Limitless Quotes: Clever but Flawed

(Total Quotes: 97)

Directed by: Neil Burger
Written by:
Leslie Dixon (screenplay)
Alan Glynn (novel “The Dark Fields”)
Bradley Cooper – Eddie Morra
Robert De Niro – Carl Van Loon
Abbie Cornish – Lindy
Andrew Howard – Gennady
Anna Friel – Melissa
Johnny Whitworth – Vernon
Tomas Arana – Man in Tan Coat
Robert John Burke – Pierce
Darren Goldstein – Kevin Doyle
Ned Eisenberg – Morris Brandt
T.V. Carpio – Valerie
Richard Bekins – Hank Atwood
Patricia Kalember – Mrs. Atwood
Cindy Katz – Marla Sutton
Brian Anthony Wilson – Detective (as Brian A. Wilson)
Rebecca Dayan – Rebecca Dayan
Ann Marie Green – Financial Newscaster
Damali Mason – Female Cop
Meg McCrossen – Female Assistant
Tom Bloom – Dunham


Limitless quotes are smart and clever but they fail to live to up fully to the story’s potential. The premise of the story is ‘What would happen to a person who took a magic pill and suddenly became brilliant?’ and what the movie delivers is a fast paced paranoid thriller blended with science-fiction with doses of satire.

Verdict: There is no doubt that this is an entertaining movie and gives you something to think about, but where it falls down is that it just doesn’t explore anything with real depth and everything is quickly stepped over.

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[first lines]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] You see that guy?
[we see a long haired disheveled looking man walking in the city]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] That was me not so long ago. What kind of guy without a drug or alcohol problem looks this way? Only a writer. Strangely enough nobody believed that I actually had a book contract.


Eddie Morra: [voice over] Today was the day I was gonna kick it’s ass.
[he starts typing on his laptop]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] Here we go. Here we go! Here we go! Here we go!
[we see him playing with his basketball]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] Uh, it’s gonna be great. Just gotta put in the time and stay in the room. That’s the key concept. Don’t live the room.
[after failed attempts to write anything we see him leave his apartment]


Eddie Morra: [voice over] A few weeks passed this way. Maybe, a few months. At least I still had Lindy.


[Lindy passes his apartment keys to him]
Eddie Morra: Just like that!limitless-3
Lindy: Come on, Eddie. This is hardly a surprise.
Eddie Morra: I…I’m surprised! Let’s just not do this, okay? Let me…I’m gonna hand in ninety pages tomorrow, on Friday. If you just wait to see what she says.
Lindy: Eddie.
Eddie Morra: What?
Lindy: I know how it’s going. I knew it…I was your girlfriend.
Eddie Morra: That word doesn’t even begin to describe what you are to me.
Lindy: Partner? Squeeze?
Eddie Morra: Par amour. Inamorata.
Lindy: Cleaning lady. Bank.


[as Lindy pays their bill at the diner]
Eddie Morra: What’s mine is yours too. And you know I want to share the rest of my life with you. In fact I was thinking we should pro…
Lindy: Don’t propose.
Eddie Morra: Why not?
Lindy: Because it worked out so well for you last time.


Eddie Morra: [voice over] It’s true. I’d been married once, Right out of college, to Melissa.
[we see flashback to Melissa saying ‘I do’ and then deciding to leave Eddie]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] Briefly.


Lindy: I’ve gotta get back to work.
Eddie Morra: You didn’t even tell me what happened.
[she gets up to leave]
Lindy: I got it.
Eddie Morra: You did?
Lindy: Mm-hmm. I’m and editor. I’ll have my own assistant. Can you believe that?
Eddie Morra: Yeah, of course I believe it. You deserve it.
Lindy: Thanks. Okay.
[she leaves the diner]


Eddie Morra: [voice over] She was right. Why stick it out? I had clearly missed the unrip. We both knew what was beckoning. The lower bunk of my childhood bedroom in Jersey. My father happy to welcome me into the challenging field of dental supply inventory.


[after he’s run into Vernon]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] Of all the useless relationships, better forgotten and put away in mothballs, was there anymore useless than…the ex-brother in-law?
Vernon: Holy shit, man! What’s it been like, nine years? God!
Eddie Morra: Hey.
Vernon: You all right? You look like you’re livin’ on the streets. What’s goin’ on?
Eddie Morra: Not much. I…uh well, one of…what’s up? Uh…I’m writing. Writing a lot.
Vernon: Oh, you’re still tryin’ to write?
Eddie Morra: Matter of fact I have a book contract.
Vernon: Really?
Eddie Morra: Yeah.
Vernon: That’s great!
Eddie Morra: How about you? Are you uh…still dealing, Vern?
Vernon: Do I look like I’m still dealin’?
Eddie Morra: No, you don’t. No.


Eddie Morra: How’s Melissa doin’?
[Vernon gets the drinks from the bar]
Vernon: Wouldn’t know. I don’t see her. She moved upstate. She got some kind of internet homesales kind of job. Couple kids.
Eddie Morra: Couple kids. Who’s the husband?
Vernon: He walked out on her, if you really wanna know. But what do you care, man? You were married like five minutes.


Vernon: Tell me about this book. How’s it goin’?
Eddie Morra: Well, it’s uh…I’m…I’m…I’m behind. I’m behind on my book and uh…pretty well polluting my days and nights if you really wanna know.
Vernon: Well, how much have you written of it?
Eddie Morra: Not one word.
Vernon: Creative problems, huh?
Eddie Morra: Yeah. Mm-hmm.
Vernon: Well, I suppose I can help you with that. Just this once.
[he goes to get something from his pocket]
Eddie Morra: Oh, no! No! No! No! No!
Vernon: You don’t even know what it is.
Eddie Morra: Still dealing.
Vernon: Brother, I am light years from that now. I’ve been doin’ uh…some consulting for a pharmaceutical company.
Eddie Morra: What like some offshore lab they can fake Viagra? Come on, Vern!
Vernon: No. This is an exclusive product that’s comin’ on mainstream next year. It’s had clinical trials and it’s FDA approved.
Eddie Morra: All right, just out of curiosity. And that’s all.


[referring to the tablet Vernon has just placed on the table]
Eddie Morra: What’s in it?
Vernon: They’ve identified these receptors in the brain that activate specific circuits. And you know how they say that we can only access twenty percent of our brain? Well, what this does, it lets you access all of it.
Eddie Morra: Vern, look at me. Do I look it to you? I’m broke and I’m depressed off my ass.
Vernon: I…I don’t think that my life’s gonna take some sudden upswing into fame and fortune by taking some shiny brand new designer drug.


Vernon: Well, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to leave you here, Eddie. But I really…I really do wanna do this again.
[he places his business card in front of Eddie]limitless-4
Vernon: So, call me. And uh…that’s on the house.
[he points to the pill]
Eddie Morra: I don’t want it.
Vernon: Don’t be ungrateful. You know how much that cost? Eight hundred bucks. A pop. You’re welcome.
[Vernon leaves and Eddie picks up the pill and takes a long look at it]


Eddie Morra: [voice over] All the way home I thought about Melissa. How could she be a failure too? She’d been so smart. Smarter than anyone around her. Clearly there was a direct link between this Eddie, slightly drunk at three o’clock in the afternoon and an earlier Eddie, vomiting on his bosses desk, or stealing his dying aunt’s Percocet. So who could blame Lindy for dumping me.
[he takes out of his pocket the pill Vernon gave him earlier and looks at it]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] In the end, how much worse could it get?
[he pops the pill in his mouth and swallows it]


[after the taking the pill he runs into his landlord’s wife, who’s giving him grief about paying rent]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] I suddenly had extra reason to get away from her. I had thoughtlessly ingested a substance. I had gotten remarkably little information from Vernon about what this drug would do.
[the landlord’s wife continues to talk and give him grief]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] What if it was an hallucinogen? Oh my God! Listening to her rag if I were tripping I’d jump out a window.
Valerie: Hello? Are you listening to me? Do you get it? You are going to be out on the street…
Eddie Morra: [voice over] And then I felt it.


[after he feels the effects of the pill he’s taken for the first time]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] I was blind, but now I see.


Eddie Morra: What’s wrong?
Valerie: What?
Eddie Morra: You don’t like me and I don’t blame you. You see this self-defeating, energy sucking piece of shit, who’s sponging off your husband. You’re wishing I’d blow my brains out. But my existence shouldn’t make you this upset. What is it?
Valerie: That’s none of your business.
Eddie Morra: Something wrong at law school?
Valerie: How do you know I’m in law school?
Eddie Morra: People who aren’t, don’t usually carry around dry academically constipated books about a disappearing court justice.
Valerie: You’re a creep, aren’t you? You’ve been…you’ve been following me?
Eddie Morra: No, I just noticed the book.
Valerie: You just saw the corner of it. How did you know that?
[to himself]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] I’d seen in before. Twelve years ago in college. Sitting on the couch of the TA I was trying to make, waiting for her to come back out of the bathroom, hoping she’d have a condom. Somehow, my unconscious had served that up. A memory I’d never even recorded. Or was it there the whole time and all I needed was the access.


[as he’s giving Valerie advice on what she should read to write her law paper]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] Information from the odd museum show, a half read article, some PBS documentary was all bubbling in my frontal lobes. Mixing itself together into a sparkling cocktail of useful information.
[referring to Valerie]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] She didn’t have a chance.


Eddie Morra: [voice over] What was this drug? I couldn’t stay messy on it. I hadn’t had a cigarette in six hours. Hadn’t eaten. So abstemious and tidy. What was this? A drug for people who wanted to me more anal retentive. I wasn’t high. I wasn’t wired. Just clear. I knew what I needed to do and how to do it.



Eddie Morra: [voice over] The next morning, I sent a little probe down into my brain, no surge of brilliance came up to greet me. In short, I was back. But something remained.


Vernon: So Eddie, you are interested after all.
Eddie Morra: That stuff’s amazing.
Vernon: Works better if your already smart.
Eddie Morra: Vern, who…who did this to you?
Vernon: Trust me, you don’t want to know.
Eddie Morra: Uh…so uh, what…what it’s it called?
Vernon: Doesn’t have a street name yet. But the boys in the kitchen are callin’ it N.Z.T forty eight.
Eddie Morra: The boys in the kitchen? I don’t…that doesn’t sound very FDA approved, Vern.
Vernon: FDA approved, that’s a laugh! You don’t really believe that shit, did you?
[Eddie thinks to himself while looking around Vern’s apartment]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] Okay, so what do we have here? Some unknown, untested, possibly dangerous drug. Scammed out of some unidentified lab somewhere. Given to me by a highly unreliable guy I hadn’t seen in years.
Vernon: I see you want some more?
Eddie Morra: Yes, definitely.


[after Vernon has agreed to get Eddie some more pills]
Vernon: But I uh…I need a favor first. Obviously I’m in no condition to go out right now, so I was wondering if you could pop down to the uh…dry cleaners grab my suit for me. And many be grab a little malt breakfast for us.
Eddie Morra: [voice over] He knew he had me.


[after he’s agreed to run errands for Vernon]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] From now on, I’d happily be his errand boy. Wash his windows, scrub his toilet. Anything I could do to get my hands on that little clear pill that would bring back enhanced Eddie.


[after Eddie has found Vernon murdered in his apartment]
Eddie Morra: [voice over] Took them forever. And the longer I stood there, the clearer I saw. Vern had known who had done this. And one guess what they’d been looking for. But had they found it?


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Total Quotes: 97



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