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What can I say. Recently DC movies have been received poorly by critics all over the world. Man of steel was too weak, Batman v superman was too dark and depressing, and Suicide Squad was a lot of nothing. Justice League exceeds all in tone, and there was a lot of everything. This box office block buster showed the world that superman can be incredible. Much like Batman v Superman, the approach to Superman over powered the movie with the loss of hope the moment he was taken from the film. Yes, there is a clear difference in colouring and the tone has lightened, but this is Zack Snyder’s creation, and like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman this movie stands out above all other comic book movies in its approach to reach the fans through the means to heroism and a world without hope.

Justice League’s clear goal was to compete with The Avengers and in my opinion there is no competition. Justice League’s non-spoon feeding, purely comic material approach literally took this movie straight from a comic book; with the added tensions and jokes and that come with any movie. Justice League found comfort in a lighter tone and presented each hero with their own intriguing role in the movie. Batman provided the league an intelligence and vigour that was required to assemble the team, while Wonder Woman remained the glue that kept them together. The Flash was the comic relief and the most welcoming member of the group, making Aquaman at times comic relief and the most unwelcoming member. Finally Cyborg, the breakout star of the movie, proved that possibly least exciting member of the league proved to be its greatest asset, in his role, as well as his chemistry with the others.

Steppenwolf the main villain of the movie turned out to be another major asset for the film. Giving shame to Loki, Ultron, and Ronan, Steppenwolf easily did his job of being the evil underling that would be expect of Darkseid. Every line that came from his mouth was pure gold and the voice expressed this perfectly. Steppenwolf’s goal from the beginning was clear: retrieve the mother boxes, serve Darkseid, seal his fate as a New God, and terraform the Earth. How can you hate a villain who spent an entire movie remaining consistent to their goals? Much like his goals, his approach to the League remained consistent also, as a distraction and inconvenience. Steppenwolf as a villain was a central reason for the need for Superman, which was highlighted clearly by the opening monologues nod to rising terrorism and violence.

Besides the iconic collection of heroes and the dominant presence of Steppenwolf, the movie operated with total assurance that Superman would be the final piece to complete the league. Though the audience is left apparent to a pending Superman return, no scene shocks more than Superman’s grip around Batman’s neck while uttering the now iconic phrase, “Do you bleed?” Along with the nightmare scene in Batman v Superman, audiences were once again treated to the darkside of Superman. In my opinion this is the most appealing side of the last son of Krypton, when we see the true power and mercy that Superman hides behind his love for Lois Lane.

I felt Justice League was the best if not second best instalment to the DC extended universe. Every character pulled their own weight and the purpose of the movie remained consistent throughout. Clearly DC has continued to stymie many fans while impressing the faithful few. The easiest argument to be made about this movie is whether or not it is your style of movie. Superheroes aren’t for everyone, (which means Marvel ones as well). These DC movies deliver a diverse range of films that targets the evolution of heroism throughout its finest heroes. The approach to DC’s cinematic universe is also distinctly different to Marvels in that they chose to gain peoples interest through the League before introducing audiences to independent storylines. DC also addresses the highs and lows of their heroes, through specific tones to help convey the given situation at that time. Do not judge this movie purely off of its difference from Marvel, instead judge it on its improvement. Comic books “once upon a time” addressed the issues of society while feeding its readers the tales of their various heroes crusades. Justice League arrives in the theatres to continue that trend and remind us who these heroes are and what they are capable of.

I gave this movie a 5/5 quite simply because it succeeds where I believe Marvel fails. The world needs Superman, the first ever superhero, who has clearly needed some respect for a long time. Thank you, Snyder, for another successful entry, that once again delivered upon us the true meaning of superheroes.

Rating: 5/5



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