By Sejad Cirkic (United States)


Jurassic World Bigger, Louder, and Fewer Teeth

Jurassic World was hailed to be bigger, louder, and have more teeth, than before but only provides the audience a bigger but not better experience because it expensive effects to create cheap thrills, it lacks the same story and character development that made the original such a hit with crowds across the world. This series of movies has been highly scrutinized and reviewed by many but few have had as many negative reviews as World. Even though it is the third highest grossing film ever this is because of superior CGI and advertisement rather than the acting abilities of its cast and depth of its plot.

The movie exemplifies the view many modern moviegoers have which is that the graphics and sounds better be worth their money while the plot and character development seems to take a back row seat to this just like many of the viewers that come late to the movie. With this film being in development for nearly ten years one would expect a blockbuster of a film in all respects but what the viewers got is a blockbuster with focus on few of the aspects rather than all. Due to this obvious lack of effort (not as obvious for average moviegoers) put forth, the director has to compensate with CGI to try to cover up plot holes and a general lack of acting quality. The lack of character development also pulls the viewer’s interest from the film and directs it towards the similarities with Jurassic Park seen with the “objects appear closer in the mirror” scene where a dinosaur appears in the mirrors of a car but seems to be more of a carbon copy of the old films rather than a new innovative experience.

“At time I half expected Pratt to turn around and say ‘We’re gonna need a better script’”. This comment by Mark Kermode of The Guardian not only pays homage to Jaws by Spielberg but also very distinctly shows lack of plot to support Jurassic World’s CGI. One of the only areas of interesting character interaction and development is that of Simon Marani played by the talented Irrfan Khan who although plays a variety of characters across several languages is somehow the only character that has some sort of dimension about them. The film attempts to follow much of Spielberg’s views in an attempt to try to develop characters away from the special effects resulting in a forced pseudo plot due to Spielberg remaining an executive producer.

The film continues to show the old cliché that carnage sells even if the story may not be the best. This is comparable to even thousands of years ago with the ancient Romans who would go to the Colosseum to watch cheap thrills that are meant to entertain the masses and did a spectacular job of it just like Jurassic World. Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) remarks that “No one’s impressed by a dinosaur anymore” which fits in with the film’s attempt to separate itself from others in terms of memorable action but is not entirely true because Spielberg made a blockbuster with Jaws even with a very low budget and a malfunctioning animatronic Shark, because he paid attention to what makes a movie memorable for years to come, the cast and their multi-dimensional relationships that are built.

This movie and it’s “cheap” yet very expensive thrills show that humans will continue to follow what those before them but also that we are ever changing in that the thrills are getting drier and less original, which is very true in that Jurassic World will not be remembered due to its superior plot but more for the fact that is the third highest grossing film. This film also shows that the director (Colin Trevorrow) will not be remembered after this movie which is very different in comparison to Steven Spielberg. The film tries to build a complex relationship with Dearing and Grady and how they attempt to save her nephews and hopefully fix their tattered relationship, seen with Grady building a more unique and believable relationship with his velociraptors. Not only does the film not have memorable character interactions, they further muck it up in that the eccentric billionaire Masrani who is concerned more with people’s enjoyment at the park rather than profits, is killed halfway through the film. The film climaxes with a very Ali vs Holmes esque death match in that the Tyrannosaurus was the main attraction of Jurassic Park while Indominus Rex is being hailed as the new attraction for Jurassic World and is better equipped to win and please audiences than the former.

Jurassic World was going to be a hit unless a mass catastrophe hit the world, but it is one for the wrong reasons as it focuses on brighter and cleaner affects previously used and not on the plot. It shows us all that the movie industry is taking a step in the wrong direction which could be considered a “mea culpa” on all our behalfs because the brainwashed viewers will continue to watch reskinned versions of old thrills. This also represents how as a whole we are moving towards a more creative unique society in some aspects but away from it in others.


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