Starring: Amanda Seyfried, Lily James, Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski, Julie Walters, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgård, Dominic Cooper, Andy Garcia, Cher

Story: Romantic comedy musical sequel written and directed by Ol Parker, in which the story centers on Sophie (Amanda Seyfriend), who is now pregnant and running the Greek villa. As Tanya and Rosie (Christine Baranski and Julie Walters) come to visit her, Sophie admits she doubts whether she will be able to cope without Donna (Meryl Streep).

Tanya and Rosie reassure Sophie, along with Sam, Bill, and Harry’s (Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgård and Colin Firth) help. They begin telling Sophie the story of how the younger Donna (Lily James) made something of her life all on her own despite being underage and pregnant, without a mother to guide her, running the Greek villa that would soon be the place she would build a home for herself and her daughter.


Best Quotes from Trailer: 

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[to Tanya and Rosie]
Sophie: I’m so glad you’re here. I’m pregnant, but I don’t know how to do this by myself.


Rosie: [to Sophie] Your mother was the bravest person we ever met.
Tanya: Let me tell you how she did it all on her own.


Young Donna: Life is short, the world is wide. I want to make some memories.


[referring to Donna]
Young Tanya: She’s missing her man.
Young Rosie: Which one?


[as Bill tries to kiss her]
Young Donna: We only just met.
Young Bill: And you’re not that kind of girl?
Young Donna: Absolutely not. Usually.


Young Sam: This dress might look quite pretty on…
[Donna walks out wearing dungarees]
Young Donna: You really don’t know me at all, do you?


Young Donna: I think we should stay here together.
Young Sam: Well I wish I could stay here too.


Young Donna: Turns out he’s engaged.
Young Rosie: I hate it when they do that.


Sophie: I have never felt closer to my mom. In the exact same place that she was all those years ago, only this time we know who the father is.
Sky: You’re pregnant.
Sophie: Yeah, I am.


Sophie: I can do this. If I can just be as brave as my mom was back then.


[to Bill as he’s stamping his passport]
Rav: Time has been most cruel to you, sir.
[to Harry]
Rav: In your case, age becomes you as it does a tree, the wine, and cheese.


Rosie: [to Tanya] Typical, isn’t it. You wait twenty years for a dad and then three come along all at once.


Sophie: You can’t tell anybody else about the baby yet, okay?
Sam: I just told Bill.
Bill: Yeah, and I told Harry.
Harry: And I told many, many people.


[to Rosie and Tanya, referring to Donna]
Sophie: She wasn’t scared. She could do it because wasn’t alone, she had me.


Ruby Sheridan: Let’s get the party started.
Sophie: Grandma, you weren’t invited.
Ruby Sheridan: That’s the best kind of party, little girl.


Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is set to open in the US 07/20/2087 and UK 07/27/2018.



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