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La La Land: a gripping story for the ones who dream I would like to start with a personal anecdote: I’ve watched the movie more than once, but I managed to do it for the second time only after one year, as it literally blew my mind. Released in 2016, La La Land is a thrilling film written and directed by Damien Chazelle and set in Los Angeles. What absolutely fascinated me is the fact that nearly all the characters in the movie sing and dance. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, whose acting skills are undoubtedly brilliant, are the two starring actors, respectively interpreting Sebastian and Mia. Sebastian is a jazz pianist facing economic instability, dreaming of opening his own themed club in order to save jazz, which is slowly disappearing.

Mia, instead, works in a coffee-shop at Warner Bros studios and she’s a secretly vibrant and high-spirited girl, preferring to keep herself to herself; she has an innate passion for acting and her biggest wish would be to start a career as a professional actress. One day, Mia and Seb stumble upon each other at a party and from that moment on, their lives will be given a turnaround. What’s more, as the story goes on, an evident alchemy grows stronger between them… What completely amazed me more than anything else in the movie is the character of Mia, stuck, trying to gain her spot in the film industry. Her determination is remarkable and her genuine attitude to life shows a substantially strong “attachment” to simple and beautiful things, which are little valued by the society in which she lives.

Her passion for the arts runs in the family, as when she was a little girl, her aunt introduced her to the enchanted world of cinema, instilling in her the passion for acting. Besides, I was moved by Mia because we share a certain occasional dreamy attitude. I think she is a character from whom we might learn something. A further element which could be considered the icing on the cake is the division of the entire movie in four big sequences, that is to say, Spring; Summer; Fall; Winter. Spring is the symbol of a new beginning, like Mia and Sebastian’s relationship. During Summer the two characters reach happiness to the fullest. It comes without saying that when Fall arrives, they encounter their first couple issues, having to take very important decisions. Finally winter arrives, but the events are far more different from what the audience might expect.

The movie is addressed to all musical lovers and to those who like to pay attention to details, as the splendidly organized scenery is crammed-full of vivid colours and majestic outfits. But I especially recommend the viewing to all people who think that « a little madness is key to give us new colours to see», because I can assure you that you’ll be pleasantly taken aback. In my opinion, La La Land is not merely a love story, it’s much more: it’s a resounding success that ended up being a masterpiece.

Rating: 5/5



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