Like Crazy Quotes: Unconventional and Heartfelt

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Directed by: Drake Doremus
Written by:
Drake Doremus
Ben York Jones
Anton Yelchin – Jacob
Felicity Jones – Anna
Jennifer Lawrence – Sam
Charlie Bewley – Simon
Alex Kingston – Jackie
Oliver Muirhead – Bernard
Finola Hughes – Liz
Chris Messina – Mike Appletree
Ben York Jones – Ross
Jamie Thomas King – Elliot
Amanda Carlin – American Consulate Woman
Barry Sabath – Professor
Keeley Hazell – Sabrina
Kayla Barr – College Roommate
James Messer – Delivery Man
Natalie Blair – Natalie
Robert Pike Daniel – Court Clerk


Like crazy quotes provides a fresh take on the usual romantic dramas. It’s a slow and often sad tale of two young lovers whose love and resilience is put to the test when they have been made to separate for a long period of time.

The love story is based on a combination of real experiences of the filmmakers, however, it is not told in the traditional terms that we are used to seeing. Instead the audience is given glimpses and fragments of these two lovers lives when they are together and when they are apart, it’s a powerful story that shows you the fragility of love.

Verdict: The film is undeniably intriguing and engaging but the fact that the script is on the thin side makes it hard for audience to truly connect with the romance pairing of the two main characters. Despite this flaw the quality of the performances makes it worth a look.

Like Crazy Quotes


[Jacob and Anna, an exchange student from England, meet for a coffee after she’d left him a note asking him out]
Anna: I didn’t freak you out?
[Jacob shakes his head]
Anna: I guess you wouldn’t be here if it had.
Jacob: No, it was nice. I mean, it was funny. It was kind of great. I don’t think you’re a nutcase, by the way, at all.
Anna: I thought I better put that just in case.
Jacob: That was a good disclaimer.
Anna: Yeah. You know, I just wanted to set that out. No nutcases here!
Jacob: Yeah.


Jacob: These cups are huge. They’re like reservoirs.
Anna: It’s almost bigger than my face.
[Anna laughs]
Anna: Yeah, so what do you…what’s your major?
Jacob: Furniture design.
Anna: That’s why you’re always drawing.
Jacob: Yeah. You like to write then?
Anna: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, journalism is probably what I would want to kind of go into when I graduate. I don’t know. Who knows what we’re gonna do when we leave.
Jacob: You mean, permanently when we leave? Like when we’re dead, we’ll be dead.
[Anna laughs]
Anna: We…we depart this planet.


[as he’s walking her home]
Jacob: So are you gonna stay in L.A. after school?
Anna: Yeah. I’d like to if I can sort out my visa stuff. So you grew up with your mom and dad?
Jacob: My mom.
Anna: And your dad?
Jacob: He passed away when I was ten.
Anna: That’s shitty.
Jacob: Yeah. It’s quite shitty. And what about you?
Anna: Yeah, my parents, I’m very close to them. It’s only ever been…I’m an only child, so.
Jacob: Me too.
Anna: Yeah. So, I’m close…I’m quite close to them. But it’s nice being away. I think it’s important to get away from your…where you’ve grown up for some of your life.
Jacob: I was thinking about leaving right now, actually.
[Anna laughs]
Jacob: Let’s go. Where do you wanna go?


[after their date Anna invites Jacob to her apartment]
Jacob: Is that the chair where you write?
Anna: Yeah.
[Jacob sits on it]
Jacob: It’s not very comfortable.
[Anna laughs]
Anna: It does the job.


[as he looks at her CD collection]
Jacob: You like Paul Simon?
Anna: Yeah. Do you?
Jacob: Yeah, I love Paul Simon.
Anna: Really?
Jacob: Yeah. I love Graceland. It’s so good.
Anna: Oh, that’s my favorite album.


[as they sit on her bed listening to Paul Simon]
Jacob: Would you mind reading me something?like-crazy-1
Anna: What do you want me to read?
Jacob: Something you wrote.
Anna: Okay. You’re not allowed to laugh.
Jacob: I’m not.
Anna: I haven’t read it out loud yet, so you’ll be the first person. You sure you wanna hear?
Jacob: Mm-hmm.
Anna: I thought I understood it, that I could grasp it. But I didn’t, not really. Only the smudgeness of it; the pink-slippered, all-containered, semi-precious eagerness of it. I didn’t realize it would sometimes be more than whole, that the wholeness was a rather luxurious idea. Because it’s the halves that halve you in half. I didn’t know, don’t know, about the in-between bits; the gory bits of you, and the gory bits of me.
Jacob: I like the halves that halve you in half.
[Anna laughs]
Anna: It’s a bit childish.
Jacob: No! No.


[weeks pass and the two slowly become inseparable, then Anna’s parents come to visit and the four go out to dinner]
Jackie: You’re being adults?like-crazy-6
Bernard: Oh, for God sake!
Jackie: Bernard, stop it. This is something I just have to ask.
[turning to Jacob]
Jackie: I’m sorry. We’re very open in our house.
Bernard: We’re not that open. We’re not that open at all.
Jackie: We are!
Bernard: We are not.
Jackie: We talk. You may not be open, but Anna and I are. We talk about everything. I’m sorry, you’re just…I have to tell you this right now. So don’t be embarrassed.
[to Anna and Jacob]
Jackie: You are being grown up? You are being adults?
Bernard: You do not have to answer that.
Anna: Yes!
Jackie: Thank you. That’s all I needed to know. That’s perfect.


[to Jacob after he’s given her the chair he’s made for her and she sees he’s carved ‘Like Crazy’ at the bottom of the chair]
Anna: I love you. Like crazy.


[whispering under the sheets]
Jacob: What are we gonna do after we graduate?
Anna: We…we’ll sort something out. Don’t think about it now. I’ll come back and I’ll get a work visa.
Jacob: I hate thinking about it.
Anna: I’m not gonna leave. Promise.
Jacob: Okay.
Anna: Yeah. Yeah.
[they both laugh quietly]


[as Anna’s visa is due to run out soon, they decide to take a break before she leaves for the UK]
Jacob: Are they excited that you’re coming back?
Anna: Yeah. They can’t wait. My mom is very excited. I’m glad we’re getting away for a…for a night. We’ll come back here on the way back, before I go to the airport.
Jacob: Yeah.
Anna: What time is the boat?
Jacob: Ten thirty.
Anna: We haven’t got that much time.
Jacob: Don’t worry. It’s okay.
Anna: I’m not worried.


Anna: In twenty four hours I will be home with my parents.
Jacob: I wish I could come with you. It would be fun.
Anna: Yeah. Well, my parents could always help out.
Jacob: No. It’s fine. In two and a half months you’ll be back.
Anna: Yeah, I know. I know. I’m just thinking…as an option. But it’ll go so quick actually that we won’t even notice it.
Jacob: We won’t even notice it.
Anna: No.


[on the morning that Anna is due to leave for England]
Anna: Jacob, I made a decision. I’m gonna stay. I’m gonna stay for the summer and then I’ll just go back for the wedding and then I’ll come back after that.
Jacob: Anna, listen to me. As much as I’d like that, you can’t do
Anna: Why?
Jacob: Your visa.
Anna: I can’t go back. I mean, I have to be sad. We have so much fun and we can stay in bed all summer.
Jacob: Okay. Oh, man. Okay.
[they hug and kiss]


[after Anna goes to England for the wedding, she returns to America but she’s stopped at the airport and she calls Jacob, in tears]
Anna: I’m not going to be able to come through!
Jacob: Where are you right now?
Anna: I haven’t even gone through. I haven’t even gone past the passport customs yet!
Jacob: Okay, baby. Listen, I’m gonna…I’m gonna…I said you’re just coming and they said no, I have to be reviewed when I’m back in England.
Anna: But I said, can I just come through just for this…for this trip. And…and she was like, no, and…and…because of the violation.
Jacob: I’m gonna…I’m gonna find somebody and I’ll come get you. Okay?
Anna: Okay.
[Jacob runs around the airport trying to find someone who will let him see her but she’s forced onto the next flight to the UK and deported]


[Jacob listens to the voice message Anna’s left for him]
Anna: Hi, Jacob. It’s Anna. Um…I’m sorry I missed your call again. Uh…it’s been pretty busy here. Um…are you around at about five today? Uh…so. Five…um…eight, nine o’clock. Nine a.m. for you. Um…I can’t believe I missed you again. Well, let’s try for later today and if not then hopefully on Monday.


[Anna listens to the voice message Jacob’s left for her]
Jacob: Hey, uh…look, I’m gonna head to bed. Maybe we can try tomorrow. I know you said you had a thing for the magazine, but uh…I’m just uh…I’m like really exhausted and I have to get up early for work, so. Just uh…why don’t you just send me an email and let me know uh…let me know when it’s good for you to talk. Okay, I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.


[Jacob, now moved into a rundown loft above his workshop where he creates furniture, is discussing his work with a friend]
Ross And then are you going to the UK after that?
Jacob: No.
Ross: You’re not?
Jacob: No.
Ross: No?
Jacob: No. No. We…we sort of, couple of months ago we agreed not to…
Ross: You guys could just be like friends, yeah?
Jacob: Yeah.


[one night Jacob missing Anna calls her]
Jacob: Hey, how are you?
Anna: Um…I’m okay. Yeah. I just um…it was a bit of shock. How’s everything going?
Jacob: I moved into a new place.
Anna: Yeah?
Jacob: Yeah.
Anna: Yeah, that’s great. That sounds really good.
Jacob: So what have you been doing?
Anna: I’m just working really hard. I’m busy and…yeah, stuff…stuff’s going well. It’s been a good few months.
Jacob: That’s great to hear.
Anna: Yeah. I just um…I hope it carries on.
Jacob: It’s uh…it’s nice to hear your voice. I’m so sorry I woke you up.
Anna: Okay. Well, I better go um…before it gets too late and I have to be up.
Jacob: Alright.
Anna: Okay.
Jacob: Okay. Bye. I’ll talk to you later, alright?
Anna: Okay. Bye, Jacob.


[after the call from Jacob, Anna is upset and crying and call him back again]
Anna: Do you wanna come over? Come over now. And I’ll just be here.
[Jacob smiles]
Jacob: Yeah.
[Anna laughs and cries at the same time]
Anna: Okay.
Jacob: Yeah, I’ll see you in half an hour.
Anna: I’ll see you in half an hour.
Jacob: Just give me a couple of days. I’ll get there, okay?
Anna: Okay.


[Jacob now in London staying with Anna, almost like they’ve never been separated]
Jacob: What have you been doing?
Anna: Waiting for you.
Jacob: Have you been sleeping with loads of people?
Anna: [jokingly] Yeah.


[the conversation suddenly gets serious about if they slept with other people whilst they were separated]
Anna: Let’s not talk about this.
Jacob: Just tell me.
Anna: Not yet. Have you?
Jacob: I said, maybe.
Anna: I don’t wanna talk about it.
Jacob: You’re right. You’re right. That was stupid.
[they hug and kiss on the bed]


[Anna and Jacob are visiting at Jackie and Bernard’s house]
Jackie: How many more days has he got here?
Anna: Um…not many.
Jackie: So what are you gonna do? I mean is this how it’s going to be?
Anna: Well, I don’t know. Don’t ask questions like that. I don’t know, we’ll see.
I mean, it’s expensive. You can’t just keep flying backwards and forwards, like that.
I know that! We’re just making it work how we can at the moment.
Jackie: Okay.
Anna: And then we’ll see what happens. We’re just taking it each day as it comes.


[during dinner]
Bernard: It’s such a pity you have to go back.
Jacob: Yeah. I wish…I wish I could stay longer. I really do.
Bernard: Well, it would be so much easier if the whole immigration thing was sorted out. Because I know Harry has been a bit of a slow poke handling this stuff. But, you know, once you’ve annoyed them, you have to play by the book and it takes much more time and I’ll tell you it takes a lot more money. I realize all you did, darling, was overstay for a couple of months.
Anna: Do we have to go over it again?
Bernard: No, we don’t. But…
Anna: We’ve been through it so many times.
Bernard: But why not go for an easier solution?
Jackie: Bernard!
Bernard: If you two got married, save me a lot of money.
[we can see that Jacob is visibly taken aback by this]
Jackie: Bernard!
Bernard: What? Well, it would be!
Jackie: Sorry. I think he’s had enough of the whiskey.
Bernard: I don’t think I’ve had enough.
Jackie: I don’t want to embarrass…look, I don’t want to embarrass them.


Total Quotes: 43



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