By Morgan Gray (USA)


My experience with watching this movie was a terrible one, the plot, if you can call it that, was a boring one to say the least. It went from point of view to point of view throughout the film without going into how either are related, this can be done well, but it’s done so poorly here that I feel the makers of the film didn’t even mean to do anything cinematic with it and instead blatantly forgot to add any connections and leaving it as is. Something finally does happen to the plot at some point, but it’s when the antagonists of the film are finally shown to do what they do, which is rape and murder.

Films can easily have a hook such as this, but they require a quencher to satisfy the viewers. Of course the quencher of a situation such as this would be that the bad guys lose, so in other words die, and the good guys win. And while the rapists do die, they die in ways that are not anywhere near to comparable to their victims’ deaths, and the main protagonist of the film was so weak-willed and spineless that it was so hard to root for him.

There were too many moments where he could have had some kind of redemption but chose not to, and each were inhumanly cowardly, until one moment where he had a gun up to his head and shouted “just ‘f’ing do it”, which was completely out of his character, in no way a redemption, and in my opinion just a really dumb cliché of what a “cool” character would say.

Speaking of redemption though, it hinted at one for one of the antagonists of the film, but not a minute later completely forgot about it. You just have to wonder how sober the film makers were while writing. But through all of this, what was probably my least favorite part of the movie was the end. I guess I would have to call it a cliffhanger, but again other movies have done similar ideas so much better that it is difficult to put this in the same category.

While I was watching this movie there were many times that I almost walked out, and the only thing keeping me in the room was the sliver of hope that it just might get better, but it never does, it goes from boring story to the rapists winning and ends with an unanswerable question. One thing, on the other hand, that I can’t complain about is the acting, while there was nothing great about it, the fact that they got people who could remember their lines for a movie written so poorly is beyond me.

There are very few people that I would recommend this movie to, but if you enjoy movies about rape, cowardly protagonists with no redemption, and wondering if a recurring child in the film is dead or not, then I guess this is the one for you, also I wonder what goes on in your head. It is films such as this one that make me wish that ratings could go into the negatives.

Rating: 1/5


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