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[later on in the afternoon, we see the zebra lying listlessly on the stern as flies circle around him; Pi stands on the tarp and calls out]
Pi Patel: Hello! Hello! Anybody!
[Pi kneels and bangs the bucket against the hull, this awakens the hyena who emerges from under the tarp and goes for Pi, Pi picks up the oar and pokes the hyena to fend it off, the hyena circles about in frustration then stops and starts retching and sets its head on the edge of the tarp, as night time sets in, we see Pi looking exhausted as he watches the hyena, who suddenly attacks the zebra making Orange Juice react violently and screeching out]
Pi Patel: No! Stop it! No! Stop it! Stop it! No! No! No!


[at dawn, Pi is slumped in exhaustion over the oar, he slowly nods off and tumbles into the water, he gasps up out of the water in shock coughing, then he look over into the boat and sees Orange Juice looking seasick as she lies on her side]
Pi Patel: Sorry, Orange Juice, I don’t have any seasickness medicine for you.
[then a thought strikes him]
Pi Patel: Supplies! Ah, supplies!
[Pi pulls up the edge of the tarp nearest the bow and opens the rearmost bench and finds a ‘LIFEBOAT MANUAL AND NAVIGATIONAL GUIDE’ in a plastic bag along with a pencil lying on top of bags of supplies, he flips through the manual which shows an illustration of the boat and it’s compartments, he opens the next bench and finds life jackets, he tosses one to Orange Juice, who tosses it away not knowing what to do with it]


[later Pi finishes tying the rope on his makeshift raft which consists of three oars tied in a triangle around a lifebuoy tied on top of the banana net which has some life vests in it, as he tries to push the raft over the edge of the boat, suddenly the hyena comes out from under the tarp and gets too close to Orange Juice who starts screeching and she thumps him with her arm on top of his head and knock him out]
Pi Patel: Yes! Yes!
[but the hyena gets back up and attacks Orange Juice, going for her throat]
Pi Patel: No! No! No! No!
[Pi walks over on the tarp and the hyena backs away from the dead body of Orange Juice]


[Pi confronts the hyena in anger]life-of-pi-7
Pi Patel: Come on! Come on! Come on!
[suddenly, Richard Parker launches from under the tarp and goes straight after the hyena, killing him swiftly, Pi watches this horror and throws his raft into the water, as the tiger turns towards Pi and starts to go for him, Pi tries to use the oar to keep him off, but the tiger smacks it out of his hand, Pi then falls into a crouch position on the tarp waiting to be killed, but Richard Parker retreats and Pi quickly jumps into the water and swims towards his raft]


[as Pi tries to stay on his raft he sees a shark swimming around him, he goes back to the boat and sees Richard Parker is sleeping, so he finds the food supply in the boat, some cans of water and biscuits, as he eats and drinks he notices a rat crawling around on the tarp, suddenly Richard Parker attacks the rat terrifying Pi, the rat escapes and Pi watches the tiger as it scrambles around on the boat, then the rat runs up Pi arm and lands on his head, Pi grabs the rat and throws it at Richard Parker, as he eats the rat Pi jumps off the boat and back onto his raft, as Pi tries to untie his raft from the boat, suddenly Richard Parker appears at the bow and lunges at him, Pi manages to get away and paddles off on his raft and once he reaches a safe distance he throws up from the fear and stress; that night Pi weeps as he watches Richard Parker on the lifeboat, as dawn breaks Pi starts writing in the survival manual]
Pi Patel: [voice over] My name is Pi Patel. I have been in a shipwreck. I am on a lifeboat, alone…with a tiger. Please send help.
[he puts the message inside an empty water can, seals it and tosses it into the water as far as he can]


[after tossing the can into the ocean Pi reels himself slowly back towards the lifeboat, he lifts the tarp and inside, he sees Richard Parker snarling at him, they look at each other for a moment before Pi lowers the tarp and moves his raft back away from the boat; he looks up at the sky and prays]
Pi Patel: God…I give myself to You. I am your vessel. Whatever comes, I want to know. Show me.



[Pi sits on hi raft and looks out a foldout map from his survival manual which shows the ocean’s currents, longitudes, latitudes, and depths, he looks out at the ocean bewildered]
Pi Patel: There are no lines!
[then we see as Pi reads from his manual]
Pi Patel: [voice over] Set your house in order, and dig in for the battle to survive. Establish a strict schedule for eating, keeping watch, and getting rest. Do not drink urine or sea water. Keep busy, but avoid unnecessary exertion. The mind can be kept get occupied by playing card games, Twenty Questions, or I Spy. Community singing is another surefire way to lift the spirits. Telling stories is highly recommended. Above all, don’t lose hope.
[we see Pi indicating the passing of time by scratching marks onto the side of the boat]


[Pi continues to read from his survival manual]
Pi Patel: [voice over] Few things can sap the spirit faster than seasickness. Waves are more strongly felt when a boat turns sideways to the current. A sea anchor is used as a drag to keep the boats head to the wind. Proper use of them can increase control and reduce seasickness during rough seas. For castaways who must share their lifeboats with large dangerous carnivores it’s advisable to establish your territory as your own. Try this method. Step one: choose a day when waves are moderate, but regular. Step two: with the lifeboat facing into the waves, making the ride as comfortable as possible, blow your whistle soothingly. Step three: turn the lifeboat sideways to the waves, accompanied by harsh aggressive use of the whistle. With sufficient repetition, the animal will associate the sound of the whistle with the discomfort of seasickness. Similar methods have long been used by circus trainers, though they generally lack access to rough seas.
[Pi uses the suggested steps to reel the lifeboat sideways to the waves as he blows the whistle several times]


[as Pi reels the lifeboat towards him he starts shouting]
Pi Patel: Let the trumpets blow! Let the drum rolls begin! Prepare to be amazed! Here it is, for your enjoyment, and instruction, the show you’ve been waiting for all your life will soon begin! Are you ready for the miracle of it? Well, then…I give to you, the astounding Bengal tiger!
[Pi pulls his raft next to the tarp end of the lifeboat, the tiger is groaning from the rocking motion of the boat]
Pi Patel: Hello, Richard Parker. Sorry for the choppy ride.
[as the tiger groans, Pi pulls himself onto the lifeboat, he stands on the tarp and jumps up, but the tiger ignores him and instead goes and sits listlessly at the edge of the boat, Pi then opens his fly and pisses on the tarp then looks at the tiger]
Pi Patel: Mine! You understand? Yours! Mine!
[he blows his whistle and points to his territory then to the tiger’s territory]
Pi Patel: You understand?
[the tiger looks at Pi and lets his tongue hang out as if in distaste, then turns around, lifts his tail and sprays Pi with a bust of urine, Pi jumps back in disgust and then falls off the lifeboat]
Pi Patel: [voice over] Step four: disregard steps one through three.


[Pi uses a solar still to distill some water, pours some into his bucket, places the bucket in the boat and blows his whistle]
Pi Patel: Here, Richard Parker. I got some water for you.
[he blows his whistle again, the tiger comes out from under the tarp, looks at the bucket before sticking his head in it and drinking it greedily]
Pi Patel: [voice over] In the zoo, we fed our tigers an average of five kilos of meat a day. Richard Parker will be getting hungry soon.
[we see Pi trying to catch some fish as he sits on his raft]
Pi Patel: [voice over] Tigers are powerful swimmers, and if he gets hungry enough, I’m afraid the little bit of water between us won’t be any protection. I need to find a way to feed him. I can eat the biscuits, but God made tigers carnivores, so I must learn to catch fish. If I don’t, I’m afraid his last meal will be a skinny vegetarian boy.
[Richard Parker watches Pi as he tries to fish and groans at him]
Pi Patel: Patience!


[as Pi is still trying to fish with no success, Richard Parker stares at the fish swimming in the water, he leans over and suddenly jumps into the water swimming after the fish, but as the fish swim off the tiger realizes he can’t climb back on the raft and swims towards Pi’s raft, Pi quickly reels himself back towards the boat and quickly climbs into the boat, the tiger tries to get onto the raft but Pi hauls the raft into the lifeboat, Pi then finds a hatchet stands over the tiger as he tries to hold on to the side of the boat, and yells, as he goes to strike the tiger Richard Parker stares up at Pi and Pi can’t bring himself to kill the tiger]
Pi Patel: What am I doing?
[Pi tries to figure out a way to bring the tiger back onto the lifeboat, he then hears Richard Parker scratching at the hull of the boat]
Pi Patel: Wait! I’m thinking.
[as night time sets in we see Pi has tied the lifeboats provisions onto his raft and pushes it into the water, he then lowers one of the boat’s floorboard panels down the other side of the boat, then uses his whistle to call to Richard Parker, who looking exhausted manages to use the panel to climb back in, at the same time Pi climbs onto his raft and moves it away from the boat, still blowing his whistle, Pi and the tiger look at each other for a moment]


[the next day, Pi goes through the list of supplies listed in his survival manual against the supplies his obtained from the lifeboat]
Pi Patel: Thirty two cartons of biscuits, ninety three cans of water.
[later on, he manages to catch a fish using the banana net, he wrestles with the fish and throwing his full weight onto it to stop it from sliding back into the ocean, Pi then takes a hatchet from the raft and hits the fish with it over and over again until the fish dies and as Pi watches it die he begins to cry]
Pi Patel: I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
[he brings his hands together in prayer and bows in front of the dead fish and cries in grief]
Pi Patel: Thank you, Lord Vishnu! Thank you for coming in the form of a fish and saving our lives! Thank you!


[Pi throws the fish he’d killed earlier onto the lifeboat and blows his whistle, Richard Parker sticks his head out from under the tarp and takes the dead fish with him under to tarp to eat; later on at night, the ocean glows with millions of flecks of glowing plankton and lots of fish swimming past Pi’s raft, Pi brushes his hand over the surface of the water, enjoying the beauty, suddenly a whale thrusts itself from the water up into the air and the motion throws Pi off his raft and as the whale slips back into the water it creates a massive wave causing the raft to lose all the food supply that was tied to it, as the whale swims off Pi gets back onto his raft]
Pi Patel: [voice over] Of course, I brought all the biscuits and water on the raft with me to keep them safe. Idiot.



[during the day, Pi uses his knife to cut another scratch into the hull of the boat to count off the days]
Pi Patel: [voice over] Hunger can change everything you ever thought you knew about yourself.
[as the tiger is under the tarp, Pi climbs onto the tarp and using the boat hoot tries to free the gaff that’s tied to the tarp, as he wiggles the hook free the tiger comes out from under the tarp and snarls at Pi, just then Pi is suddenly struck by a flying fish that lands on the tarp, Pi grabs the fish and tosses it to the tiger]
Pi Patel: Here, it’s yours!


[as Richard Parker goes to grab the fish, the fish flies off, then Pi and Richard Parker look on the other side of the boat and see a mass of flying fish coming upon them which repeatedly strike Pi and the tiger and some land on the boat, as the flying fish also start getting attacked by the larger fish in the ocean, one of them leaps to catch a flying fish but instead strikes the side of the boat and lands inside, the tiger quickly goes for it but Pi suddenly in anger grabs the boat hook and hits the tiger with it and shoves it into his mouth]
Pi Patel: No! No! Mine! Mine! Aaaahhh!!!
[Pi shouts in fury holding the hook threateningly in front of Richard Parker’s face, the tiger backs off and Pi quickly grabs the large fish and throws it away from the tiger, Richard Parker then starts eating the flying fish that have landed in the boat; later on that night, after cutting up the large fish, Pi starts eating it with hunger]


[during the day Pi bandages a would on his leg using the lifeboats first aid kit]
Pi Patel: [voice over] I can’t risk my life every time I have to climb onto the boat for supplies. It’s time to settle this. If we’re going to live together, we have to learn to communicate. Maybe Richard Parker can’t be tamed, but with God’s will, he can be trained.
[Pi takes a strip of wood from the lifeboat, he then stands on the tarp and holding the long stick approaches the tiger, who backs off as Pi comes closer, the tiger tries to bat the stick but he’s unsuccessful, still holding the stick, Pi looks away, the tiger growls and tries to bat the stick away and then comes towards Pi]
Pi Patel: No!
[Pi gives the tiger a stern look which makes the tiger back off]
Pi Patel: Good.


[Pi then takes a piece of fish from the pouch tied behind his back, places it on the end of his long stick and offers it to the tiger, he puts the fish on the bench and the tiger eats it, Pi then taps the bench and throws another piece onto the bench, Pi then taps the other side of the bench and tosses another piece of fish which the tiger eats, he then tosses another piece of fish near the tarp making the tiger follow the direction, but Richard Parker hesitates]
Pi Patel: Go, Richard Parker. Go. Go on home, I’ll leave you alone. I’ll respect that,
[the tiger still hesitates]
Pi Patel: Go! Come on!
[Pi then raises his arms and yells, chasing Richard Parker around the bench and under the tarp]
Pi Patel: Yes!
[as the tiger doesn’t come out from under the tarp, Pi realizes he’s won the battle]


[Pi sits on his raft during the day, under the canopy he’s raised to shield himself from the sun]
Pi Patel: [voice over] I never thought a small piece of shade could bring me so much happiness. That a pile of tools, a bucket, a knife, a pencil, might become my greatest treasures. Or that knowing Richard Parker was here might ever bring me peace. In times like these, I remember that he has as little experience of the real world as I do. We were both raised in a zoo by the same master. Now we’ve been orphaned, left to face our ultimate master together. Without Richard Parker, I would have died by now. My fear of him keeps me alert. Tending to his needs gives my life purpose.
[Pi uses his pencil to write in the margins of his survival manual, which are covered with his journal entries]


[Pi notices something in the distance]
Pi Patel: Dolphins. Hey, Richard Parker!
[Pi stands on his raft to get a closer look and see a stream of dolphins jumping in and out of the water as they go by, Pi then notices a ship behind them and yells]
Pi Patel: Hey!
[he grabs a flare gun from his raft, loads it and fires of a flare, he then loads another one and fires it, but no one notices it; as it starts getting darker, the ship is far off in the distance, Pi uses orange smoke to attract attention, but the ship is too far away to notice]
Pi Patel: [voice over] Above all, don’t lose hope.
[Pi looks at Richard Parker in the boat, then shoots off another flare into the dark sky]


[after some time has passed, during the night, Pi now looking thinner, lies on top of the tarp watching Richard Parker gaze into the distance]
Pi Patel: What are you looking at? Talk to me. Tell me what you see?
[the tiger turns and looks over the side of the boat into the water; Pi rises and looks over the side as well, staring into the water, we see his hallucination of the zoo animals floating in the water, he sees his mother and then the sunken ship lying on the ocean floor; then we see the boat floating in the sea with all the starts around it]
Pi Patel: [voice over] Words are all I have left to hang on to. Everything mixed up, fragmented. Can’t tell daydreams, night dreams from reality anym…
[the next day as Pi writes in his entry in his journal his lead in his tiny stub of a pencil runs out]


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