Looper Quotes: Mind-Bending

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Directed by: Rian Johnson
Written by: Rian Johnson
Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Joe
Bruce Willis – Old Joe
Emily Blunt – Sara
Paul Dano – Seth
Noah Segan – Kid Blue
Piper Perabo – Suzie
Jeff Daniels – Abe
Pierce Gagnon – Cid
Qing Xu – Old Joe’s Wife
Tracie Thoms – Beatrix
Frank Brennan – Old Seth
Garret Dillahunt – Jesse
Nick Gomez – Dale
Marcus Hester – Zach
Adam Boyer – Tye
Jeff Chase – Tall Gat Man
Ritchie Montgomery – Bodega Owner
David Jensen – Apt Super
Kamden Beauchamp – Daniel
Josh Perry – Farm Vagrant
David Martinez – Old Dale
Wayne Dehart – Seth Vagrant
Ian Patrick – Beggar Kid


Looper quotes are a thought provoking narrative that totally messes with your head. The story is set in the future where time travel has been invented in 2074 and immediately outlawed, however, mob syndicates start using it to send those they wanted killed into the past to be killed by specialized hitmen, aka ‘Loopers’.

The story then centers on looper, young Joe, who recognizes his older self when he is sent back in time 30 years, to be killed by his younger self, allowing just enough hesitation for older Joe to escape and sending a wrinkle in time.

Verdict: This is a dark, complicated, very witty and stylized movie that confidently deals with a complex script and treats its audience with respect. It’s certainly not a movie without its flaws but all should be forgiven when dealing with a challenging issue such as time-travel and managing to successfully provide the audience a great mind-bending ride.

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[first lines; we see an open pocket watch showing the time, then as Joe waits in a field, he listens to a French learning tape and repeats the phrases he hears]
Joe: Il y a. Nous avons. Nous avons. Nous avons. Vous avez.
[he turns off the tape, then suddenly a man appears out of thin air, with a bag over his head, and Joe quickly shoots and kills him]


[we see Joe rip open the back of the jacket of the man he just killed, exposing 4 bars of silver, he then loads the body into the back of his truck and takes it to an industrial furnace]
Joe: [voice over] Time travel has not yet been invented. But thirty years from now, it will have been. It will be instantly outlawed, used only in secret by the largest criminal organizations. It’s nearly impossible to dispose of a body in the future. I’m told tagging techniques and what not. So when these criminal organizations in the future need someone gone, they use specialized assassins, in our present, called Loopers. And so, my employers in the future, nab the target, they zap him back to me, their looper. He appears, hands tied and head sacked, and I do the necessaries, collect my silver. So the target is vanished from the future, and I’ve just disposed of a body that technically does not exist.
[Joe drops the body into a shaft that leads to a furnace]
Joe: [voice over] Clean.


[Joe goes to a roadside diner for breakfast and waitress comes over and smiles at Joe]
Beatrix: Bonjour, Joe.
Joe: Bonjour, Beatrix.
Beatrix: How’s the French?
Joe: Slow. How’s the coffee?
Beatrix: Burnt.


[Joe goes to a pawn shop, drops his gun into a basket then goes to a backroom and slides 2 silver bars through a small slot]
Joe: Two jed.
[a wad of cash is given in exchange for the silver bars, Joe turns to leave and runs into another Looper]
Dale: Hey, Joe. Be at the club tonight?
[Joe walks off and collects his gun]
Joe: Yeah.
[Dale makes his deposit of 4 bars of silver]
Dale: Four jed.


[we see Joe at home, listening to an old album, he eats, gets dressed, checks his hairline in the mirror and then falls on his bed and says to himself]
Joe: Bonjour, mademoiselle.
[Joe goes to the garage and gets his car and drives off into the dangerous looking city]



[threatening a homeless man as he walks near his bike]
Seth: Hey, walk around. Around the bike!
[Seth points his gun at the homeless man]
Homeless Man: Hey, I don’t want no trouble.
Seth: I’m not kidding! Right around! You shit!
Homeless Man: If you had a mama, she didn’t raise you right!
Seth: That’s funny, because I’m going to pick your mother up later on my bike and I’m gonna take my Blunderbuss…!
[just at that moment Joe drives up]
Joe: Hey, Seth.
Seth: Hey, Joe.
[referring to Seth’s bike]
Joe: That’s new?
Seth: Yeah, thanks. Goddamn thing won’t fucking start. So you going to the Belle?


[as Joe drive them to the club]
Joe: So you bought a slater?
Seth: Yep!
Joe: How much did that thing set you back?
[Seth doesn’t reply]
Joe: How much?
Seth: I was gonna pull up in it tonight.
Joe: Well, congratulations. You’re pulling up with me instead.
[Joe sees Seth toying around with a quarter, telekinetically floating it above his hand]
Joe: Don’t. If we’re going in, don’t do that.
Seth: Chicks dig TK’s.
Joe: They do not.
Seth: Yes, they do.
Joe: That’s tacky, don’t do it.


[as they drive up to the club]
Joe: [voice over] About ten percent of the population has this TK mutation. When it first appeared, everyone thought we were gonna get superheroes, but it turns out, this was it. Now it’s just a bunch of assholes think they’re blowing your mind floating quarters. It’s like this whole town, big heads, small potatoes.



[as they enter the club]
Club Bouncer: Full house tonight, Joe.
Joe: We’ll stick back stage. Just meetin’ up, in and out.
Club Bouncer: Cash in your Blunderbusses?
Joe: Hardly. Right, Seth?
[Joe walks on ahead though backstage of the club]
Seth: Hardly. I’m with Joe. Just meetin’ up and in and out.
Club Bouncer: Uh-huh.


[as Joe walks through backstage of the club, he calls out to one of the club dancers]
Joe: Hey, Suzanne?
Suzie: Hey.
Joe: You working a shit tonight?
Suzie: Yeah.
Joe: Yeah?
Suzie: Yeah, but a Gat Man bought me out already for the night.
Joe: Oh.
Suzie: Sweetie, I gotta work.
[looking disappointed, Joe turns to walk off]


[after getting turned down by Suzie, Dale cuts by and Joe follows him, he sees several other Loopers gathered at the top of a stairwell]
Joe: What?
Dale: Zach. He’s in there right now with Abe.
Joe: For what?
Dale: Closed his loop.
Joe: No shit!
[Joe looks down and sees his boss showing Zach out with a shoulder pat]


Joe: [voice over] There’s a reason we’re called, why we sign up for this job, taking out the future’s garbage. We also agree to a very specific provisal. Time travel in the future is so illegal, that when our employers wanna close our contracts, they’ll also wanna erase any trace of their relationship with us ever existing. So if we’re still alive thirty years from now, they’ll find our older self, zap him back to us, and we’ll kill him like any other job. This is called, ‘closing your loop.’ And you get a golden pay day, you get a handshake, and you get released from your contract. Enjoy the next thirty years. This job doesn’t tend to attract the most forward thinking people.
[after getting released from his contract, Zach walks up to the other Loopers]
Zach: So, we are we…celebratin’?
[the other Loopers cheer as they agree, they all go off to party, Joe uses eye droppers filled with drugs to get high, then everyone gets thrown of the club, Joe drives them around in his car where he nearly hits a kid]


[next morning, Joe wakes, finds a note with a time, he drives out to the corn field, shoots his target, disposes of the body and heads to his usual roadside diner]
Beatrix: Bonjour, Joe.looper-4
[Beatrix serves him his usual coffee]
Joe: Ravi de te voir, Beatrix.
Beatrix: Ooh, la la.
[we then see Joe go the cornfield again to shoot another target, we see him later that night go to his usual club, Joe and Dale watch as other Loopers celebrating]
Dale: What’s that, four loop closes this month?
[Joe watches Suzie dance on stage, gets high with the eye droppers, then we keep seeing him repeating the pattern of killing his targets in the cornfield, collecting the silver bricks and going to the club]


[Joe gets woken up in the middle of the night by a scared Seth pounding on his window]
Joe: Seth, Jesus!
[Joe opens the window and let’s a scared looking Seth in]
Seth: Ssh! They’ll be here any minute. Are they here?
Joe: No. Who?
Seth: Oh, Christ! Joe! Christ!
[Joe turns off the lights]
Seth: What are you doing?!
Joe: Give me the gun.
Seth: Oh, alright.


[Joe takes Seth’s gun]
Joe: Come here. Get away from the window.
Seth: Oh, Christ! Christ, Joe!
Joe: Quite down.
Seth: You can protect me a little, right, Joe? Just so they don’t…
Joe: What did you do?
Seth: Oh, jeez. This is like a nightmare. This is a nightmare.


[after letting Seth into his apartment and asking him why he’s scared]
Joe: [voice over] I knew then what he did, so I don’t know why I asked.
Seth: What did you do?
[we see flashback of Seth as he’s about to shoot a target]
Seth: He…he was singing, through the gag-it-sack, but I could hear the tune. Deep memories. My mom in a dark room, taking care of me, singing that tune. I knew, it was me.
[Joe looks at Seth]
Seth: Joe, I couldn’t. I couldn’t. I had to see.
[we see as Seth takes off the bag off his older self’s head]
Seth: He told me…he told me, there’s a new holy terror boss man in the future, and he’s closing all the loops. The Rainmaker, they call him. He told me and…and then he wanted a cigarette, so I untied him and he gives me this look. And he just starts running. I had my Blunderbuss, so I know I’ve got about fifteen strides till he’s out of my range. And they come, and they go, and I just watch him till he’s gone.
Joe: [voice over] This is called, ‘letting your loop run.’ It’s not a good thing.


[after confessing to Joe that’s he let his loop run]
Seth: What do I do? You’re the only friend I got, Joe. You gotta help me.
Joe: Fucking idiot coming here. You can’t be here. I’ll give you some money, that’s it, then you leave.
Seth: Joe, a little money! Where am I gonna go?
Joe: You’ll hide in the freight train, and you beat it the hell out of town…
[suddenly there’s a knock at Joe’s door, Seth whimpers in terror, Joe tries to quite him down, he looks at his front door camera and sees it’s Kid Blue and some Gat Men]
Joe: Just a minute.
Kid Blue: Open this Goddamn door!
[turning to Seth]
Joe: I can’t do anything for you, Seth.
Seth: You gotta hide me! Please, Joe! Please! Hide me! Please! Christ! Please! Buy me some time, and I’ll go! Please!


[Kid Blue continues to knock at Joe’s door]
Kid Blue: Are you gonna make me bust this door down?!
Joe: Yeah, hold on!
Seth: Please!
[Joe hesitates for a moment before saying]
Joe: Move!
Kid Blue: Come on, Joe! Open up!
[Joe opens his floor safe, holding all his silver bricks, and lets Seth crawl into it, he closes, smooths his rug over it and opens his front door]


[Kid Blue pushes Joe aside and looks around his apartment]
Kid Blue: That took a while.
Joe: You think it’s easy lookin’ this good?
Kid Blue: Tye is gonna watch your apartment while we go have a talk with Abe.
[to Tye as he gets his coat]
Joe: There’s coffee in the tin.
Tye: Thank you.


[While they wait outside of their boss’ office, Kid gets his gun out and plays with it]
Kid Blue: Do you know why they call the pea shooter here a Blunderbuss? Cause it’s impossible to hit anything further than 15 yards, impossible to miss anything closer. It’s a gun for fuckup turkeys. Not like a Gat. A Gat has a range, accuracy.
Joe: Kid, cut it out, or you’ll blow your other foot off.
[suddenly Kid stands and points his gun at Joe, they stare at each other for a moment, Kid cocks his gun and smiles at Joe, at that moment Abe opens his office door and accidentally slams the door into head, Kid’s gun discharges and hits the wall]


Abe: What the hell’s goin’ on out there?
[Joe walks into Abe’s office]
Joe: How you doin’, Abe?
Abe: Hey.
[Abe looks down at Kid]
Abe: You didn’t shoot your other foot off, did you, Kid?
[he walks back into office and closes the door]


[in Abe’s office]
Abe: My great grandfather told my grandfather, men select spiders. It’s the little ones you gotta be careful of.
Joe: I don’t know if I agree with that.
Abe: Yeah? What the fuck did my great grandfather know?
[Joe laughs]
Joe: [voice over] This man is from the future, he was sent back here by the mob. A one way ticket to run the Loopers. That’s low effort, even for Abe, so to pass the time he recruited some real muscle, the Gat Men. Now he runs the city, and any other city that be impressive.


[Abe sits at his desk and looks at Joe for a moment]
Abe: How can you kids stand to wear those shoulders. Those…cravats.
[Joe points to his tie]
Joe: Ties.
Abe: It’s ridiculous. You’re aware we don’t have a dress code.
Joe: Fashion.
Abe: You know, well, you don’t know. The movies that you’re dressing like are just copying other movies. It’s Goddamn twentieth century affectations. Do something new, huh? Put a glowing thing around your neck, or use rubberized…just be new
Joe: Okay.
Abe: Yeah.


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