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You saw the trailer for this movie, right? It was plastered all over Yahoo and TV. The trailer was fantastic and makes you want to watch the film. The only problem is if you have watched the trailer fully then you have more or less watched the whole movie…

All the best action scenes along with the entire plot are given away in the trailer. There are not exactly any unexpected twists or anything new presented in the movie. You have Morgan Freeman coming in and out of the main story just like in the trailer. The story unfolds just like in the trailer. So you already know, this woman, she’s gonna get kidnapped, summat gonna happen to her and she gonna get powers and use 100% of her brain.

I think most people wanted to see what happens to the character when she reaches 100% capacity…but bit of a letdown, she sends a text message saying “I’m everywhere” and that’s it, the movie ends, great… It like it reaches a big climax, and ends where the trailer ends!?

Morgan Freeman parts are quite basic, narration and brief acting scenes.

Scarlett doesn’t try hard enough to convince you of the character being played. She goes from being a scared clueless woman to being an all knowing matrix style assassin. But this was at just less than 20% capacity. Would her personality and killer instinct change that much.

The acting is not that great, it seems they were more focused on the special effects and trying to put good story together that the actors were just left to improvise and do their own thing.

It seems the movie was trying to showcase some concepts of quantum science like string theory, time travel, wormholes, teleportation etc… I just remember the big Samsung TV in one scene and couple that with the hand swiping gesture of Lucy to control the time, we have a new product advert of a Samsung Smart TV which allows you change channels by swiping your hand in a similar gesture.

So if you want to watch the movie, don’t bother, just watch the trailer and you have seen it.

The only thing that you will want to know but the trailer doesn’t show is that the whole process of increasing brain capacity is started by taking some illegal drug. But a tiny amount of this drug makes a grown man go loopy, but gives Lucy super powers, surely such an overdose would kill her. As stated by the doctor that removes it from her belly. But maybe she has some natural ability to cope with it, what a coincidence, well it is a movie after all, kinda like Spider-Man being bitten by a mutated spider and not dying but getting powers.

Another reason to watch would be Scarlett Johansson fans.

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