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[we see a woman, Sara, doing work around her farm, the next morning she tries to rouse her young son, Cid, and goes down to cook him breakfast when she hears a noise, she goes to shut her screen door but when she looks outside she notices someone standing at the edge of the corn field and comes out with a gun]
Sara: Listen up, fucker! I have shot and buried three vagrants in the past year! So I don’t know care what hobo sob story you got! I get a dozen a week, pal, it cuts no cash with me. But if you show your face here again, I will cut you the fuck in half!
[she turns and walks back into her house, we see Joe hiding in the corn field, he looks tired and sweaty, showing signs of drug withdrawal]


[back in Abe’s office, he interrogates Kid for losing both Joe’s again]
Abe: Well, you found him. Tracking Seth’s bike, that was clever. And you rustled up the posse and went out to get him.
Kid Blue: I could do it again.
Abe: You can fuck up again? Really? I got too much riding, Kid, I can’t afford a fuck up playing cowboy. Put your Gat on the table.
[Kid, who’s got tears in his eyes now, places his Gat on the table, but doesn’t let go of it]
Kid Blue: I wanted you to say I did good. It’s all I wanted. This is all I have.
[Abe slides the Gat away from Kid’s hand]
Kid Blue: Please just give me one more chance. I’ll bring him here alive, and I’ll hold him and you could put a bullet in his brain yourself.
[suddenly Abe takes a hammer and slams it down onto Kid’s hand, who screams in pain and gets thrown out of Abe’s office]


[as Sara gets ready to turn in for the night she notices the light in her barn is on, she grabs her shotgun and goes to turn it off, when she goes to walk back to the house she hears a rustling noise coming from the corn field]
Sara: Hey, who’s there?
[a man comes out and starts walking towards her, Sara point her gun at him]
Sara: Stop right there, I will shoot you.
[we see Joe is still in the corn field, slumped over and looking sweaty, he looks up when he hears Sara’s voice]
Sara: You stop! Stop right there! I’m telling you to stop!
[the man keeps on walking towards Sara]
Sara: You stop!
[Sara shoots warning shot and suddenly trips over a root, Joe runs out of the corn field with his gun ready and gets between the two, the man comes into view and we see he’s a mute vagrant just begging for some food, he runs off, Joe then collapses and starts puking]


[after puking, Sara drags Joe to her front porch and as he starts mumbling she slaps him to get his attention]
Sara: Hey! Look up at the light. Look up at me. How long since you dropped?
Joe: Dropped?
Sara: Dropped.
[she mimics using the eye dropper drug]
Joe: A day. I can’t feel my legs.
Sara: That’s because you’re going through withdrawal, you fucking junkie.
Joe: You gotta help me. I’m gonna die.
[Sara notices Joe’s Blunderbuss and her eyes go cold realizing what Joe is]


Joe: Thirsty. Water.
[Sara walks back into the house]
Joe: Water!
[Joe notice a kid walking towards him]
Joe: Thirsty.
[Sara’s son, Cid, gives Joe some water]
Sara: Cid! Come inside, baby.
[Sara grabs hold of her son and takes him back to his room]


Cid: Who’s that man?
Sara: He’s just vagrant, baby.
Cid: No, he’s not.
Sara: Oh, yeah?
Cid: His shoes are too shiny.
Sara: Well, aren’t you a smart monkey.
Cid: Is he sick?
Sara: Yep.
Cid: Will he get better?
Sara: Yeah.
[Sara tucks Cid into his bed]
Cid: Promise?
Sara: Just go to sleep, okay, baby boy?
[she goes to kiss him, but Cid turns away]
Sara: Goodnight, sweetie.
Cid: Goodnight, Sara.


[old Joe is in the sewers of the city, he starts seeing young Joe’s new memories of Sara, as she slapped him in the face earlier, old Joe looks at the picture of his wife in his watch and starts muttering]
Old Joe: The first time I saw her face. The first time I saw her face.
[he sees Sara’s face again]
Old Joe: No. The first time I saw her face.
[he keeps looking at the picture of his wife, trying to recollect when he first met her]
Old Joe: The first time I saw her face. The first time I saw her face. The first time I saw her face…
[then he remember how he met his wife]


[the next morning, Joe wakes up in the barn handcuffed to a cot, he sees a shadow of a child standing in the doorway, but when he looks again he’s gone, back in the house, Cid is in the kitchen when Sara walks in]
Sara: Morning, monkey. Want something to eat?
Cid: The man’s up. Is he staying here now?looper-7
Sara: No.
[Sara goes out to the barn and sees that Joe has dragged the cot outside the barn and is cleaning his gun]
Sara: Toss it.
Joe: I’m about to finish cleaning it.
[she points her shotgun at him]
Sara: Put it down.
[Joe drops his gun]


Sara: How are you feeling?
Joe: I’d say I’m a thirty percent.
Sara: You take it slow, by the end of the week you’ll be a fifty.
[she tosses the keys to the handcuffs to Joe]
Sara: I took you in so you wouldn’t die. Now you’re not gonna die, so just take the morning to rest, then you need to get off my farm.
Joe: I can’t do that.
Sara: I’m sorry?
Joe: I’m gonna stay here for a little while.
Sara: I’m not cool with that.
Joe: I’m sorry.
Sara: Well, I’m sorry too. You just lost your take the morning to rest privileges, get off my farm.
Joe: Nope.


[Sara raiser her shotgun at Joe again]
Sara: Get off my farm.
Joe: You couldn’t scare a retarded hobo with that thing, literally.
Sara: This is a Remington 870, one blast cuts you the fuck in…
Joe: Fuck in half. Yeah, that’s telling. You’re holding a gun, I say I’m not afraid, so you describe the gun to me. It’s not the gun I’m not afraid of. What are you gonna do? Shoot in the air? Try scare me? Go ahead. You wouldn’t let me die, you’re not gonna kill me.
Sara: Well, so now I saved your life that makes me weak?
Joe: Look, I’m not a threat to you or your boy. I need to be on your property. I’d rather there’s no contact at all, I’m gonna stay in the fields. Just one thing I need you to do, and you’ll never have to deal with me again. Just verify for me this is your house on the map, so I know I’m in the right place.
[he takes the piece of map he’d taken from old Joe and gives it to Sara]
Sara: What’s this?
Joe: It’s a map.
Sara: Yeah, that’s my house. Why is it marked?
Joe: Okay, it doesn’t matter.


[Sara notices the numbers old Joe had written down on the paper and recognizes them]
Joe: Look, I’m gonna be out of the barn in an hour. If you can spare it, I’m gonna take this canteen. Is there somewhere I can fill it up with water?
Sara: This number, how did you get this?
Joe: Does that mean something to you?
[Sara looks at Joe with suspicion]
Joe: What?
[suddenly Sara raises her gun at Joe again]
Joe: Hey! Hey! Hey!
[Sara shoots her gun hitting Joe in the chest]


[as young Joe gets shot by Sara, old Joe starts seeing this in his memories, he touches his chest and finds an old scar from where Sara had shot young Joe, back in Sara’s barn, Sara moves towards Joe after shooting him]
Sara: Yeah, you’re right, I’m not a killer. But I’m fine with how a blast of rock salt to your face won’t kill you. Now you’re gonna tell me who you are and what the fuck you’re doing on my farm!
[Joe doesn’t reply so she cocks her gun]
Joe: Okay. Okay. Time travel hasn’t been invented yet, but in thirty years it will have been. It’s gonna be used by these big criminal syndicates.
Sara: You’re a Looper?
[at the same time that Joe is explaining what he does to Sara, we see old Joe tracking down the addresses he had on his map of where he thinks the Rainmaker will be]


Joe: I can’t go back to the city, cause Abe, my boss, his men will be searching for me twenty- four seven until they find me or they find him. All I got is that map, he had three houses marked on it, yours was one of them. I know he’s coming here. So what, you know about Loopers? You know what we do?
Sara: So he’s coming here?
[Joe nods his head]
Sara: To murder my son, cause he thinks he might be this Rainmaker. And once he kills the Rainmaker, what happens?
Joe: I think, he thinks if he killed the Rainmaker then he never would have been sent back, so he’d just vanish, he’d disappear, just like he appeared. He’d be back with his wife.
Sara: Who is he, this guy you let run? Is he just some random guy from the future?
Joe: He’s just…he’s just somebody. You know what the numbers mean?


[Sara takes out the paper with the numbers and shows him what the numbers mean]
Sara: This is Cid’s birthday, and this is the met code of the hospital he was born in.
Joe: How many other kids were born in that hospital on that day with your son? Like two?
Sara: Sounds right.
Joe: Three kids, three houses marked on his map. He knows one of them is the Rainmaker, but he doesn’t know which.
Sara: What’s he gonna do?
[Joe realizes that old Joe is planning to kill the kids]
Joe: God.
[we then see old Joe kill the first kid from the address on his map, as he doesn’t vanish he realizes that he just killed an innocent child and has flashback to being with his wife, he then notices the corner of his map which had the third address is missing]


[back in Sara’s barn]
Sara: Can he really do this?
Joe: Thinking about doing what this would fix, what he thinks will fix.
Sara: If he comes here will you stop him? I’m asking, can I trust you?
Joe: I don’t care if you trust me. I don’t care about your son. I lost my life, I kill this man, I get it back.


[Sara helps Joe clean the wounds from the rock salt she’d blasted him with earlier]
Joe: He’ll kill the other two kids and come here last. Put off facing me. And all this Goddamn cane, we’re just blind. He can’t get within fifty yards of this place without hawk spotting him. What makes sense is we burn the fields, level ’em. How much gas you got in that barn?
Sara: No, you can’t burn down my cane fields.
Joe: Stuff’s half dead anyway.
Sara: Yeah, it’s the seed for next year. It’s not gonna happen. Fucking nut.
[Joe looks frustrated]
Sara: Listen, you use what you need and you set up anywhere, but one thing, I don’t want you talking to Cid. I watch my son, you watch the cane, that’s the deal.
Joe: Good by me.
Sara: Fine.


[Joe winces as Sara tries to clean his wounds]
Sara: Alright, hold still. It’s easy for things to get infected on a farm, start falling off. Pussy.
[Joe gives her a look]
Joe: If I’m gonna be out here and you’re in the house, we need a way to communicate.
Sara: Well, there’s a dinner bell on the barn, you can ring that if someone’s coming out here.
Joe: Dinner bell? We need buzzers, walkies or something.
Sara: It’s all we got, but I’ll look.


[as Sara finishes cleaning Joe’s wounds she hears a noise from inside the house]
Sara: Cid!
[she goes inside and sees Cid watching them]
Sara: How’s the math coming?
Cid: I wanna help the man.
Sara: Help him with what?
Cid: I could help him with my toys.
Sara: No. I wanna talk to you. I need you to stay away from that man, okay? You just let him do his thing, but you stick with me, okay?
Cid: Is he not good?
Sara: Well, we’re gonna see what he is. Alright? But I need you to stick with me. Good boy.


[Cid wakes Joe as he sits watch outside the house, he sneaks Joe into the house]
Cid: Tell me if you hear her coming.
[in the kitchen, Cid has pulled apart a collection of his toys and is rewiring them into a makeshift communication device]
Joe: What are we doing here?
Cid: Communication.
[he shows Joe the signal]
Cid: But I need to make it stronger.
Joe: And how do we do that?
Cid: Bigger battery.
Joe: Smart.
Cid: Do you kill people?
Joe: Uh…let’s say I kill people.
Cid: With your gun?
Joe: Uh-huh. What you want a gun like mine?
Cid: Yeah.
Joe: What are you gonna do with it? Pole vaulting? It’s bigger than you.
Cid: Stop bad things from happening.
[Joe pick up one of Cid’s toy cars and suddenly it starts beeping loudly, Cid turns it off and looks up to see if Sara was awakened by the noise, but they hear nothing]


Joe: So, uh…how long you and your mom have been out here on the farm?
Cid: She’s not.
Joe: She’s not what?
Cid: Sara doesn’t know, but I remember my real mom. When I was a baby, I couldn’t stop it.
Joe: Couldn’t stop what?
Cid: I couldn’t stop her from getting killed. I saw it, but I couldn’t stop it. I wasn’t strong enough.
Joe: You should uh…you should talk to your mom about this.
Cid: She’s not my mom, she’s a liar.


[old Joe runs through the streets of the city, hunted be Abe’s men, Abe’s Gat Man tells him where he saw old Joe]
Gat Man: Spotted him coming out of a sewer tunnel in the west end. He’s on the run.


[next morning Joe finds Sara trying to ax down the stump of a tree on her land]
Joe: You can’t take that thing out with a plough or something?
Sara: Uh-huh.
Joe: Listen, I found a uh…in the barn, I found some parts and I made a…a thing. Here.
[Joe gives Sara the makeshift communication device that Cid had made the night before]
Joe: So if you see something, push that.
[Sara knows instantly that Cid had made the device]
Sara: When?
Joe: Last night, he woke me up. Don’t tell him I told you, he didn’t…
[Sara turns and carries on axing the tree]


Joe: You said you were his mom.
Sara: Yeah.
Joe: He told me you’re not.
Sara: He said that?
Joe: Yeah. Um…if he’s not your son, who is he?
Sara: He’s my son. I had Cid when I was 22, but I didn’t wanna give up my life in the city, so I dropped him here, on the farm, with my sister and she saw how I was living, so she took him. And my sister, she raised him. She loved him, he called her mom.
Joe: How did she get killed?
Sara: Jesus Christ!
Joe: He remembers it. You gotta talk to him about it.
Sara: I told you one thing. I told you to stay away from my son.
Joe: He asked about my gun.
Sara: Stay out of it! And stay the fuck away from my son!


[as Sara is teaching Cid math on using a board game]
Cid: How long can you not sleep?
Sara: I don’t know, probably a while. That’s a good question. Where does it go, come on?
[Cid makes his move on the game board]
Sara: Good. 32.
Cid: We should help Joe watch.
Sara: Joe?
Cid: Because he can’t stay awake all the time.
Sara: He isn’t our business, okay?
Cid: He’s keeping us safe.
Sara: Let’s do this now, okay? You have 32 there, I know you know this one.


[Cid makes his move and puts down the number on the board]
Sara: No. 8 times 3 is what?
Cid: 32.
Sara: 8 times 3 is what?
Cid: 32.
Sara: I want you to count three eights.
Cid: 8, 16…32.
Sara: Are you telling me you want alone time?
Cid: No.
Sara: Then why don’t you put that where it belongs?
[Cid picks up the number and places it in the same place, Sara looks frustrated]


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