Starring: Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones, Rene Russo, Elizabeth Ashley, Glenne Headly

Story: Action comedy written and directed by Ron Shelton which follows Duke (Morgan Freeman), an ex-mob lawyer in the witness protection program who has now become the freewheeling manager of a luxury Palm Springs retirement resort known as Villa Capri. His life suddenly takes a turn when an ex-military man, Leo (Tommy Lee Jones), arrives. What starts as a friendly rivalry to date Suzie (Rene Russo), the regional director of Villa Capri, turns serious when men from Duke’s past come back to resurfaces and threaten his life forcing the two rivals to work together.


Best Quotes from Trailer: 

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Duke: I’m Duke Diver, resident manager of this resort community.


Jimmy: As a new resident I think you’re going to be very impressed with what we have here.
Suzie: Oh, tango. Tai Chi. People just seem so happy here.


[referring to Duke]
Larry: He’s our resident champion of everything around here.


Leo: Who is that in my parking spot?
Elf: That’s Mr. Diver’s spot.
Leo: Mr. Diver make you wear those clothes?


[referring to Leo]
Roberta: There’s new food on the buffet.


[as she’s watching Leo lifting some weights]
Roberta: I wonder if he can lift me like that.


[as they watch Leo talk to the ladies]
Duke: What the… Twenty minutes and he’s got them lined up for a three-way.
Joey: Four-way, if anybody’s counting.


Leo: I heard this is where the action’s at.
Joey: Where are you from, Leo.
Leo: I’m a citizen of the world.
Joey: Military?
Leo: Ex-military.
Duke: I got to warn you, cousin, we play for real money here.


Duke: Did you move to Villa Capri to piss me off?
Leo: No, that was just a happy byproduct.
Duke: You and I, just getting started.


Duke: Leo, you got to get me the hell out of here?
Leo: Why would I do that for you?


Duke: I got a big secret. You want to hear?
Leo: No, not really.


Duke: I was the star witness against the mob.
Leo: And you went into witness protection. You can’t even do that right.
Duke: Agree to disagree, baby.


Duke: I think you and I could become cherished friends, Leo.
Leo: You need therapy.


Suzie: Do you men hear yourselves?
Duke: No.
Leo: Why, should we?


Duke: This is thrilling.


[when their golf cart explodes]
Leo: Stay calm, probably just a gasoline leak.
Joey: It’s an electric car.


Leo: Would you ever change your appearance?
Duke: And mess with this? I don’t think so.


Just Getting Started is set to open in the UK 12/01/2017 and US 12/08/2017.



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