By Qiana Mann (Greenbelt, MD, USA)


Angelina Jolie is riveting and addictive as the star of Maleficent. Though I am truly not surprised at how amazing her performance was, I think she shines in villainous roles. Deliciously evil, this version of Maleficent tells a different tale than we all know and offers up great special effects to capture your attention throughout the movie. I did not find the costumes, dialogue or acting remotely cliché. Presenting Elle Fanning ladies and gentlemen! She truly embraced the character of Aurora and shows us that she will be a force to reckon with in the very near future. Elle and Angelina demanded your attention on the screen and make a dynamic duo, driving the success of this film. I absolutely loved the plot twist of “true love’s kiss” and loved how good prevailed.

The story of Maleficent focuses on the meat of Sleeping Beauty, just not verbatim. It explains how Maleficent became evil while simultaneously showing her true heart’s nature. Not depicting her as a meaningless villain, Maleficent had many layers that were unseen and no one cared to explore without judgment. She was a fighter and ultimately wanted the human race to coexist with that of the magical realm. The connection presented between Maleficent and Aurora’s father was filled with greed and disdain. Aurora brought Maleficent out of the dark shadows and made her aware of the possibility of the coexisting peace that she yearned for.

Filled with laughter, stunning visual effects and heart, Maleficent is a film I would recommend for the entire family to see. Disney has captured our hearts once again! Or will it take the persuasion of true love’s kiss to get you to the theaters? See you at the movies!

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