Starring: Lupita Nyong’o, Josh Gad, Alexander England, Kat Stewart, Diesel La Torraca, Stephen Peacocke


Comedy horror written and directed by Abe Forsythe. The story follows washed-up musician, Dave (Alexander England), who volunteers to chaperone his nephew’s kindergarten class field trip after taking a shine to the plucky schoolteacher, Miss Caroline (Lupita Nyong’o). Things get complicated by the presence of the world’s most famous and obnoxious children’s television personality, Teddy McGiggle (Josh Gad). One thing none of them bargained for, however, is a sudden zombie outbreak, and Dave, Miss Caroline and Teddy must work together to protect the children.



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Solider: Lieutenant, sir, why are we here?
Lieutenant: It’s zombies again.
Solider: Fast ones or slow ones, sir?
Lieutenant: Slow.
Solider: Thank God they’re slow.


[to the kids]
Teddy McGiggle: Aren’t we having a super fun time on our trip to Pleasant Valley Farm?


[to the kids, getting ready for their trip]
Miss Caroline: I want you all in a line in front of me and away we go.


Miss Caroline: [to Dave] This might be a little much for everyone.


Miss Caroline: That kind of behavior is unacceptable.
Dave: Max started it!
[as they argue, in the background we see a woman being mauled by a zombie]
Miss Caroline: Max is five years-old. And if you can’t use appropriate language with a five year-old, I’m going to have to ask you to disembark the tractor train and wait for us back at the bus.


Beth: Why are we stopping?
Miss Caroline: There must be something in the way.
Beth: What is it, Miss Caroline?


[after seeing a zombie]
Miss Caroline: Start the tractor!
[she jumps back into the tractor]
Beth: Are you okay?
[trying to look normal]
Miss Caroline: Yes!


[referring to the zombies]
Miss Caroline: Don’t be scared. Who remembers how to play tag?
[some of the kids put their hands up]
Miss Caroline: Well, those funny looking people out there are it.


[banging on his locked door as they are trying to get away from the zombies]
Teddy McGiggle: Go away!
Miss Caroline: We have kids out here!
Teddy McGiggle: Oh, my God. I don’t give a sh*t.


Teddy McGiggle: We’re all going to die.
Beth: Are we going to die, Miss Caroline?
Miss Caroline: No, it’s part of the game. The zombies are not real.
Teddy McGiggle: Like f*ck they’re not!
Beth: It is a bit scary.


[to the kids]
Dave: What do we do when we’re scared? What’s a song we could sing?


[to the kids]
Miss Caroline: My job is to keep you safe. Stay here until I get back.


[referring to the zombie blood covering her dress]
Max: Ew, what’s that?
Miss Caroline: Oh, I got caught in a middle of a jam fight. Don’t taste it, okay?


Miss Caroline: We can’t stay here indefinitely.
Teddy McGiggle: I’m not going anywhere. And you’re bigger idiots than I thought, and I thought you were both the stupidest people I’ve ever met.
[Caroline smacks him hard in the face]


Miss Caroline: [to Teddy] Stop f*cking swearing.


[bites a zombie baby]
Teddy McGiggle: How do you like it, huh?!
Teddy McGiggle: Oh, God! What have I done?


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