By Craig Singleton (Wigan, England)


“Forgetful Lucy, she’s got a big Jacuzzi.” Wrong film and lyrics. Luc Besson is back! Not that anyone in America noticed. Luc is the main go-to guys for European action thrillers. He hasn’t been as active directing in recent years. He’s written more, lending scribes to not so well received films like Lookout, 3 Days to Kill and the sequel to Taken aptly named… Taken 2.

Luc is back in the chair for the story in which a normal woman finds herself in a terrible situation that has her life on line. An unknown synthetic drug named CPH4 is put into her system and it well takes effect. It allows her to access more of her brain, which makes her think quicker, react quicker and as the percentage rises, she’s gets super powers.

I thought the film was going to be like Limitless to 11, but Lucy is more like Limitless to 11,000,000. It goes so far beyond than what I thought it would. Scarlett Johansson has had a great year, but this could have so easily been the bump. She is very likeable and also believable in many ways in the film, most certainly in the action scenes. Her acting isn’t brilliant, however she does manage to restrain some emotions from her character.

Apart from Scarlett, Morgan Freeman is his usual delightful self in the film. He’s such a loveable actor. His character has done research into the capacity of the brain and how much access is available to use and Lucy asks for his help to understand what’s happening to her more.

The film is bright and colorful. Its visuals definitely aren’t groundbreaking, but for only a budget of $40 million, they don’t look bad. The set pieces throughout are well done from shootings and there’s one car sequence that was really well put together, the time was definitely taken to make it work.

At one point I thought that Lucy was getting so powerful and smarter than anyone could ever be that, I honestly didn’t know whether Luc could honestly wrap things up. The climax goes very crazy to the point where I thought it was stupid, but then creative, then stupid, then imaginative then my only reaction was just to laugh.

My score for the film is 74%. The plot is so very ambitious (understatement of the year!) but even though you might think it’s stupid, realise that it’s very entertaining. It’s very fast-paced and also quite funny. Good job from Besson from his retrospective shots to past times and creative imagery. Lucy is a true phenom even though she took drugs to become it.

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