By Tanmay Dubey (Delhi, India)


Lincoln Directed by Steven Spielberg has sent ripples across every big film festival and award function globally and there is a definite reason for this. This film brings forth the story of Lincoln, the Politician, the leader, the visionary, the father and the husband. Based on a part of Lincoln’s Biography “Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln”. This film is more factual then fiction. Set up in early 1865 during the second tenure of the 18th President of America, in the middle of the Civil War. The film beautifully portrays the challenges that Lincoln faced while trying to pass the vote on the 13th Amendment, which meant to abolish the slavery of black people in America in the constitution, in the House of Representatives.

The film essentially is a political drama, which revolves around how the visionary, shrewd, leader Lincoln manages to achieve the 13th amendment. This amendment according to him will lay the path of prosperity for America in coming years and finish the bloody Civil War that has ripped the country apart.

In a Steven Spielberg films it is the directorial brilliance that sweeps you away, but in this film it is the superlative performance by the lead actor, Daniel Day Lewis, who portrays Lincoln that blows you away. Everything is amazing in Daniel Day Lewis’s acting, from body movements, to voice modulation, to dialogue delivery and you understand why this man got the best actor award in most of the nominations. His portrayal of a loving father, helpless husband, and astute leader is par brilliance. The scene where his wife played by Sally Field argues him for allowing his son to go to war leaves you speechless. Tommy Lee jones has an interesting role and you admire the veteran for his act.

During the climax when the 13th Amendment is debated by senators, it is heart filling to know how they believed or portrayed that they believed that the white people are chosen by God to rule over the blacks and it is their duty to rule over them. You also feel to clap along with the ones in the film when they are countered in the debate.

The film is advised for those who have a taste of political drama, and has the patience of sitting for around 30min in the first half as the movie takes time to step up the pace and it takes a while for you to get hooked to it. Brush up your history facts before you watch the film!

Rating: 4/5

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