By Mohammed Ashraful Alam (London)


The Latest Installment in the DCEU falls more then short as the team up between Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, The Flash and Superman isn’t enough to save the movie.

The movie picks off after the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice left off as a new threat comes to earth and Batman and Wonder Woman must put together a team to stop the evil from taking over the earth.

The story-line may be the biggest flaw of the film and not enough time was given to execute the characters story arch and introduction to the franchise’s flagship film. The introduction to Steppenwolf as the films main antagonist didn’t help establish the film either, Instead it felt like a B movie villain was opposite to the overpower full Justice League team rather than the big name villains like Brainiac and Darkseid we all know and have seen in the DC comical universe, evermore so the CGI effect on Steppenwolf made him look too cheesy and less of a monstrous threat.

For an A rated superhero blockbuster showcase this film defiantly does not compare to the fast paced energetical spectacle which the MCU captures through their films, it really does feel the same. At times the film feels pointless and blanc with many over exaggerated action sequence which contributes to the problem this universe has been having which is the lack of time spent into the film itself. Ultimately the film feels rushed and boring. But the biggest crime in this movie is the portrayal of one of the biggest superheros in comic history in Batman, who is shown to be seen as a sidekick to the league which is ironic considering he is famous for having one of the first sidekicks in superhero comics. We can only say that the bat is not even a shadow of what he is meant to be.

But you’ve got to give props where its due, which brings to one of the high points of the movie and that is simply The Flash. Worried about how he would be treated in the film, especially due to the fact we already have an established version in the CW’s Interpretations of The Flash, Ezra Miller’s flash captures a much more comedic and self-engaged Flash we are used to in the comics, especially when The Flash tries to bond with his super friends Batman and Aquaman.

So what’s next for the DCEU extended Universe, well with Aquaman solo movie is set to air in 2019 and with a very open ending to Justice League which suggest that Steppenwolf will be returning alongside the long anticipated master villain Darkseid, this gives DCEU time to fix some of the flaws with the film. One thing for sure is that the film is nowhere near the standards of what it should be compared to the comics, but who knows with a potential Batman Movie and the introduction to new DC heroes such as Shazam and The Green Lantern DC may have a chance to turn things around. Realistically this film is for the fans and if you happen to be a casual movie lover, you’re better off with something more exiting and lively.

Rating: 2/5



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