By Will Strickland (Manchester)


I’d like to start this review with a confession. See, if I had of know that this film was produced by the same people that murdered the classic film Godzilla in 2014 and then found out that this film was going to take up two entire hours of my life, I probably wouldn’t have gone to see it.

However, I still genuinely can’t work out if I enjoyed this film or not. With a star studded cast that included the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman and John C. Reilly, this film looked set to be the breakthrough in bad monster movies.

The film started with no secrets and within the first ten minutes the audience were gifted with their first glimpse of the colossal monkey that is Kong. As the film progressed it followed a similar plot to what we had seen in the 2005 film King Kong which coincidently meant that they would have to take a trip over to the mysterious, “Skull Island”.

When arriving at Skull Island Samuel L. Jackson and his team seemed to think it would be a fantastic idea to drop a mass amount of bombs on the beautiful hilly land scape. Of course this did not go down well with the local inhabitancy which just so happened to be, King Kong. Quite frankly I don’t blame him for kicking off because if someone came in to my back garden and started dropping bombs I don’t think I’d be very pleased either.

Anyway, this is our first full sighting of King Kong, who looks as if he’s had a bit of a haircut and taken a few steroids since the last film. This is definitely the biggest that Kong has ever been.

After Kong and the rest of the cast have a bit of a fall out on arrival that results in Kong killing half of them, Samuel L. Jackson and the giant ape share a moment which seems to possess Mr. Jackson for the rest of the film and he makes it his mission to kill Kong.

In the following hour and a half of the film the best thing to happen is the introduction of John C. Reilly who adds a touch of well needed comedy.

The film itself was very different from any other King Kong films that I had seen in the past and I felt that it was missing some of the key ingredients that made the film so good in previous years.

The classic love affair between the majestic ape and a beautiful blond did not exist, although he did in fact save Brie Larson’s life at one point. Instead of battling dinosaurs, he battled with strange looking lizards with no legs and long tails. The iconic scene at the end where Kong stands on the top of the Empire State building and hits planes out the sky as if they were flies was disappointingly cut from the script.

In saying all this I do actually think I enjoyed this film purely based on the entertainment factor. You could tell that a lot of time had gone in to the detailing of Skull Island and the scene was set very well. The plot was different so I didn’t really know what was going to happen next and despite not feeling any real level of connection with the Characters and Kong, I still think they managed to have a pretty good go at the kaiju genre.

Rating: 3/5


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