By Eddie Burton (New Jersey)


I’m one of very few people that didn’t see the first Kick-Ass film. I saw half of it and realized I could be doing a hundred more things better and more interesting than watching this. Yes, that’s right. Judging by the half of the first film I saw, I didn’t like Kick-Ass at all. I didn’t like the characters, the acting, and while it was clever at times, it’s not very intriguing like everyone else said it was. From what I’ve read, the main problem people had with Kick-Ass is that it took itself way to seriously. If that is true, then this film goes through the exact same problem. Even worse so.

Kick-Ass 2 focuses on Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl going through generic, cliché, and predictable superhero problems and dilemmas that we see in every other superhero film. Except with this film, it’s also boring. The characters aren’t interesting, and aren’t further developed. They rest on their development from the first movie. It’s overly dramatic as well, forcefully so. There isn’t any balance with the comedy and drama and the plot is clumsy, at times rushed, and again boring. There are some good sub plots like when Hit-Girl tries to adapt to a normal life and focuses more on school. She gets in with the cool girls but is only being used cruelly to help one of the cool girls image. What happens to Hit-Girl is tragic and sadly does happen to people. It’s actually very affective and intriguing on how it will play out.

Another good sub plot is when Kick-Ass joins a group called Justice Forever with the colonel played by Jim Carrey as there leader. This sub plot could’ve been used as the main story and filled an entire film if written write. In Kick-Ass 2, it was handled surprisingly well. I just wish we could’ve seen further development to the new characters that are introduced in this film. Jim Carrey as the colonel is the best performance out of all the cast. With his character also being the most entertaining as well as interesting. You can tell Jim Carrey completely dove in head first in the role and became this character. I actually think they should make a spin off movie with Jim Carrey’s the colonel being the main focus, Learning more about the character’s origins, and background. There’s a lot of mystery behind him and would’ve loved to see more of his character in the film.

Sadly though, if Jim Carrey wasn’t in the film, it wouldn’t have changed the film whatsoever in terms of plot. Nothing would’ve been changed. The character was there only because Jim Carrey was casted and they needed a big name to attract attention to the sequel. Sadly, promotion wise that completely backfired due to the fact that Jim Carrey went out publically and stated that he could not support Kick-Ass 2 due to its violence. But Carrey still brings in a great performance. The humor is also something that falls flat. At times it is funny but for the most part, the comedy isn’t as clever as the first, more basic and obvious, even a little childish. Some of the comedy scenes I thought the writers son had influence on. But I digress.

The main problem though I have with this film is that it’s way too dark. Again, forcefully so. It doesn’t need to take itself this seriously. They just want a dramatic scene every five minutes because they think they’re giving the film depth. It doesn’t. While some of the serious scenes are done well, they’re very rare. Out of 10, you get like 2 good ones. Plus the dramatic scenes get repetitive surprisingly. The main villain is so annoying and so over the top. Every single time he was onscreen I was thinking of an excuse to leave the theater.

I’m half and half on the movie. While it’s not great or even very good, there are good aspects to the film. But there are bad things as well and the bad is no doubt more noticeable and leaves more of an impact of the film then the good. But I’ll rate it right down the middle and give the film a 5/10 stars.


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