids to pull in more crowds. The film opens with Zach Mitchell who is portrayed by Nick Robinson and Gray Mitchell who is portrayed by Ty Simpkins, two brothers that are going to visit their aunt Claire Dearing who is portrayed by the beautiful yet tough Bryce Dallas Howard who is a park operations manager. We are also introduced to Owen Grady who is portrayed by Chris Pratt of Guardians of the Galaxy fame. Owen is a Velociraptor expert and trainer that helps the characters in the film in surviving the looming threat.

In creating greater and scarier dinosaurs to pull in more tourists, a hybrid dinosaur in the form of the Indominus Rex is being created which is the cross between the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor. The park has unknowingly created a dinosaur that cannot be controlled and is intelligent which starts the team on another adventure to escape its clutches once it breaks free from its enclosure. Jurassic World touches on the new-found ability to communicate with the dinosaurs which can be nurtured. However, the film’s antagonists Vic Hoskins who is portrayed by Vincent D’Onofrio of Marvel’s Daredevil fame and Dr. Henry Wu who is portrayed by B.D. Wong have other ideas to create more problems and use the dinosaurs for their own greed. The film still manages to keep the audience on edge as the characters try to outwit the Indominus Rex from tearing down the park and hurting innocents.

I like the fact in this film that they made references to the first Jurassic Park by showing the abandoned enclosure and the logos used in the film. It was an added touch but the film lacks the terror and the threat that the dinosaurs would pose. It was easier to run away from the Indominus Rex which undermined its true capabilities. Therefore, it would be great if the sequel would up its ante on the threat of the dinosaurs so that it would make for a more entertaining watch. The film did not show the process of how the scientists have managed to create the Indominus Rex which is a gaping loophole and the other park dinosaurs were not fully made used of.

The dialogue and bantering with the characters make it the film’s saving grace, especially the romantic chemistry between Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard that delivers witty punch lines that manages to keep the film from sinking. The film is more of a blatant advertisement of modern-day brands, though that is a minor point, it deviates away from the original formula of intense fear and danger that the previous films are known for.

The ending of Jurassic World was underwhelming as it does not set up the story for the next instalment and the main characters leaving at the end was abrupt. Many questions were left unanswered such as “Why did the government not get involved?” or “Why did the tourists did not demand answers?” (They felt like extras and did not add any benefit which was a waste). The soundtrack is commendable as it takes themes from the previous films in incorporating a familiar yet new direction that the franchise is going into.

I felt that the writing and plot development of the film could be further improved to incorporate greater thrills and danger for the cast. The computer generated imagery and action scenes were great and exciting but it does not match the original Jurassic Park’s intensity which is a shame. Overall, Jurassic World is a family film to catch and it definitely re-kindles the interest of dinosaurs which would keep the audience entertained but not satisfied if they have viewed the previous Jurassic Park films.


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