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[as the robots have got hold of Emmet]
Wyldstyle: Babe, help me get him out of here!
Batman: I said every man for himself.
Wyldstyle: Hey, you gotta be there for me.
Batman: Aaaah…Fine! Fine, fine, fine.
[reluctantly he goes to her aide and fights off the robots attacking Emmet]
Batman: Fine. Fine. Fine…
Wyldstyle: I need you to have a better attitude about it!
Batman: I have a great attitude!


[Batman gets the tracker off Emmet and throws it at one of the robots]
Robot: Ow!
[Bad Cop picks up Emmet’s tracker which is now attached to the robot]
Bad Cop: The Special’s in the north west quadrant. We’ve got him cornered.
[he looks down but all he sees is the robot with the tracker attached to his head smacking into a wall]
Robot: Ow! Ow! Ow!
Bad Cop: Where did he go?


Unikitty: Oh, no! They’ve hit out silly cloud stabilizer!
Wyldstyle: Let’s go! We need to get Emmet out of here!
Emmet Brickowoski: Can’t we build something?
[suddenly the space guy comes over to them]
Benny: Hey, I’m Ben! But you can call me Benny! And I can build a spaceship. Watch this.
[he starts building a spaceship and chanting along as he works]
Benny: Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship…
Wyldstyle: No! You can’t. The skies are surrounded.
Benny: That’s okay, I didn’t really wanna build a spaceship. Anyway, that’s cool.
[looking visibly disappointed he kicks his half built spaceship and it falls apart]


Unikitty: Well, where can we go where we can’t be found?
[Emmet quietly mumbles]
Emmet Brickowoski: Maybe we could go underwater?
[Batman knocks him aside]
Batman: What if we went underwater?
Wyldstyle: Great idea, Babe!
Unikitty: Thank you, Batman! You’re ideas are the best!
Emmet Brickowoski: But I just said that…


Wyldstyle: We could build a submarine!lego-movie-13
Batman: A Batsubmarine, patent pending.
Unikitty: With rainbows.
Vitruvius: And dream catchers, in case we take a nap.
Benny: With an underwater spaceship!
Emmet Brickowoski: Well, you can’t build all of them at once.
[Wyldstyle, Batman, Unikitty, Vitruvius and Benny huddle together for a moment]
Wyldstyle: Ready! Break!
[they all go off to build the submarine]
Emmet Brickowoski: Okay.


[as they build the submarine]
Unikitty: These are the colors I’m making, blue raspberry and sour apple.
Batman: If anybody has black parts I need them, okay? I only work in black. And sometimes very, very dark grey.
Wyldstyle: Use the yellow bricks.
Emmet Brickowoski: Guys, can I help?
[Bad Cop continues to search for Emmet in his aircraft]
Bad Cop: Where is he?
[as the others continue to build the submarine Emmet holds up a piece of Lego]
Emmet Brickowoski: Anyone know what this is and do you need it?
Benny: I think we could use wings, rocket boosters…
Wyldstyle: Ooh, get your retro space stuff out of my area.
Emmet Brickowoski: Guys, hey? Just tell me exactly what to do and how to do it.
Vitruvius: Emmet, don’t worry about what the others are doing. You must embrace what is special about you.
[suddenly Emmet gets an idea and smiles to himself]


[spotting Emmet on the submarine]
Bad Cop: There he is! All units, attack the sub!
[Bad Cop and his robots chase after the submarine and start shooting at it]
Wyldstyle: Emmet, get in here!
[the group takes the submarine towards the water as Bad Cop at his robots are chasing after them]
Bad Cop: Stop him! Stop him!
[suddenly the submarine goes off the edge of a cloud and plunges down]
Bad Cop: Don’t let him get to the water!
[as they get closer to the water]
Wyldstyle: Dive! Dive! Dive! Everybody, in! We’re going under!
[the submarine plunges into the water, we then see Cloud Cuckoo Land being destroyed by the robots and the Master Builders handcuffed and taken as prisoners]
Wonder Woman: Oh, no.


[Unikitty watches sadly within the submarine as her home is destroyed]
Unikitty: My home. It’s gone! I feel something inside, it’s like, the opposite of happiness! I must stay positive.
[she struggles within herself to remain positive]
Unikitty: Bubblegums! Butterflies!
[she looks out the window and sees more fallen debris from her destroyed home]
Unikitty: Cotton candy!
[Unikitty begins to cry and Emmet goes over to comfort her]
Emmet Brickowoski: Gosh, I’m so sorry, Unikitty. Do you wanna sit down and talk about it?
[he points to the double decker couch he’s build behind them]
Batman: What the heck is that?
Emmet Brickowoski: It’s a double decker couch, which seemed like a good idea at the time, but I now realize it’s not super helpful. But it does, you know, it has cup holders, seats flip up with coolers underneath.
[they all look at him for a moment]
Batman: You are so disappointing on so many levels.


Vitruvius: Why are my pants cold and wet?
Wyldstyle: Ew!
Vitruvius: Uh…
[suddenly the sub starts to fill up with water]
Unikitty: The walls are crying!
Benny: We’re falling apart at the seam!
[as the submarine starts to fall apart]
Batman: This is not how Batman dies!


[as the submarine fills with water Emmet starts to drown]
Wyldstyle: Emmet! Hold on! Hold on!
Emmet Brickowoski: Wyldstyle!
Wyldstyle: Deep breath! Deep breath, everybody!
[suddenly as the submarine sinks it explodes, above the water Bad Cop circles in his aircraft]
Bad Cop: Micro managers, what’s going on down there?
Robot: Screening submarine wreckage. No survivors detected.
Bad Cop: Scuba Cops, scour the entire ocean if you have to. We have go to find that piece. [the scuba cops dive into the ocean to search for the Piece of Resistance]
Bad Cop: Let’s get these prisoners back to Lord Business and give him the good news: the Special is no more.


[the captured Master Builders are taken to Lord Business’s Think Tank]
Lord Business: Hello, everybody! Superman. Wonder Woman, I had no idea you’d be here. Mr. Shaquille O’Neal. Greetings, all. Welcome to my Think Tank!
[Superman gets into strapped to a chair]
Superman: All the Master Builders you’ve captured over the years, you brought them here.
Lord Business: You’re a very perceptive person, Superman. They come up with all the instructions for everything in the universe. Robots!
[the robots strap a device to Superman’s head]
Superman: No! No!
[then his chair shoots up to the top]
Superman: Can’t get much worse than this.
Green Lantern: Uh…hello, neighbor.
Superman: Oh, no.
[we see Green Lantern is strapped in the chair next to Superman’s]
Green Lantern: It’s Green Lantern. Oh, my gosh. We’re roommates! How crazy is that?
Superman: Does anyone have some Kryptonite that they could give me?


[as the other captured Master Builders are being strapped into the Think Tank]
Lord Business: Woh, woh, woh, woh. Where is the Special?
Bad Cop: The Special and the Piece of Resistance are at the bottom of the ocean.
Lord Business: Wait, are you telling me you don’t have him?
Bad Cop: Sir, my scuba team is looking for his remains as we speak.
Lord Business: Bad Cop, he could still be alive! The Piece could still be out there!
Bad Cop: The only remnant of the Special was a double decker couch.
Lord Business: Wait, hold up. A double decker couch?
Bad Cop: Yes, sir.
Lord Business: Really? So it’s like a bunk bed couch? Is that what it’s like? That’s weird. If you’re sitting in the top middle, how are you gonna get down without climbing over someone? If you’re sitting on the bottom, and you’re watching TV, are you gonna have to watch through a bunch of dangling legs? Who’s gonna want to sit on the bottom? It is literally the most useless idea I have ever heard.


[we see the double decker couch floating on the sea and suddenly Emmet and the others pop out of their hiding place from under the flip up seats]
Vitruvius: Well, we’re still alive.
Unikitty: Yeah!
Wyldstyle: The double decker couch! It wasn’t totally pointless after all.
Benny: It’s the one thing that stayed together.
Vitruvius: I always believed in you, Emmet.
Batman: I don’t mean to spoil the party, but does anyone else notice we’re stuck in the middle of the ocean on this couch? I mean, it’s not like a big gigantic ship is just gonna come out of nowhere and save us.
[suddenly a big gigantic ship becomes visible as it comes over to them]
Batman: My, gosh!
[we see it’s Metal Beard on his ship]


Metal Beard: Matey’s!
[Metal Beard grabs the couch and puts it on his ship]
Benny: Metal Beard! I thought you said we were a lost cause?
Metal Beard: Ye are! Did ye not hear me whole story circumscribing the folly of this whole enterprise?
Batman: Well, it’s kind of hard not to hear when you’re yelling everything.
Unikitty: So why did you come back?
Metal Beard: This bedoubled land couch.
everyone turns to look at Emmet’s double decker couch
Metal Beard: I watched Lord Business’s forces completely overlook it. Which means we need more ideas like it!
[beaming with joy]
Emmet Brickowoski: Oh, thank you.
Metal Beard: Ideas so dumb and bad that no one would ever think that they could possibly be useful.
[Emmet’s smile disappears]
Emmet Brickowoski: Oh, thank you.


[everyone looks at Emmet]
Vitruvius: So, Special, what do we do?
[Emmet stares back at them for a moment before replying]lego-movie-14
Emmet Brickowoski: Uh…well, what’s the last thing Lord Business expects Master Builders will do?
Benny: Build a spaceship?
Vitruvius: Kill chickens?
Unikitty: Marry a marshmallow.
Metal Beard: Why this!
[Metal Beard transform into singing radio and starts playing “How Ya Gonna Keep ’em Down On The Farm”]
Emmet Brickowoski: No! It’s follow the instructions.
[everyone sighs with disappointment]
Benny: Don’t like that.
Unikitty: Sounds weird.


Emmet Brickowoski: No. Now, listen. Wait, listen. Guys, you’re all so talented and imaginative, but you can’t work together as a team. I’m just a construction worker, but when I had a plan and we were working together, we could build a skyscraper. Now you’re Master Builders, just imagine what could happen if you did that. You could save the universe.
Vitruvius: Well said, Emmet. Well said.
Emmet Brickowoski: Really?
Metal Beard: It be a fine speech there, laddy.
Emmet Brickowoski: Okay. Somebody, get me some markers! Some construction paper! And some glitter glue!


[Emmet stands in front of the instructions he’s drawn]
Emmet Brickowoski: I call this, “Emmet’s plan to get inside the tower, put the Piece of Resistance on the Kragle and save the world.” I’ve build a hundred just like them back in the city. If we could just get in there, I know where all the air ducts and wiring are located. I can get us anywhere.
Vitruvius: How will we get inside?
Emmet Brickowoski: In a spaceship.
Benny: Spaceship!
[Benny rushes off excitedly to build a spaceship]
Batman: Great idea, a Bat spaceship.
Emmet Brickowoski: No. They’re expecting us to show up in a Bat spaceship, or a pirate spaceship, or a rainbow sparkled spaceship.
Batman: One of those sounds awesome to me.
Emmet Brickowoski: My idea is to build a spaceship that’s exactly like all the other Octan Delivery Spaceships.
Benny: So not the special spaceship that I’m…I’m building for all of you right now?
Emmet Brickowoski: Sorry, Benny. Maybe next time.
Benny: Ooh, you’re really letting the oxygen out of my tank here!
[he kicks his spaceship and it falls to pieces]


Batman: Yeah, but according to your precious instructions, this ship needs a hyperdrive. We don’t have that part.
Benny: Maybe we could find one.
Batman: What do you think, a spaceship’s just gonna appear out of the blue?
[suddenly a spaceship appears behind them]
Batman: Are you kidding me?! The same thing!


[the Millennium Falcon shows up and stops next to Metal Beard’s ship]
Han Solo: Chewie, we’re supposed to be half way to Naboo for a sweet party right now. This hyperdrive keeps malfunctioning, taking us to loser systems like this.
[he points to the ship]
C-3PO: Captain Solo, we must go. You know how perturbed I get if we are not punctual.
Han Solo: Droid’s right. Let’s roll!
Lando: Now, hold on, Han.
[looking at Wyldstyle]
Lando: This might be the right galaxy after all, because I see a heavenly body.
Wyldstyle: Ooh, woh. I have a boyfriend. And it is super serious. Right, babe?
Batman: Of course it’s serious.
Wyldstyle: Yeah.


[to Lando]
Batman: Got room for just one dude?
Wyldstyle: Woh, babe!
Lando: If he’s a cool dude like you.
Wyldstyle: You’re trying to bail on us!
Batman: I’m not trying to bail…
Wyldstyle: You asked if you could go with them on their party ship!
Batman: That thing is filled with bon vivants.
Wyldstyle: You speak French now?
Batman: Babe, look. If this relationship is ever gonna work between us, I need to feel free to party with a bunch of strangers whenever I feel like it.
Wyldstyle: What? Babe?
[he quickly pulls himself onto the spaceship]
Batman: I will text you.
Lando: Where did you get that sweet space cape, brother?
[the spaceship takes off]
Han Solo: It’s party time!


[Wyldstyle watches Batman leave in sadness and shock]
Wyldstyle: Babe?
[she turns and begins to weep, Emmet tries to comfort her]
Emmet Brickowoski: Wyldstyle, you’re such an amazing person, and you know, if Batman can’t see that then he’s just…well, he’s just as blind as a guy who’s eyes stopped working. And I’m gonna tell you something, Batman is the worst person I’ve ever met.
[suddenly Batman appears behind them with the Millennium Falcon’s hyperdrive]
Batman: Need a hyperdrive?
Emmet Brickowoski: No way!
Wyldstyle: Babe!
Emmet Brickowoski: I knew it! I knew that.
Wyldstyle: You really had me there.


Batman: Those guys were so lame. All they did was play space checkers, plus it turns out that hairy one’s a dude, and the metal one too, all dudes.
Benny: But won’t they notice their hyperdrive is missing?
[cut to the Millennium Falcon]
Han Solo: Come on, Chewie. Hit the hyperdrive!
[suddenly the spaceship and the Star Wars characters are eaten by an asteroid worm; cut back to the ship]
Batman: Nah, they’ll be fine.


[following Emmet’s plan, the group work together to build a spaceship]
Emmet Brickowoski: Step one.
[instructing the others]
Emmet Brickowoski: Alright, we need a red four piece unit over at the…
[Emmet notices Unikitty putting flowers into the spaceship]
Emmet Brickowoski: Unikitty, you’re supposed to follow the instructions, remember?
Unikitty: Sorry!
[picking up a piece of Lego as they follow the instructions]
Wyldstyle: Oh, this give me the jeebeeze!
Batman: What do I even…? I can’t…!
[he throws the piece of Lego aside in frustration; after they’ve build the spaceship]
Emmet Brickowoski: Nice.


Emmet Brickowoski: Step two; we pilot the ship to the service entrance so we can get past to the dangerous, but also kind of cool, Laser Gate.
[in their spaceship they get to the Octan service gate, Batman and Benny are sat in the driver’s seat]
Robot: Space ID?
Batman: I have a drive-on.
Robot: Who are you here to see?
Batman: I’m here to see your butt.
Robot: Is that a last name Butt, first name Your…?
[Batman throws a Batarang at the Robot decapitating him]
Robot: Oh, my gosh!
[Batman and Benny laugh then Batman throws another Batarang at the gate button but fails to hit it]
Batman: Pow!
[he throws another which still doesn’t hit it]
Batman: Wham!
[he throws another and misses again]
Batman: Kezap!
[he then repeatedly throws the Batarangs until it finally hits the button making it go green]
Batman: First try!


[after they enter into Octan Tower]
Emmet Brickowoski: Step three; we break into Lord Business’s office and we’ll plunder his collection of relics for disguises.
[they break into Lord Business’s office and use his relics to disguise themselves]
Emmet Brickowoski: Step four; Benny and Metal Beard sneak their way into the Master Control Room.
[as Metal Beard and Benny break into the control room]
Computer: Motion sensors triggered in Sector 12.
Robot: Ten-four.


[two security guard robots go to investigate, Metal Beard and Benny quickly transform themselves as not to be detected, Metal Beard transforms into a photocopying machine]
Robot: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
[the other robot jumps onto the photocopying machine]
Robot: Do it!
[the robot starts photocopying his butt, both robots laugh and suddenly Metal Beard transform back and destroys the two robots]
Benny: Metal Beard, that was awesome!
Metal Beard: First law of the sea, “never place your rear end on a pirates face.”


Emmet Brickowoski: Once inside they’ll use their technical know-how to disable the Kragle shield.
[Metal Beard and Benny get inside the control room to disable the computer]
Computer: I am the computer.
Benny: Cool! A talking computer!
[Benny starts tapping into the computer]
Benny: Please disable the shield systems.
Computer: Of course. There are no movies in your area with that title.
Benny: Aah!
Emmet Brickowoski: Step five; Vitruvius will provide lookout to make sure we’re not being followed.
[Vitruvius looks through the binoculars, but as he’s blind he’s unaware that he’s standing in front of a wall]
Vitruvius: Okay.


Emmet Brickowoski: Step six; Batman and Unikitty go into the Board Room to make one last change to Lord Business’s plan.
[inside the Board Room Lord Business is holding a meeting]
Lord Business: I move that we freeze the universe. Could I get a second on that?
[suddenly Bruce Wayne enters the room]
Bruce Wayne: I second. Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises.
[cut to the group as they are going through their plan; Batman pretends he doesn’t know who his alter ego is]
Batman: Bruce Wayne? Uh…who’s that? Sounds like a cool guy.
[the other stares, all clearly aware who Bruce Wayne is, stare at him in silence]


[Bruce Wayne and a disguised Unikitty enter Lord Business’s Board Room]
Bruce Wayne: We’d like to invest in your company. Your weapon to control the universe sounds super sweet, I must say.
Lord Business: It is indeed super sweet.
Bruce Wayne: Cool! What kind of sound system does it have?
Lord Business: Uh…sound system? Well, I mean, we have an iPod shuffle.
Bruce Wayne: Wait a second. You’re telling me that you have a machine to control the universe and you can’t listen to tunes and surround sound?
Unikitty: Seriously?!
Lord Business: Well, we…I mean, we…we need to get that done. I want eight foot speakers.
Bruce Wayne: Great call.
Lord Business: Yeah. I want speakers that you can hug with your arms and your legs, and just feel the beat.


[cut to Lord Business’s robots instructing the captive Master Builders in the Think Tank]
Robot: Listen up, we need new instructions for a speaker system for the TAKO.
Gandalf: We’ll never help…!
[suddenly device attached to their heads initiates and they all start coming up with the instructions]
Gandalf: Whatever you say, boss!


Emmet Brickowoski: Then once the instructions are printed, Wyldstyle and I will enter the Kragle room to place the thing on the other thing and save the universe.
[cut to the group having their planning meeting]
Emmet Brickowoski: Woh, woh, woh. Hey, I didn’t draw that.
[points to a drawing of himself exploding as he saves the universe]
Emmet Brickowoski: Is that me exploding?
Vitruvius: Uh…I didn’t mention that earlier, when you reunite the Piece with the Kragle it might explode?
Emmet Brickowoski: No! But it might not, right?
Vitruvius: Sure, sure, sure. Just go with that.
[back at Octan Tower, Emmet and Wyldstyle disguised as a robots, deliver the speakers to the control room]
Robot: Attention everybody, incoming speaker delivery.


[Emmet looks in fear at the TAKO device and suddenly misses his footing and drops the speaker]
Emmet Brickowoski: Ow!
[the other robots look at them with suspicion]
Robot #1: Who are you two?
[trying to sound like a robot]
Wyldstyle: We are transfers from downstairs.
Robot #1: What? Excuse me?
[Emmet then speaks in a pretend robot voice]
Emmet Brickowoski: You’re robot voice sounds an awful lot like a human voice?
Wyldstyle: Give me a break. I’ve never been a robot before.
Emmet Brickowoski: What do you mean? You have always been a robot!


[as the other robots get ready to attack them]
Emmet Brickowoski: No, no, no. Do not listen to her.
Robot #1: What are your robot serial numbers?
[as the robots stare at them suddenly Emmet starts humming the tune to “Everything is Awesome!” then he dances and turns]
Emmet Brickowoski: Everything is awesome!
[the robots back down]
Robot #1: No way! This is my jam.
Robot #2: This is also my jam.


[the robots starts singing and dancing]
Robots: Everything is awesome. Everything is cool…
[Emmet starts joining in with them, he turns to Wyldstyle indicating for her to also sing along]
Wyldstyle: I don’t want to sing the song.
[the robots suddenly get ready to attack them when Wyldstyle joins in and sings]
Wyldstyle: Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you’re part of a team. Everything is awesome when you’re living out a dream.
[the robots start heading in one direction, Wyldstyle and Emmet quickly sneak away]
Wyldstyle: Quick, let’s go.


[after they get passed the robots and start climbing up a vent]
Emmet Brickowoski: Mm, I thought you didn’t like that song.
Wyldstyle: I don’t.
Emmet Brickowoski: Mm-hmm. I know you put on this tough act, but I don’t think you’re as mean as your trying to seem.
Wyldstyle: No, I’m not mean. What are you talking about?
Emmet Brickowoski: I’m just saying you were all, “He’s not the Special, Vitruvius. He can’t possibly be the Special! This guy, are you kidding me?” I don’t think that’s you, the real you, I mean.
[Wyldstyle sees the Kragle in the TAKO device through the ventilation bars]
Wyldstyle: Look, Emmet, I…I wanted it to be me, okay? I wanted to be the Special. And I know that sounds super immature, it’s just ever since I heard the prophecy I wanted to be the one. I was right there in that construction site, right on top of it, and then…it turned out to be you.
Emmet Brickowoski: That night in the city when you thought I was the Special…and you said I was talented and important, that was the first time anyone that ever told me that. And it made me wanna do everything I could to be the guy you were talking about.


[Wyldstyle takes off her robot disguise]
Wyldstyle: Lucy.
Emmet Brickowoski: What? That was my real name. You asked earlier and it’s…Lucy.
[Emmet takes off his robot disguise]
Emmet Brickowoski: I really like that name.
[as the two of them are about to have an intimate moment and touch hands suddenly Batman appears]
Batman: Hey, what are you two losers talking about?
Wyldstyle: What? What? Oh, nothing.
Batman: I thought I’d help you guys. Left the weird cat thing to stall.
[we see Unikitty in the Board Room trying to distract the robots]
Unikitty: Business, business, business. Numbers. Is this working?
Robot: Yes.
Unikitty: Yay!


Emmet Brickowoski: There’s Bad Cop.
[we see Bad Cop looking happy and singing to himself, back in the vent]
Wyldstyle: Okay, wait for my signal. Good luck, Emmet.
[Wyldstyle turns and stars to rush off]
Emmet Brickowoski: Lucy?
[she turns to face him]
Emmet Brickowoski: I guess this might be goodbye.
Wyldstyle: I…I don’t like goodbyes. Let’s just call this, “see you later, alligator.”
Emmet Brickowoski: See you later, alligator?
Wyldstyle: After a while, crocodile.
[looking sad, Wyldstyle turns and rushes off, Batman looks at Emmet]
Batman: Who’s Lucy?


Emmet Brickowoski: Batman, when we get inside there’s gonna be audio sensors everywhere.
[Emmet shows him the instruction he’d drawn up earlier]lego-movie-17
Emmet Brickowoski: You have to be really, really quiet.
Batman: Don’t worry, Dad, I read your dumb instructions. Stop yelling at me.
[into the walkie-talkie]
Emmet Brickowoski: Benny, what’s the status with the shield?
[in the control room Benny is quickly working in panic trying to disable the Kragle shield on the computer]
Benny: Oh, yeah, yeah. No, it’s going great. It’s just going great! If somebody would listen to me!
Computer: Downloading latest episode of “Where Are My Pants?”
Benny: Where are you getting pants from?! You know what I want!


[Bad Cop gets a phone call]
Bad Cop: Bad Cop.
Wyldstyle: Hi. This is Lord Business’s assistant, he would like you to come to his office immediately.
Bad Cop: Copy that. Thanks.
[as Bad Cop leaves we see the robot voice on the other end of the line is Wyldstyle who is hiding around the corner waiting for Bad Cop to leave]
Wyldstyle: You are welcome, sir.
[as the door of the security station are about to close Wyldstyle throws her phone at the door stopping it from closing]
Robot: Hey, who is that?
[from the vent Emmet sees Wyldstyle knocking the robots out in the security room]
Emmet Brickowoski: That’s the signal, but the shield is still up!
Batman: We’ll wing it.
[Emmet looks blank faced]
Batman: It’s Bat pun.


[as they make their way to the Kragle, Emmet whispers into the walkie-talkie]
Emmet Brickowoski: Benny, disable the shield.
Benny: Disable the shield!
Emmet Brickowoski: Now.
[back in the computer room Benny is frantically trying to get the computer to disable the shield]
Benny: Disable the shield!
Computer: Searching for Albanian restaurants.
Benny: What? No! I never once said anything…
Computer: I don’t understand what you mean.
Benny: Disable the shield!
Emmet Brickowoski: Benny, what’s going on?


[to the computer]
Benny: Disable the shield! Come on! You are undermining me!
Computer: Which phrase would you like me to underline?
Benny: Disable the shield!
Metal Beard: Let me try.
[to the computer]
Metal Beard: Be ye disabling of yond shield.
Computer: Disabling shield.
Benny: What?!


[as the Kragle shield is disabled Emmet stands next to it and whispers into his walkie-talkie]
Emmet Brickowoski: Okay, in three…two…one. Let’s do this.
[just as Emmet is about to attach the Piece of Resistance to the Kragle, which is the cap to the tube, Bad Cop and his robots enter]
Emmet Brickowoski: Lucy!
[Wyldstyle goes to attack them but she’s knocked out]
Emmet Brickowoski: Lucy!
[the Kragle shield is then turned on again]
Emmet Brickowoski: No!
[the robots point their guns at Batman and holds up his hand in surrender]
Batman: Oh, man.
[Unikitty is also captured in the Board Room]
Unikitty: Uh-oh!


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