By Amy Darkins (Liverpool, UK)


Although the legend of the Krays is a renowned story I admit I was skeptical about the portrayal of these two historical figures and how a story could be formed around their lives.

The film stars Tom Hardy who creatively stars as both Reggie and Ronnie Kray. The story is formulated around their rise to fame in the gangster scene in London and how this directly hindered not only their lives but others too.

Reggie Kray is shown to be the loveable, together brother who we see trying to keep his love life and marriage together. Although his intentions are good the straight and narrow life proves too simplistic. Teamed along with the responsibility of watching over Ronnie it proves that the two lives can’t coexist.

Ronnie is portrayed incredibly in a whole other light by Hardy. He is a psychotic, violent individual who continually pulls Reggie down. Simple gestures from Hardy such as facial expressions, unnerving stares and postural stances make a huge contribution to this character’s persona. Ronnie is unstable and has no intention of living another life outside of the gangster world which inevitably leads to both brothers demise.

The narrative aspect of the film voiced by Emily Browning (Reggie Kray’s wife) is a valuable addition to the film. It not only brings the story together it also helps the viewer to feel an air of warmth for the Krays. In a way the narration helps you feel closer to the characters as you gain first-hand experience from someone close to them.

Overall from the narration to the character portrayals to the cinematic brilliance of the film this is one to watch. Hardy is astounding to act as two characters but play them so impressively that in turn they become completely separate people.

Oscar worthy roles played in this film, don’t miss out.

Rating: 4/5


Best Quotes


Frances Shea: [voice over] London in the 1960s, everyone had a story about the Krays. They were twins. Reggie was a gangster prince of East End, Ron Kray was a one-man mob.


Frances Shea: Do you like being a gangster?
Reggie Kray: I like the money and the respect.





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