Starring: Natalie Portman, Jon Hamm, Dan Stevens, Zazie Beetz, Pearl Amanda Dickson, Ellen Burstyn, Colman Domingo, Jeremiah Birkett, Joe Williamson, Nick Offerman


Sci-fi drama directed and co-written by Noah Hawley. The story centers on Lucy Cola (Natalie Portman), an astronaut who, upon returning to Earth from a life-changing mission in space, begins to slowly unravel and lose touch with reality, a condition that can afflict those who spend a long time in space. She begins an affair with a fellow astronaut, Mark Goodwin (Jon Hamm), then when Goodwin begins another affair with a different trainee, her psychological decline culminates in a fevered cross-country trip with violent intentions.



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Lucy Cola: Lift off in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two…


[Lucy is transfixed as she stares out into the space; over the radio]
NASA Engineer: Specialist? Lucy? Time to wrap it up, we’re going home.
Lucy Cola: Just a few more minutes.


Lucy Cola: I saw my house from space. Not literally, but my life.


Police Officer: What’s it like up there?
Lucy Cola: Only place where anything makes sense.
Police Officer: I hear that.


[referring to Lucy]
Nana Holbrook: You keep your eye on this one. She’ll show you how it’s done.


Drew Cola: [to Lucy] I’m so proud of you.


Drew Cola: [to Lucy] Love you to the moon and back.


Drew Cola: Lucy?
Lucy Cola: I’m fine.


Lucy Cola: I just feel a little off. You go up there, you see the whole universe, and everything here looks so small.


Mark Goodwin: Yeah, there it is.
Lucy Cola: Uh, excuse me?
Frank Paxton: Major Goodwin has a theory that he can tell who’s walked in space just by looking at them.
Mark Goodwin: It is more than a theory.


Dr. Plimpton: You know Michael Collins?
Lucy Cola: Of course. The Apollo 11. Flew the command module for Neil and Buzz.
Dr. Plimpton: So you know that after he dropped them, he circled the moon for hours. Inside the module, he wrote, “I am now truly alone, and absolutely alone from any known life. I am it.”


Lucy Cola: I need to get back up there.
Nana Holbrook: Well, you’re not getting younger. So you’re just going to have to work harder.


Mark Goodwin: [to Lucy] You got to see a vast celestial everything, and it blew your mind. So now nothing makes sense.


Mark Goodwin: Look at you, a straight arrow. You’ve never done anything wrong in your whole life.
Lucy Cola: I’ve done plenty of things wrong.
Mark Goodwin: Really? Hit me.
[she leans in and starts kissing him]


[to Frank; referring to Lucy]
Dr. Plimpton: With her, I’m officially beginning to worry.


Frank Paxton: Dr. Plimpton said you skipped your last three sessions.
Lucy Cola: I’m giving everything to this program, to the mission.


Frank Paxton: I’m pulling you out of the running for Orion.
Lucy Cola: No. If I were a man, you would…
Frank Paxton: Excuse me?


[Lucy reads an email from Mark to Frank about herself]
Mark Goodwin: It kills me to say it, but our girl has been pretty inconsistent recently.


[referring to Lucy]
Mark Goodwin: She’s a tough cookie. Not everyone can handle the ride.


Lucy Cola: [to Mark] I know what you’re doing. But you’re going to lose, because I’m a winner.


Nana Holbrook: [to Lucy] What are you doing?


Drew Cola: [to Lucy] You’re acting so strange.


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