By Maximilian Gutsche (Wolfsberg, Kärnten, Austria)


Lady Bird is directed by Greta Gerwig starring Saoirse Ronan as Christine. She wants to be called and calls herself “Lady Bird”.

The movie is a Coming-of-Age story, but very different than most films of this type. A Coming-of-Age movie with a female leading actress usually is about romance and her journey through learning how to love and live, but Lady Bird is this and is also is completely different. It is a story about the love between a girl and her mother and the difficult circumstances in which this relationship has to survive. Both of them are so different, they have very few things in common and that is, what makes this movie feel so refreshing and new. The acting in this piece of art is just fantastic, Saoirse Ronan gives another great performance after Brooklyn and especially the supporting cast helps elevate the story in this extremely touching and satisfying way. Laurie Metcalf, who plays the mother of “Lady Bird”, is probably the best example out of this stacked cast including names like Lucas Hedges and Timothée Chalamet.

One thing that this movie does so brilliantly is simply throwing you into scenes. Often movies try to introduce you to every scene so that you can follow the plot in a logical way. Lady Bird does things completely different. A lot of times you get thrown into a scene where a conversation takes place and you are not sure what they were just talking about, but then you realise it does not matter. You as a viewer simply should observe the moment and judge the actions that are taken.

Also the fact that Christine is visiting a catholic school which is usually associated with a huge obstacle in your life shows how different this movie is from all the others. It does not view the school as a huge negative aspect in her life; it simply shows that it is an aspect in her life and that it is a phase or a road that she has to go through to fulfil her dreams.

I simply felt a connection to each and every one of the characters. The dialogue has this flow and really soaks you into the lives of all those very different performances. There is no weak link in this movie. All of the script and those performances are done on this very high-quality level. Lady Bird is one of the few movies each year where I think to myself: “Hey, I wanna see more, I wanna see what those characters do tomorrow or in their future.” I do wish this movie had lasted longer and was able to tell me even more about Christine, her parents and her friends.

This movie is a rock solid depiction of life as a teenager and all the difficult hindrances that are thrown into your way, but it also shows what an adolescent does to be able to fit in. It also displays the need of distance in some relationships, like with Christine and her mum, and how the absence of not so much motherly-love but simply the inability to talk to her can be very hard to overcome.

Lady Bird is one of my Top 3 movies of the last year and it has every right to be on your top list as well.

Rating: 5/5



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