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Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the craziest movies I have watched in my life. It is a well-made movie for the people who are hungry for some thrills, including me. It has plenty of entertaining factors that can fascinate people.

First, the concept of Mad Max is amazing. Its background is a devastated world after nuclear war with little water and oil, which is generally called the ‘Post Apocalypse.’ Only a few people survived and they are ruled by the dictator, Immortan, who monopolizes water and other resources. Furiosa, one of his aides, escapes from his kingdom with his wives and the story begins. What I love the most is that the movie has Steam Punk in the background. People worship a machine, treat their cars as their other selves, and acknowledge a mechanic as the most honorable job. This guides the air of the movie from beginning to end.

Second, the way of shooting and directing is impressive. The acting and fight scenes were all shot directly without any computer graphics or after effects because the director wanted his movie to look as realistic as it can. That is why the filming team made 150 cars by itself, attached them to the cameras in front of them, and directly filmed the car chasing scenes without any other tools’ help. What also caught my eyes was the soundtrack of Mad Max. Magnificent music full of drum beats and aggressive electric guitar sounds that is played on the screen endlessly for two hours reminds me of the industrial revolution. It makes some scenes such as the car chasing scene or the jail escape scene more urgent and sometimes catastrophic.

Third, the actors are great. Tom Hardy, who played Max, the main character of Mad Max, expressed an eagerness for freedom after being caught by hijackers. Lunacy would probably be the best word to describe his acting in the scene of being chased inside the prison tunnel. Charlize Theron, who played Furiosa, the leader of the escapers, showed the best charisma as a heroine, but also expressed the feeling of despair which made her character more humane in the end. However, the most memorable actor in the movie is Nicholas Hoult. He played Nux, a war boy who worshiped the dictator as a god, but later got abandoned. He assimilated his role very well, expressing several negative feelings such like anguish, disappointment, and frustration when his master abandoned him. For example, when Immortan said “Such a useless boy,” to him, Nux’s face looked like a person who lost everything he had earned in his lifetime.

Mad Max is absolutely not the best movie for everyone. People who want some calmness and warmth would think that this movie would make people manic and influence them negatively. But I am certain that it would be the number one film to the people who desire for passion, liberation, or getting rid of some stress, and they surely would experience the best two hours among their lifetime.

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