Starring: Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, David Cross, James Hong, Bryan Cranston, Kate Hudson, J. K. Simmons


Story: Third installment in the Kung Fu Panda franchise directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Alessandro Carloni. The story continues the adventures of Po (Jack Black) who after reuniting with his biological father, Li (Bryan Cranston) returns to his birthplace, a secret panda paradise where he does not fit in.

There he meets Mei Mei (Kate Hudson), an overly eager panda, who has been promised in an arranged marriage to Po. But when an evil spirit called Kai (J.K. Simmons) terrorizes across China stealing powers of defeated kung fu masters, Po must learn to train a village of clumsy, fun-loving pandas to become the band of Kung Fu Pandas.

Verdict: It’s a predictable sequel but manages to maintain the charm of it’s predecessors with some incredibly funny moments. It completes the trilogy with gusto and provides a fun family entertainment.


Best Quotes   (Total Quotes: 31)


[first lines]
Oogway: Inner peace. Inner peace.
[a flower petal falls onto his nose]
Oogway: Itchy nose.


Po: Master Shifu? Good time, bad time?
Shifu: Time is an illusion, there is only the now.
Po: So now is a…good time?
Shifu: Oh!


Shifu: Po, You must take the next step on your journey from warrior to teacher.
Po: But I’m no good at it.
Shifu: You’re terrible at it.


Shifu: If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now.
Po: I like who I am!
Shifu: You don’t even know who you are.


[after Shifu has made a flower bloom with the power of chi]
Po: Woh! What was that?
Shifu: That was chi.
Po: Wow! What’s chi?
Shifu: The energy that flows through all living things.
Po: So you’re saying if I teach, I’ll be able to do cool stuff like that?
Shifu: No, I’m saying if you teach, I’ll be able to do cool stuff like that.
Po: Oh.
Shifu: Mastering chi requires mastery of self. Oogway sat alone in a cave for thirty years, asking one question: Who am I? Who am I? I’m lucky if I get five minutes before you interrupt.
Po: Aw, so now I have to sit alone in a cave for thirty years?
Shifu: Eventually. After you master teaching.
Po: Teaching? There’s no way I’m ever gonna be like you!
Shifu: I’m not trying to turn you into me; I’m trying to turn you into you.


[searching through Oogway’s scroll library]
Shifu: There’s so much wisdom in here, I can’t find anything!


Shifu: Before the battle of the fist comes the battle of the mind…then the dramatic entrance.


Po: Justice is about to be served!
[we see them at his dad’s cafe]
Po: We’ll have two Justice platters, please. Tigress, did you want extra sauce with that?
Monkey: She wants it on the side.
Tigress: On the side.
[to his dad]
Po: On the side.


Po: Who are you?
Li: I’m Li Shang. I’m looking for my son.
[the crowd gathered gasps]
Po: You lost your son?
Li: Yes. Many years ago.
Po: I lost my father.
Li: I’m very sorry.
Po: Thank you.
[there’s a pause]
Li: Well, good luck to you.
Po: You too. I hope you find your son.
Li: And I hope you find your father.
[they both walk off, the crowd facepalms in frustration]


Po: Dad?
Li: Give your old man a hug!
Mr. Ping: How do we know he’s even related to you?
[Li looks at Po’s stomach which is very similar to his]
Li: Look at that!
[Po and Li start banging their identical looking stomach’s together]
Li: It’s like looking in a fat mirror.


[wheezing from walking up the stairs]
Li: I am your father.
Po: Uh, what?
Li: I am your father. What’s with all the stairs?
Mr. Ping: Why is he breathing like that? It’s creepy!


Li: You have to come home with me.
Po: What? To the secret village?
Li: Yes, son. You must rediscover what it is to be a panda. You have to learn how to live like a panda. Sleep like a panda. Eat like a panda. Those one hundred and three dumplings? I was just warming up.
Po: I always knew I wasn’t eating up to my full potential!


[we see Mr. Ping has stowed away in Po’s travel bag]
Po: Dad?
[thinks Po is talking to him]
Li: Yes?
Po: Dad.
[opens his bag to find Mr. Ping inside]
Mr. Ping: Yes?
Po: What are you doing here?
Mr. Ping: What am I doing? Getting a backache! Did you have to step on every rock?
Po: No, I mean why are you here ?
Mr. Ping: What was I supposed to do, huh? What if the pandas don’t have food you like? You’re never gonna be able to save the world on an empty stomach. I consider my presence mission critical.
Li: Oh, yes, about that. We can’t share the location of the village with others. So…
Mr. Ping: Oh, you think I can’t keep a secret, huh? I raised Po for twenty years before I finally told him he was adopted.
Li: Seriously?
Po: Yeah.
Li: Okay, I guess it would be cruel to make you fly back.
Po: You can fly?
Mr. Ping: I’m a bird, Po.


[as Li takes Po to his village]
Po: You look just like me but a baby. You’re like me but old.
Older Panda: Oh, he’s adorable.


[Li reveals a secret lift to the Panda Village]
Li: We’re pandas! We don’t do stairs!
Po: I have waited all my life to hear those words.


Kai: Kai has returned!
Rabbit, Goose: Who?
Kai: The master of pain, beast of vengeance, maker of widows.
Goose: I don’t know.
Kai: Okay, I used to work with Oogway.
Rabbit, Goose: Oh, Master Oogway.
Kai: Silence!


[Crane is flying, with Mantis on his hat]
Crane: Wings of surveillance!
Mantis: Why do you do that?
Crane: Do what?
Mantis: Just because you say “wings of” before something, it doesn’t mean that you’re doing a special move. It’s like me saying “antenna of power” or “thorax of making sandwiches!”
Crane: Wings of disagreement.


Tigress: Kai took the Valley, it’s all gone. Now he’s coming for the Pandas. You must teach them to fight.
Po: I am ready.


Oogway: [to Po] You must save the world.


Li: There’s no way I can stop him!
Po: Unless you had an army of your own.
Li: You don’t even know Kun Fu!
Po: Then you will teach us.


Mei Mei: Get ready to dance with danger!


[as he’s trying to teach the other panda’s Kung Fu]
Po: Nobody said this was gonna be easy.


Po: I’m going to turn you into Kung Fu masters.


Kai: You must be the Dragon Warrior.
Po: How about you spare me the chit-chat.
Kai: I’m going to take your…
Po: Ah! Chit-chat!
Kai: In the…
Po: Chitty-chitty-chat…
Kai: In the…
Po: Chat-chat-chat-chat!
Kai: In the…
Po: Chit-chat!


Mantis: We’ve gotta get in there.
Crane: But Master Shifu said…
Mantis: You seriously afraid? Even Master Chicken is going in there, and he’s a chicken.
[we see Master Chicken clucking, pulling out his wing blades and running inside an abandoned ship]


[to Li who’s wearing a battle armor]
Po: This is Master Flying Rhino’s battle armor.
Li: I wonder what this does. I should pull it.
[Li pulls the string on the armor and it transforms to produce a rhino shaped helmet and wings]
Po: I think I just peed a little.


[as they two duel in the Spirit Realm]
Oogway: You’ve grown stronger!
Kai: Five hundred years in the Spirit Realm; you pick up a thing or two.
[he brandishes some jade amulets]
Kai: I have taken the chi of ever master here!
Oogway: [gasps] No.
Kai: [chuckles] Yes. And soon, I will have your power, too!
Oogway: When will you realize the more you take, the less you have?


Kai: Who are you?
Po: I’ve been asking myself that question. Am I the son of a panda? The son of a goose? A student? A teacher? I’m all of those things.
[Po’s chi forms the shape of a dragon around him]
Po: I am the Dragon Warrior! Get it? You see the giant dragon?


Mr. Ping: Sometimes we do the wrong things for the good reasons.


Li: She was the total package: Smart, beautiful, tremendous appetite.


[last lines; to Po]
Li: Well done, son!
[Po smiles, and guides everyone to flow their chi]

Total Quotes: 31






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