Kung Fu Panda 2 Quotes: Almost Awesome

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Directed by: Jennifer Yuh
Written by:
Jonathan Aibel
Glenn Berger
Chen-Yi Chang (additional story)
Ryan Crego (additional story)
Derek Drymon (additional story)
Ed Gombert (additional story)
Li Hong (additional story)
Robert Koo (additional story)
Radford Sechrist (additional story)
Simon Wells (additional story)
Jack Black – Po (voice)
Angelina Jolie – Tigress (voice)
Dustin Hoffman – Shifu (voice)
Gary Oldman – Shen (voice)
Jackie Chan – Monkey (voice)
Seth Rogen – Mantis (voice)
Lucy Liu – Viper (voice)
David Cross – Crane (voice)
James Hong – Mr. Ping (voice)
Michelle Yeoh – Soothsayer (voice)
Danny McBride – Wolf Boss (voice)
Dennis Haysbert – Master Ox (voice)
Jean-Claude Van Damme – Master Croc (voice)
Victor Garber – Master Rhino (voice)
Mike Bell – Gorilla Guard #1 (voice)
Jason Bertsch – Antelope Driver (voice)
Michael DeMaio – Happy Bunny (voice)


Kung Fu Panda 2 quotes are not as awesome as the first installment of this cartoon but still engaging enough to make it stand up as a worthy sequel. The comedy is clever with a fun, fast paced story which includes life lesson and lots of Chinese cultural references. And to top that off, the animation is vibrant with lots of energetic action.

Verdict: The film is vigorous with plenty of witty jokes, the story maybe not as original as the first movie but still engaging and entertaining.

Kung Fu Panda 2 Quotes


[first lines]
Soothsayer: [voice over] Long ago, in ancient China, the peacocks ruled over Guangming City. They brought great joy and prosperity to the city, for they had invented the fireworks. But their son, Lord Shen, saw a darker power in the fireworks. What had brought color and joy, could also bring darkness and destruction. Shen’s troubled parents consulted a soothsayer, she foretold that if Shen continued down this dark path, he would be defeated by a warrior of black and white. The young lord set out to change his fate, but what he did next only sealed it.


Soothsayer: [voice over] Shen returned to his parents full of pride. But in their faces he saw only horror. He was banished from the city forever, but Shen swore revenge. Someday he would return and all of China would bow at his feet.


Shifu: Inner peace. Inner peace
[suddenly we hear Po approaching loudly in the background]
Shifu: Ahh! Inner peace.
Po: Master Shifu? Master Shifu? What have we got? Pirates? Vandals of volcano mountain? Whatever it is, I will take them down. Cause I am in a mood. I need to get somethin’ done. You know what I mean?
[Shifu ignore Po and continues meditating with his eyes closed]
Po: Uh…what are you doing?
Shifu: One of master Oogway’s final teachings.


[as he carefully handles a water droplet and lets it go onto to a leaf intact]
Po: How did you do that?
Shifu: Inner peace.
Po: Inner peace. That’s cool! Inner peace of what?
Shifu: It is the next phase of your training. Every master must find his path to inner peace. Some choose to meditate for fifty years in a cave just like this, without the slightest taste of food or water.
[Po’s stomach makes a loud growling noise]
Po: Or?kung-fu-panda2-4
Shifu: Some find it through pain and suffering, as I did. Po, the day you were chosen as Dragon Warrior, was the worst day of my life. By far, nothing else came close. It was the worst, most painful, mind destroying, horrible moment…
Po: Okay.
Shifu: …I have ever experienced.
[he shudders at the thought of it]


Shifu: But once I realized the problem was not you, but within me, I found inner peace. And was able to harness the flow of the universe.
Po: So that’s it? I just need inner peace? My innards are already super, super peaceful. So all I need to do is just get this thing going. Inner peace? You’re goin’ down! Now show me what you were doing there with your feet? I saw you do sort of fancy foot thing?


[after Po and his gang stop the wolf soldiers from raiding the village]
Bunny Fan: The Dragon Warrior!
Wolf Boss: The panda? That’s impossible!
Po: My fist hungers for justice!
[his stomach growls loudly]
Po: That was my…fist.


Mr. Ping: It’s so good to see you, Po! Have you lost weight? I can almost put my wings around you!
Po: Ah, well! Maybe, a little.
Mr. Ping: Oh, Po, you…you must feel weak! Let me get you some soup.
Po: Oh, no. That’s okay, dad. I’m not hungry.
Mr. Ping: Not hungry? Po, are you all right?
Po: Yeah! Yeah! No, I’m fine.


Po: Mmm…dad?
[Mr. Ping looks at a picture of him and Po as a baby]
Po: How do I say this?
Mr. Ping: Uhh…
Po: Where did I come from?
Mr. Ping: Well, you see uh….son, a baby geese come from a little egg. Don’t ask me where the egg come from!
Po: Dad! That’s not what I mean!
Mr. Ping: I know it’s not. I think it’s time I told you something, I should have told you a long time ago.
Po: Okay.
Mr. Ping: You might have been kind of…uh…uh…adopted!
Po: I knew it!
Mr. Ping: You knew? Well, who told you?
Po: On one! I mean, come on! Dad!
Mr. Ping: But if you knew, why didn’t you ever say anything?
Po: Why didn’t you say anything?


Po: How did I get here, dad? Where did I come from?
Mr. Ping: Actually, you came from this.
[he pulls out a basket]
Mr. Ping: It was just another day at the restaurant. Time to make the noodles. I went out to the back, where my vegetables had just been delivered. There were cabbages, turnips, radishes Only there were no radishes. Just a very hungry, baby panda. There was no note. Of course you could have eaten it. I waited from someone to come looking for you. But no one did.


[recalling what happened after he had found Po as a baby]
Mr. Ping: I brought you inside. Fed you. Gave you a bath. And fed you again. And again. And tried to put some pants on you. And then I made the decision that would change my life forever. To make my soup without radishes. And to raise you as my own son.
[flash back vision shows of Mr. Ping feeding baby Po his soup]
Mr. Ping: And from that moment on, both my soup and my life, have been that much sweeter. And little Po, that’s the end of the story.
[as he’s crying]
Mr. Ping: Look at me? No! Don’t look at me!
Po: That’s it? That can’t be it? There’s gotta be more, dad!
Mr. Ping: Well, there was a time you ate all my bamboo furniture. It was imported too!


[as Po is disappointed at finding out the story of how he was found]
Mr. Ping: Oh, Po! You’re story may not have such a happy beginning. But look how it turned out? You got me. You got Kung Fu. And you got noodles!
Po: I know. I just have so many questions. Like how did I ever fit in this tiny basket? Why didn’t I like pants? And who am I?


Master Rhino: What do you want, Shen?
Shen: What is rightfully mine. Guangming city!
Master Rhino: Guangming is under the stewardship of the masters council, and we will protect it. Even from you.
Shen: I’m so glad you feel that way. Otherwise I’d have dragged that here for nothing.
[referring to the giant wooden box by his wolf soldiers]
Master Ox: What’s in the box, Shen?
Shen: Want to see? It’s a gift. It’s your parting gift. In that it will part you. Part of you here, part of you there. And part of you way over there, staining the wall.
Master Ox: You insolent fool!
[attacks Shen]


Shifu: Are you familiar with the master of Guangming City?
Po: Master thundering Rhino?
Shifu: Yes.kung-fu-panda2-5
Po: Son of legendary, flying Rhino?
Shifu: Yes.
Po: And slayer of the ten thousand serpents in the valley of Woe?
Shifu: He’s dead.
Po: Woh!


Shifu: Lord Shen has created a weapon. One that breathes fire and spits metal. Unless he is stopped, this could be the end of Kung Fu.
Po: But I just got Kung Fu!
Shifu: And now, you must save it! Go! Destroy this weapon! And bring Lord Shen to justice!
Po: Okay! Here we go! Here we go!
[he sets off to go]
Po: Woh! Woh! Woh! Woh! Wait a second! How can I do this? I mean, how can Kung Fu stop something that stops Kung Fu?
Shifu: Remember Dragon Warrior, anything is possible when you have inner peace.


Mr. Ping: Oh, Po! I got you a travel bag packed. I packed you food for weeks. Cookies, buns, vegetables and I even packed all your action figures. See?
[he holds up an action figure of Tigress making Monkey laugh]
Po: Oh! Uh…hey! I don’t know what those are! Never seen them before in my life.
[quietly as Monkey and Tigress walk away]
Po: Dad, you got scratches on my Tigress!


Mr. Ping: I also packed you paintings of our time together, just in case you get lonely.
[gives him the paintings]
Mr. Ping: That’s me and you making noodles. And that’s me and you eating noodles. And that’s me giving you a piggy back ride.
[laughs as he looks at it]
Mr. Ping: Isn’t that cute? On second thought, I’ll hang on to this one.
Po: Hey, uh…they’re waiting for me.
Mr. Ping: Of course. Of course. You have a job to do. Far from home. In a strange city, filled with strange people and strange noodles. Facing horrible danger from which you might never return! Don’t go, Po!
Po: I gotta go! I’m the Dragon Warrior. It’s kind of my job to save Kung Fu. And if I don’t, what am I?
Mr. Ping: You’re my son.
[Po looks at Mr. Ping]
Mr. Ping: Right?


[dreaming of his mother and father]
Po’s Father: Hey! Son, you’re back!
Po’s Mother: Honey, what are you doing here?
Po: But I thought…
Po’s Mother: We replaced you, dear, with this lovely radish.
Po: Rrradish?
Po’s Father: It’s quite, polite and frankly does better Kung Fu.
Po: Oh! No! No! No!


[Po punches Tigress and she stops him with her hand which is like stone]
Po: Ow! I think I prefer the mast!
Tigress: Apologies. I used to punch the iron wood trees by the palace to train. Now I feel nothing.
Po: That’s severely cool!


Po: So, uh…this punching iron wood trees, how long did you have to do that?
Tigress: Twenty years.
Po: Oh! Twenty…twenty years! Ooz! Is there any uh…you know, faster way? You know, until, you know, don’t feel anything?
Tigress: No. Besides,
[as he’s punching at her hand she turns him with one turn of her hand making him fall flat on his back]
Tigress: I don’t think hard style is…your thing.


Tigress: Po, why are you really out here?
Po: I just found out that my dad isn’t really my dad.
Tigress: Your dad, the goose? Must have been quite a shock.
Po: Yeah.
Tigress: And this bothers you?
Po: Are you kiddin’ me? We’re warriors, right? Nerves of steel! Souls of platinum! Like you! So hard core you don’t feel anything.


Mantis: So, what are you guys talkin’ about?
Po: Nothing. Nothing!
Viper: Po’s having daddy issues.
Mantis: Ew! I’m so lucky. I don’t have any problems with my dad. Maybe it’s because mum ate his head before I was born. I don’t know!
Viper: Mantis, this isn’t about you! Po is the one freaking out.
Po: I’m not freaking out.
Tigress: Po.
Po: I’m freaking in!
Tigress: Po!
Po: What?
Tigress: We’re here. Guangming City.


Shen: My father’s throne. He used to let me play here, beside him. Promising someday this throne would be mine.
[as the giant iron weapon is dropped down in front of the throne]
Shen: A little to the left.
Gorilla Guard #1: Oh, but it’s so heavy, master.
Shen: Thirty years I’ve waited for this moment. Everything must be exactly how I envisioned it. And I envisioned it…a little to the left.


Shen: Now you old goat, why don’t you tell me my…
Soothsayer: …fortune?
Shen: Fu…future. I was going to say future. Look into your bowl and tell me what glory awaits.
[the Soothsayer looks in the bowl as Shen walks down the stairs closer to her]
Shen: If you continue on your current path, you will find yourself…at the bottom of the stairs.
[as Shen reaches the bottom of the stairs, she looks into her bowl again]
Soothsayer: I see…I see…I see….pain!
[as Shen gets close to her she pulls at Shen’s wing]
Shen: Ow!
Soothsayer: And anger.
[she bites his cloak]
Shen: How dare you! That is the finest silk in the province!
Soothsayer: Followed by denial.
Shen: This is not fortune telling! You’re just saying what’s happening right…
Soothsayer: …now!


Soothsayer: The most important time is now. But if you really want to see the future.
[smoke comes out of her bowl]
Shen: Oh, what do you see?
Soothsayer: A peacock is defeated by a warrior of black and white. Nothing has changed.
[angry Shen smashes her bowl]
Shen: That’s impossible, and you know it.
Soothsayer: It is not impossible, and he knows it.
Shen: Who?


Wolf Boss: Lord Shen, I saw a panda!
Shen: A panda!
[he throws the Wolf Boss to the ground]
Wolf Boss: A Kung Fu warrior. It fought like a demon! Big an fury. Soft and squishy. Uh…kind of plush and cuddly.
Shen: There are no more panda’s.
Soothsayer: Even with his poor eye sight, he can see the truth. Why is it that you cannot?
[to the Wolf Boss]
Shen: Find this panda and bring him to me!
Wolf Boss: Yes, sir!


Shen: One panda lives. That does not make you right.
Soothsayer: You’re right. Being right makes me right.
Shen: Then I will kill him and make you wrong.
[she bites his cloak]
Shen: Will you stop that!


Tigress: That must be Shen’s palace on the other side of the city.
Po: Great! We’ll march into the tower and proclaim; we are the Dragon Warrior and the Furious Five, and we are here to bring you to justice!
[as he sets off to go down Mantis stops him]
Mantis: What are you doing? This place is crawling with wolves!


Tigress: We need to get to that tower without being spotted by those wolves.
Po: Got it. Stealth mode.


[after failing at his attempts to go stealth mode to get closer to the palace]
Monkey: So that was stealth mode, huh?
Po: Uh…to be honest, not one of my stronger modes.


[after Wolf Boss and his soldiers have failed to capture Po and the others]
Wolf Boss: Spread out! Search everywhere!
Wolf Soldier #1: What about over there?
Wolf Boss: Is ‘there’ a part of everywhere?
Wolf Soldier #1: Uh…I guess!
Wolf Boss: Then search there!


[after sneaking away from the wolf soldiers, Po gets stuck in a barrel]
Po: They must be close. I can feel a Kung Fu chill riding up my spine.
[suddenly Viper crawls from behind Po and out of the same barrel]
Viper: Sorry Po, it’s just me.


Po: The ferocious Master Croc!
[he runs towards the prison cell and looks inside]
Po: And storming Master Ox! I can’t believe we’re rescuing actual legends of Kung Fu. We’re going to free from those bonds of injustice. No problem! Gotta be a key around here. No, they wouldn’t leave a key around here.
[suddenly Tigress opens the prison cell door with one kick]
Po: Oh, good! You found it!


[after freeing Master Croc and Master Ox]
Po: Guys, are we goin’ or not? Do you wanna meet us there later? I mean, you do wanna take back your city, right?
Master Ox: Of course we do. But if we stand up to Shen, he will turn the weapon on this city.
Po: Listen to yourself? You’re protecting Guangming City by not protecting Guangming City?


Total Quotes: 66



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