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OK, firstly I just want to say this review is an argument against another review here from BENSWINDON…although, yes, we have different opinions which is our right of course, but I think I have a different view towards the NOSTALGIA let’s say from the first installment .

“If anything chases you RUN” is one of the first lines uttered by a mom to the 2 lead child actors in this movie which for avid listeners is unmistakably followed by a velociraptor shriek, although I’m not sure if this is was purposely done or just a wishful thought but it sent shivers down my spine. I watched this movie only 2 days ago as I’m saving my midnight movie screening experience again for the new Star Wars movie (excited is an understatement). The tone of the movie as a love letter to Spielberg’s original is a stroke of genius in many ways because obviously the lukewarm Lost World and epic disaster Jurassic Park 3 were unqualified disappointments and never really captured the heart and dramatics of the original so to make this movie as a Jurassic Park lovefest was in fact a plus, because it has been a long time since that original game changer was released and it gives the new generation chance to discover a world again that we discovered over 20 years ago.

Granted the overall awe and wonder is not as inspiring as the original but how exactly could it be? The truth is we have seen it all before and no scene in this movie is as exciting as the original and I think Peter Jackson’s King Kong had better CGI dinosaurs on show. BUT this for me and many critics didn’t take away the enjoyment of what we were watching…from the instantly recognisable theme tune to the view of Isla Nublar right down to BD Wong reprising his small but so important role (and his more of a bad ass here in some ways).

The build up to seeing a full dinosaur is expertly done as we are swept up in to a sense of security that when the reveal is finally here we are fully up to date to exactly what has happened in all those long years since John Hammond created a beautiful monster so to speak. As for john Hammond, apart from literally seeing him on screen he is very much a major player as we see his name scattered and spoke about regularly in the movie.

The new park owner although as desperate to see dinosaurs roam the earth he isn’t a patch on the cocky but equally flawed Richard Attenborough character. I think Bryce Dallas Howard is the diamond in this movie, which if you listened to rumours, i.e. Joss Whedon, she could have easily been a damsel in distress but she wasn’t perceived as any sort of damsel from start to finish. Yeah, she had the best overall story arc; shit auntie who cared more about money and profits to a great auntie who genuinely shows for want of a better line “BALLS OF STEEL!

Chris Pratt unusually takes a slight back seat in some ways, he is a character who unless he wasn’t a velociraptor trainer wouldn’t have much to do throughout but he brings a perfect balance to Dallas Howard, who I think is the star of this movie (human wise of course). The kids in this film are the best since Lex and Tim and might even be the best period as much as I liked Tim. I never was keen on Lex, the in jokes, the references, the pure love of the original is thrown into this movie and mixed together, but it works.

In some ways this is what the 3rd movie should have been. Seeing the velociraptors for the first time in JW is one of the most WTF moments in my movie history for all the right reasons. This bad boy gave me nightmares 2o years ago and the sound of their call was enough to make you fear them. Seeing them being trained and controlled by Pratt’s character was a worry at first because apart from the T-rex these guys are the big bad in this film series. So I was concerned that these dino’s were going to have a softer limited role. Thankfully I needn’t have worried as the set up to the finale is fully understood.

Seeing the velociraptors being controlled prodded and pretty much wearing muzzles is a real tension builder as we get to spend at least an hour of this movie looking in to their eyes, and you just know if they could they would rip John Hammond a new arsehole even though he isn’t there ! So instead they get to growl at big bad execs or someone who wants to use them as military killing machines (there’s a film I want to see). Their existence in this whole movie is purely to take down the big bad indominus rex and boy don’t they deliver. OK I will agree you need to leave your brain at home to truly get this movie as some set pieces truly suspend belief, but it’s all fun when you’re having a walk through the park. The indominus rex is a villain, not a natural disaster. And the way she hunts her prey is the payoff to her whole existence.

The world John Hammond invested in is fully realised and seeing a fully active Jurassic Park / World is a great pay off and the only logical direction this franchise could go in. But I do believe the talk of velociraptor killing machines is a big nudge nudge to where the studio see this series going as we don’t want to see another plane crash, blah blah blah, but we want excitement, action thrills and spills and JW delivers on all fronts .

The theme tune is possibly overused but it’s an epic piece of music which compliments everything that this movie is about. Life has found away and the 2 hours fly by, you will be left wondering what’s next? And finally, it would be rude not to mention the king of the park and all round LEGEND that is the T-rex. In the first 2 movies the rex was given the upmost respect by Spielberg. It’s the T-rex dinosaur that every, man, women, child associate as the top dog. JP3 completely pissed on his parade and along with ruining a franchise it also inexplicably fucked with our favourite dinosaur.

So I was delighted that in Jurassic world the T-rex is given the ultimate respect, a kind of release a beast to catch a beast, which again I’d watch as a whole movie. The T-rex and indominus rex going toe to toe is maybe my favourite movie scene of the year so far and the nice touch with the velociraptors make what could have been stupidly silly a real heartwarming experience.

I loved this movie and the nostalgia didn’t ruin for me the experience of this kind of new world! Bring on JW2 and I’ll rate this movie 9/10, and if Jeff Goldblum made a cameo appearance I would of give it 10/10.


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