Starring: Bryan Cranston, Steve Carell, Laurence Fishburne, J. Quinton Johnson

Story: Dramedy directed and co-written by Richard Linklater in which the story follows former Navy Corps medic Larry “Doc” Shepherd (Steve Carell), ex-Marine Sal Nealon (Bryan Cranston) and Reverend Richard Mueller (Laurence Fishburne), who all once served together in the Vietnam War. They reunite to bury Doc’s son, a young Marine killed in the Iraq War.

However, when Doc decides to forgo burial at Arlington Cemetery, with the help of his old buddies, he takes the casket on a bittersweet trip up the East Coast to his home in suburban New Hampshire. Along the way, Doc, Sal and Mueller reminisce and come to terms with shared memories of the war that continues to shape their lives.


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Larry ‘Doc’ Shepherd: You know what amazes me about you.
Sal Nealon: Well it could be anything, I’m a pretty amazing guy.
Larry ‘Doc’ Shepherd: You turned the keys to your bar over to the guy who’s asleep on your pool table, and then you jump in your car and you drive me to hell and gone and you don’t even know where we’re going.


[as they sit through Mueller’s sermon]
Mueller: Ask the question, “Am I willing to surrender to God?”
Sal Nealon: What the hell happened to Mueller the Mahler, first class drinker, gambler.
Larry ‘Doc’ Shepherd: Sshh.


Mueller: I see we have some visitors amongst us here today.
Sal Nealon: We were in the service together with your pastor.


[referring to Doc and Sal; to his wife, Ruth]
Mueller: I haven’t seen these men in decades. They represent a dark period in my life.


[referring to the beer Sal just drank]
Mueller: That went down awfully quick.
Sal Nealon: I’m drinking for two now that you’ve got old and boring.


[to Mueller and Sal]
Larry ‘Doc’ Shepherd: Because of my son I came here, found you guys. A year ago he joined the Corps, and then two days ago they told me that he’d been killed. He’s going to be buried in Arlington and I was wondering if you guys could come with me.


Larry ‘Doc’ Shepherd: They sent him off to a godforsaken desert, why? I’m taking Larry home.
Col. Willits: With all due respect, sir, he deserves to lie at Arlington. You’re cutting off your nose to spite your face.
Sal Nealon: Did you look at these faces, they’ve already been spited.


Sal Nealon: [to Mueller] You’re going to take Doc back and try to make it for him.


[as Doc and Sal try to steal the coffin of Doc’s son]
Mueller: I thought we were going to a funeral.
Sal Nealon: We are going to a funeral. It just looks like it’s going to take a little longer to get there.
Mueller: What are you going to do, strap the coffin to the roof of your car?
Sal Nealon: We could do that.


Larry’s Friend: The thing that made Larry different from the rest of us, he had a happy childhood.
Larry ‘Doc’ Shepherd: He said that?
Larry’s Friend: Yes, sir.


Larry’s Friend: You’re there for your brothers, that’s all that really matters.


Sal Nealon: If there’s one minute that’s not comparable, I’d like to try to enjoy it.


[referring to Mueller]
Sal Nealon: His holiness can hardly walk let alone handle a big rig hydraulic lift.


Mueller: [to Sal] This is a rental with an automatic transition.


[to Doc and Mueller]
Sal Nealon: You guys ready for an adventure? Let’s go!


Sal Nealon: What do you smell?
Mueller: Urine.
Sal Nealon: I love it, it’s like the official scent of the city.


Mueller: [to Sal] Things are coming into your head and out of your mouth.


Sal Nealon: [to Mueller] You worry too much, that’s why your hair went so gray.


Sal Nealon: Could you resist a man in this uniform?
Irene: I don’t think I could.


[as a truck is honking behind them]
Sal Nealon: Get out of the way! Okay, you want to play, let’s play.
Mueller: Hey, move! You try to get me killed and I will bury your ass!
Sal Nealon: Mueller has arrived! Wooh!


Last Flag Flying is set to open in the US 11/03/2017.



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