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[after he gets out of Van Loon’s limousine outside his apartment building]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] I didn’t go in. I wanted to walk. Move. Digest. Ingest. There are moments in life, moments when you know you’ve crossed a bridge. You’re old life is over. Van Loon was my bridge. I finally had my shot. Wall Street would provide my nest egg. But then how far could I go? CEO? A global force? Maybe president? Time somebody shook up the free world and got things done.


Eddie Morra: [voice over] Suddenly…there was another skip. How had I gone the last twenty blocks? I got another ten blocks. And then…I was way up town.


[as he’s confronted by some thugs]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] A fight? Don’t know how to fight. Or do I?
[he remembers all the action movies and documentaries about fighting he’s watched and begins to fight]


[in the early hours of the morning after he’d skipped hours of his day]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] When it finally stopped, I couldn’t account for the last eighteen hours of my life.


Eddie Morra: [voice over] Even off NZT, I decided to give Van Loon’s files a shot.
[he opens the folders and takes a look at papers]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] They were hieroglyphs.


Eddie Morra: [voice over] Was it possible? Could I have killed someone? Was it even me?


[looking through Vernon’s telephone book of clients]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] I realized that there were other people who might know about NZT. Vernon’s other clients.


Eddie Morra: [voice over] Of all the people I’ve called, three were dead and the rest were sick.


[seeing Melissa for the first time in years]
Melissa: Well, don’t tell me I look good, cause I know. I didn’t want you to see me this way. You look good.
Eddie Morra: Oh, I uh…yeah. I…I sort of got myself together.
Melissa: Did the pill did that to you?
Eddie Morra: What do you mean?
Melissa: I mean, I took it too. Vernon didn’t tell you any of this, did he?
Eddie Morra: No.
Melissa: Well, when he told me about this amazing new drug, I was like down the hatch.
Eddie Morra: And it was. It was amazing. And I read Brian Green’s The Elegant Universe in forty five minutes and I understood it. And my work rate increased just insanely overnight, and my boss started to hate me. They offered me his job. And the…and then I got…I got scared.
Eddie Morra: Why?
Melissa: Why…because I’m not stupid. Nobody can operate at the level of mental activity and not crash.


Melissa: I stopped taking it.
Eddie Morra: And?
Melissa: And then I got sick. Headaches, throwing up. So I went back to Vernon, he told me about all the people that were dying. How much have you been taking, Eddie?
Eddie Morra: I’ve been taking a lot.
Melissa: Maybe…maybe they’ve worked out bugs. Maybe…maybe this is a different batch.
Eddie Morra: Yeah.
Melissa: You’re off it right now, aren’t you?
Eddie Morra: Just finish the story.
Melissa: Well, I didn’t take anymore and I didn’t die. But after a while I realized that I couldn’t concentrate on anything for longer than ten minutes. I uh…I missed deadlines, got lazy. Slow, so slow. That was two years ago. And I have been the same since.


Melissa: You have some left?
[Eddie nods his head]
Melissa: Good. Well, you go home and you take it. You take the dose down, but you don’t just stop. You’ll die if you just stop. Try to taper off. Otherwise the headaches are just the beginning. I have to go.
Eddie Morra: Do you know how makes it?
Melissa: I don’t know. I have to go?


[after he shows up at Lindy’s office looking extremely sick]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] I had no choice. I told Lindy everything.
Lindy: So, all this energy of yours, all this focus, has been a drug?
Eddie Morra: Well, it was supposed to be legal. I…I have a…a supply stashed.
Lindy: You want me to go get it?
Eddie Morra: No. No, no, no. I’m gonna…I’m gonna go get it
Lindy: Give me your keys. I’ll go to your apartment.
Eddie Morra: It’s not…in my apartment. I moved it.
Lindy: Okay. So, where did you move it?
[he just looks at her, indicating that he’s hidden it in her place]


[answering his cell]
Eddie Morra: Hey, have you got it?
Lindy: Yeah. There’s someone following me.
Eddie Morra: Are you sure?
Lindy: Yeah. He got into the cab behind me and he’s making every turn I’m making.
Eddie Morra: Baby, call the cops.


Eddie Morra: Lindy, what’s happening?
Lindy: We stopped dead. He’s getting out. Eddie, he’s walking over here.
Eddie Morra: Lindy?
Lindy: Oh, God!
[the man opens her cab door and get in, Lindy gets out of the other door and runs for it]


[talking into her cell phone]
Lindy: Are you still there?limitless-12
Eddie Morra: Okay, stop talking. Don’t move.
Lindy: He killed two guys.
Eddie Morra: What?
Lindy: He’s gonna kill me too!
Eddie Morra: No. No. No. No! No! No! Can he see you?
Lindy: No. Not yet. I don’t know what to do!
Eddie Morra: Okay, I need you to go into the bag and take one of the pills.
Lindy: Why?
Eddie Morra: Because you’ll know what to do. You’ll take it and then you’ll know.
Lindy: He’s got a knife, Eddie! I can’t think my way out of a knife.
Eddie Morra: Just listen to me. It’ll come on in thirty seconds and you’ll think your way out.
Lindy: That’s what it does.


[Lindy’s just taken one of the pills]
Lindy: He’s getting closer.
Eddie Morra: Okay. Lindy, I love you.


Eddie Morra: You okay?
Lindy: Yeah.
Eddie Morra: I’m so sorry about what happened. I want you to know that you never, ever have to go through that again. Cause I can take care of us now.
Lindy: I’m sure you can.
Eddie Morra: I can make us safe. I’m back, okay?limitless-9
Lindy: Who’s back, Eddie?
Eddie Morra: Me.
Lindy: No! It’s not you. You were different before.
Eddie Morra: I’m still the same person, Lind.
Lindy: I wasn’t’ when I was on it. I did things I would never do.
Eddie Morra: Those things saved your life.
Lindy: But they weren’t me.
Eddie Morra: Yes they were. No, the way it works…
Lindy: I know how it works. I get it. I totally get it. You feel invincible.
Eddie Morra: Where it will take us, Lind, you can’t even imagine. The things we’ll be able to do. Where we’ll be in a year from now. The kind of life that we’ll finally be able to live.
Lindy: Well, you might have to live it without me.


Eddie Morra: Look, I am gonna stop taking it. There’s just some things that I have to do to keep us safe and to…to set us up, and then I’m gonna get off it. I mean, that’s the plan.
Lindy: Eddie…
Eddie Morra: Look, I have a plan. I swear. I’m gonna get off it.
Lindy: Okay. I hope you do.


Gennady: I want some more of that stuff, or I shoot you right here. Take your pick.
Eddie Morra: [voice over] This guy was not goin’ away. A few pills would buy me some time. Until I find a more permanent solution.


[talking to the two bodyguards he’s hired]
Eddie Morra: Unless you see a real threat. I never wanna know that I have any security. You’ll never perceive me. You’ll always follow me. Never more than fifteen steps behind. And never stand too close together. I wanna be able to look behind me if the opportunity presents itself. And don’t wear the same color suits. This isn’t the Matrix.


Eddie Morra: [voice over] Two months after I’d started NZT, I was brokering the biggest merger in corporate history.


Eddie Morra: [voice over] I found that if I maintained an even dose, remembered to eat, drank no alcohol, the blackouts didn’t occur.


[after he’s become the suspect in a woman’s murder]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] I couldn’t keep this quite on my own. Enter Morris Brandt. The most lethal lawyer in New York.


Morris Brandt: You’re lucky somebody wiped the room. It’s weak circumstantial at best. Just between us, where you there?
Eddie Morra: I don’t remember.


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