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**Spoiler Alert**

Lincoln was the best film I’ve seen in a while. Since words are requested and I am not confident in my writing I’ll try bullet points.

Why Lincoln is worth watching:

Before I start I am not a Lincoln fan, meaning historically or politically.

a) Daniel Day-Lewis. Need I say more? Really? I think it’ll go down as one of his best performances. But wait, they are all best performances.

b) Supporting cast: Sally Field, great though with a touch of her Forrest Gump character but what the heck. The rest of the time I was thinking “where did I see him and him and him?” Everybody you’ve seen anywhere the last few years is in it.

c) No shooting scene at the theater. I really like the way he (they) skipped that and I didn’t have to sit there waiting for him to get his head blown off.

d) BEST PART. Daniel Day-Lewis brings the character to life in a way that you feel like you went back in history and got to know him. It was just a masterful performance as we always expect from him. I don’t know why I was reading around the internet that the voice was wrong, bad, annoying? After watching 5 min I thought, “Of course, he sounded just like that.”

Thanks, hope you watch it and like it as well as I did.

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