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[the rig stalls and as Max and Furiosa go to fix it Cheedo makes a run for it]
Capable: Cheedo! Cheedo, don’t be stupid! Stop!
[Capable and Dag run after her]
Cheedo the Fragile: He’ll forgive us! I know he will!
Capable: There is no going back!
Cheedo the Fragile: We were his treasures!
Capable: Cheedo!
Cheedo the Fragile: We were protected! He gave us the high life. What wrong with that?
Capable: We are not things!
[Furiosa shoots and kills the War Boys on the bike riding towards them]
Cheedo the Fragile: No!


The Dag: Cheedo, we are not things!
Capable: We are not things.
Cheedo the Fragile: I don’t want to hear that again!
Capable: They were her words!
Cheedo the Fragile: And now she’s dead!
The Dag: Wring your hands, shake your head, but you’re not going back to him. You’re not going back to him.
Cheedo the Fragile: Angharad!
The Dag: Come on.
[Dag and Capable take Cheedo back towards the rig]


[as they continue to drive on]
Max Rockatansky: So, um…where is this…this green place?
Imperator Furiosa: It’s a long night’s run, heading east.
[to girls]
Imperator Furiosa: We need inventory. I want you to match every gun with its bullets.
[to Max]
Imperator Furiosa: I’m gonna go down and do some repairs.
Max Rockatansky: We need someone down the back.
Capable: I’ll go.
Imperator Furiosa: No. I want you to stay together.
Capable: I can do it.


[Capable goes to the back of the rig and finds Nux lying on the floor looking distraught]
Capable: What are you doing here?
Nux: He saw it. He saw it all. My own blood bag driving the rig that killed her.
[he starts banging his head on the floor]
Capable: Stop doing that. Shh-shh-shh. Stop.
[Capable calms him down and Nux looks at her]
Nux: Three times the gates were open to me.
Capable: What gates?
Nux: I was awaited in Valhalla. They were calling my name. I should be walking with the immorta, mcfeasting with the heroes of all time.
Capable: I’d say it was your manifest Destiny not to.


Nux: I thought I was being spared for something great. I got to drive a pursuit vehicle. For a while even Larry and Barry stopped chewing on my windpipe.
Capable: Who are Larry and Barry?
Nux: My mates.
[he points to the two tumors on his neck]
Nux: Larry and Barry. If they don’t get me, then the night fevers will.
[Capable touches his lips affectionately]


[referring to the rifle after taking inventory of the bullets]
Toast the Knowing: Well, we’ve only got four for big boy here, so he’s all but useless.
[picking up a small gun]
Toast the Knowing: But we can squirt off this little pinky a raunchy twenty-nine times.
The Dag: Angharad used to call them antiseed.
Cheedo the Fragile: Plant one and watch something die.


[as they continue driving through the night, the rig gets stuck in the desert mud, they manage to get it out and Max leaves some explosives on the trail for Joe and his War Boys causing them to crash and get stuck in the desert mud]
The People Eater: We are down thirty thousand units of guzzoline, nineteen canisters of nitro, twelve assault bikes, seven pursuit vehicles. The deficit mounts, and now, sir, you have us stuck in a quagmire!
The Organic Mechanic: Hey, Joe! Boss! Your girl is breathing her last!
[Joe goes inside his vehicle where Organic is with the mortally wounded Angharad]
Immortan Joe: What about the child?
[Organic listens for a heartbeat]


The Bullet Farmer: Are ya comin’, brother?
Immortan Joe: Wait!
[Organic listens to Angharad’s belly for the baby’s heartbeat]
The Organic Mechanic: It’s gone awful quiet in there.
Immortan Joe: Get it out. Get it out!
[Organic grabs some knives]
The Bullet Farmer: Come on! I’ve been called to the torture!
Immortan Joe: Patience!
The Bullet Farmer: Oh, you stay here with your grief, daddy. I’ll fetch ’em for ya.
The People Eater: Be careful! Protect the assets!
The Bullet Farmer: Just one angry shot, For Furiosa! Hut!
[he takes off in his vehicle with a couple of War Boys]


[after he’s cut the baby out of Angharad’s stomach]
The Organic Mechanic: Cryin’ shame. Another month, could’ve been your viable human.
Immortan Joe: Was it a male?
The Organic Mechanic: Your a-one Alpha prime. Hey, Rictus!
Rictus Erectus: Huh?
The Organic Mechanic: You lost a baby brother. Perfect in every way.
Rictus Erectus: I had a baby brother! I had a little baby brother! And he was perfect! Perfect in every way!


[the rig gets stuck in the desert mud again, as Max, Furiosa and the wives are desperately trying to get out of it, The Bullet Farmer is catching up to them]
Imperator Furiosa: Come on.
[The Bullet Farmer shoots his rifle]
War Boy: Wouldn’t wanna shoot the wives, sir.
The Bullet Farmer: Just probing.


[suddenly the rig is free from the mud and starts driving off, they all start chasing after it]
Capable: He wants to help!
Toast the Knowing: Who?!
Capable: The War Boy!
Toast the Knowing: Where did he come from?
The Dag: I thought we threw him off the rig!
[the rig stops as it gets stuck in the mud again, Max opens the door and points his gun at Nux]
Nux: There’s high ground just beyond that thing.
Capable: He means the tree.
Nux: Yeah. Tree!
Imperator Furiosa: Leave him to me.


[Dag notices the Bullet Farmer’s lights]
The Dag: Say, anyone notice that bright light? Encroaching gunfire?
[to Nux]
Imperator Furiosa: Get out.
Nux: I…I can do this. I know this machine.
Capable: He does. He’s a revhead.
[as the Bullet Farmer is getting nearer and shooting at them Max takes a shot at him]
Toast the Knowing: You’ve got two left.
[handing her gun to Toast to point at Nux]
Imperator Furiosa: On him.
[Furiosa goes to Max, he gives her the rifle, she uses his shoulder to use as rest to aim]
Imperator Furiosa: Don’t breathe.
[Furiosa gets a clean shot, taking out The Bullet Farmer’s lights]


[Nux gets out of the rig and start running towards the front of the rig]
Toast the Knowing: Hey! Hey! Hey! War Boy!
Nux: I’m gonna use the winch around the tree thing!
[he takes the winch and run towards the tree; Furiosa gives the rifle to Capable]
Imperator Furiosa: Take this. Let’s get the engine plates.


[to one of the War Boys]
The Bullet Farmer: You drive the rig! Hold up a flare.
War Boy: I am holding a flare!
The Bullet Farmer: Closer.
War Boy: It’s right in front of your eyes!
The Bullet Farmer: Aah!
[the War Boys tie a cloth around his eyes]
The Bullet Farmer: Hut! Hut!
[they drive off]


[to Max as he helps him tie the winch around the tree]
Nux: Blood bag!
[at the same time the Bullet Farmer is heading towards them]
The Bullet Farmer: I am the scales of justice! Conductor of the choir of death! Sing, brother koch! Sing, brothers, sing! Sing!
[he starts shooting his guns]
Cheedo the Fragile: Don’t they know they’re shooting at us?
[Furiosa tries to cover Cheedo, whilst the others try to take cover as the Bullet Farmer keeps on shooting at them]
The Bullet Farmer: Gun fever!


[Nux manages to drive the rig out of the mud]
Nux: I never thought I’d do something as shine as that.
Imperator Furiosa: How are the engines?
Nux: Very hot and real thirsty.
[Max takes a can of petrol and some tools then turns to Furiosa]
Max Rockatansky: Hey. You need to take the War Rig half a click down the track.
Imperator Furiosa: What if you’re not back by the time the engines have cooled?
Max Rockatansky: Well, you keep moving.
[they look at each other for a moment before turning to leave]
Toast the Knowing: What do you suppose he’s gonna do?
Imperator Furiosa: Retaliate first. Let’s go!


[as they are cooling off the rig’s engine they see a massive explosion up ahead, then out of the dust cloud they see Max returns with blood on his face, along with guns, ammo, a steering wheel and a shoe which he throws to Nux]
Toast the Knowing: Are you hurt?
Max Rockatansky: Huh?
Toast the Knowing: You’re bleeding.
Imperator Furiosa: That’s not his blood.
[referring to the bucket by the rig]
Max Rockatansky: What is this?
The Dag: It’s mother’s milk.
[Max starts washing his face with the milk, they then drive through the night]


[the next morning Max wakes from a nightmare]
Imperator Furiosa: It’s okay. Sleep, get some rest.
Max Rockatansky: How do you know this place even exists?
Imperator Furiosa: I was born there.
Max Rockatansky: So why’d you leave?
Imperator Furiosa: I didn’t. I was taken as a child. Stolen.
Max Rockatansky: You done this before?
Imperator Furiosa: Many times. Now that I drive a War Rig, this is the best shot I’ll ever have.
[referring to the sleeping women]
Max Rockatansky: And them?
Imperator Furiosa: They’re looking for hope.
Max Rockatansky: What about you?
Imperator Furiosa: Redemption.


[they stop the rig and Furiosa looks around with her binoculars]
Toast the Knowing: Hey, what’s that?
[they see a tower in the distance]
Imperator Furiosa: I remember something like that.
[they drive towards the tower where a naked woman, The Valkyrie, is crying and screaming]
The Valkyrie: Help me! Help me! Help me, please!
Max Rockatansky: Uh-oh.
The Valkyrie: Please!
[pointing to the crying woman]
Max Rockatansky: That’s bait.
Imperator Furiosa: Stay in the rig.


[Furiosa gets out of the rig and walks towards the tower]
The Valkyrie: Hurry! Please, hurry! They’ll be back!
Imperator Furiosa: I am one of the Vuvalini! Of the many mothers! My Initiating Mother was K.T. Concannon! I am the daughter of Mary Jabassa. My clan was Swaddle Dog!
[Valkyrie calls to the others in her clan, they arrive to surround Furiosa on their bikes, Valkyrie climbs down the tower, puts on a robe and runs to Furiosa]
Imperator Furiosa: It’s me.
[Valkyrie embraces Furiosa as she cries]
Keeper of the Seeds: There’s something in the eyes. Perhaps it is Jabassa’s child.
The Valkyrie: This is our Furiosa. How long has it been?
Imperator Furiosa: Seven thousand days. Plus the ones I don’t remember.
The Vuvalini #1: Furiosa. What happened to your mother? She died, on the third day.


The Vuvalini #2: From where did you come?
Imperator Furiosa: The west, Citadel. Beyond the mountains.
[they see the girls get out of the rig along with Max and Nux]
Keeper of the Seeds: The men, who are they?
Imperator Furiosa: They’re reliable. They helped us get here.
[the older Vuvalini women inspect the younger women]
The Vuvalini #1: Where did you find such creatures? So soft.
[looking inside Dag’s mouth]
Keeper of the Seeds: This one has all her teeth.
[they start laughing]


Imperator Furiosa: I can’t wait for them to see it.
Keeper of the Seeds: See? See what?
Imperator Furiosa: Home. The Green Place.
The Vuvalini #3: But if you came from the west, you passed it.
The Dag: The crows. The creepy place with all the crows.
The Vuvalini #4: The soil.
Keeper of the Seeds: We had to get out.
The Vuvalini #3: We had no water and…
The Vuvalini #2: The water was filth.
The Vuvalini #3: It was poisoned. It was sour.
Keeper of the Seeds: And then the crows came.
The Vuvalini #3: We couldn’t grow anything.


Toast the Knowing: Where are the others?
Keeper of the Seeds: What others?
Toast the Knowing: The many mothers.
Keeper of the Seeds: We’re the only ones left.
[Furiosa walks into the sand and falls on her knees, screaming in despair]


[later that night, they are all resting by the rig]
Cheedo the Fragile: Look.
Keeper of the Seeds: That’s what you call a satellite.
Toast the Knowing: Miss Giddy told us about those. They used to bounce messages across the earth.
The Vuvalini: Shows. Everyone in the old world had a show.
Toast the Knowing: Do you think there’s still somebody out there? Sending shows?
The Vuvalini: Who knows? Those are the plains of silence.


[stroking her pregnant belly]
The Dag: Stay right where you are, little Joe. Kind of lost its novelty out here.
Keeper of the Seeds: You having a baby?
The Dag: Warlord Junior. Gonna be so ugly.
Keeper of the Seeds: It could be a girl.
[referring to her weapon]
The Dag: You kill people with that, do ya?
Keeper of the Seeds: Killed everyone I ever met out here. Headshots, all of ’em. Snap. Right in the medulla.
The Dag: I thought somehow you girls were above all that.


Keeper of the Seeds: Come here. Take a peek.
[she shows Dag her bag which is full of seeds]
The Dag: Seeds.
Keeper of the Seeds: These are from home. Heirlooms. The real thing. I plant one every chance I get.
The Dag: Where?
Keeper of the Seeds: So far, nothing’s took. Earth’s too sour.
The Dag: Ah, so many different kinds.
Keeper of the Seeds: Trees, flowers, fruit. Back then, everyone had their fill. Back then, there was no need to snap anybody.


[Furiosa walks over to Max who’s sat next to the rig]
Imperator Furiosa: Can I talk to you?
[she walks ahead a little and Max joins her]mad-max-fury-road-14
Imperator Furiosa: I’ve talked with the others. We’re never gonna have a better chance to make it across the salt. If we leave the rig here and load the motorcycles up with as much as we can, we can maybe ride for a hundred and sixty days. One of those bikes is yours. Fully loaded. You’re more than welcome to come with us.
Max Rockatansky: I’ll…I’ll make my own way.
[Furiosa turns to leave]
Max Rockatansky: You know, hope is a mistake. If you can’t fix what’s broken, you’ll, uh…you’ll go insane.


[the next morning as Max is staring into the distance he hears the voice of a child]
Child: [voice] Where are you, Max? Where are you? Help me.
Max’s Wife: [voice] Help us. You promised to help us.
[he suddenly sees the image of his dead son]
Child: [voice] Come on, pa. Let’s go.


[as the women are riding off on their bikes, Max rides up ahead on his bike and stops them]
Max Rockatansky: Alright.
[he shows Furiosa a map he’s been drawing]
Max Rockatansky: This is your way home.
Imperator Furiosa: We go back?
Max Rockatansky: Mm.
Toast the Knowing: Back?
Max Rockatansky: Yeah.
The Dag: I thought you weren’t insane anymore.
Keeper of the Seeds: What are they saying?
The Vuvalini: He wants to go back from where they came.
Imperator Furiosa: The Citadel.
The Vuvalini: And what’s there to find at the Citadel?
Max Rockatansky: Green.
Toast the Knowing: And water. There’s a ridiculous amount of clear water. And a lot of crops.
The Dag: It’s got everything you need, as long as you’re not afraid of heights.


Keeper of the Seeds: Where does the water come from?
Toast the Knowing: He pumps it up from deep in the earth. Calls it aqua cola and claims it all for himself.
The Dag: And because he owns it, he owns all of us.
Keeper of the Seeds: I don’t like him already.
The Valkyrie: It’ll take two weeks to skirt the wall of mountains.
Max Rockatansky: No. I suggest we go back the same way we came. Through the canyon.
Toast the Knowing: It’s open, we know that. Right? He brought all of the war parties through.
Max Rockatansky: So we take the War Rig and we charge it right through the middle of them. We can decouple the tanker at the pass. Shut it off behind us.
Keeper of the Seeds: Kaboom!
[the other Vuvalini women chuckle]


Imperator Furiosa: And how exactly do we take the Citadel? Assuming we’re still alive by then?
Toast the Knowing: If we can block the pass, it’ll be easy. All that’s left are his War Pups and War Boys too sick to fight.
Capable: And we’ll be with Nux, he’s a War Boy. He’ll be bringing us home, bringing back what’s stolen, as he’s meant to.mad-max-fury-road-15
Nux: Yeah. It feels like hope.
Keeper of the Seeds: I like this plan. We can start again, just like the old days.
[Furiosa looks unconvinced]
Max Rockatansky: Look, it’ll be a hard day. But I guarantee you that a hundred and sixty days ridin’ that way, there’s nothin’ but salt. At least that way, you know, we might be able to…together, come across some kind of redemption.
[Max holds out his hand and Furiosa takes it in agreement]


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