By Eddie Burton (New Jersey)


Now there are many problems with this film, but probably the main problem is that there is no balance in this film. With its tone, with its story, with its writing, nothing is at equilibrium. Man of Steel is the highly anticipated reboot to the Superman story and the story explains the origins of Superman, your Batman Begins kind of story. One of the best aspects in the film is how they address the question can human nature accept Superman. They address that so well in the film, probably the best I’ve seen. It was touched on in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but in this film, it’s one of the focal points of the story, which is a big positive. Another positive in the film is Russell Crowe as Jor-El and Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent. I love how superhero movies bring in veteran actors to bring some legitimacy and class to their movie. Iron Man did it with Jeff bridges, Iron Man 2 with Mickey Rourke, Nolan’s Batman trilogy with Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman, Captain America with Tommy Lee Jones and so on and so forth. This movie is no exception.

Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner bring in great performances and do add a lot of class to the film. However when I saw them, I saw Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner, not Jor-El and Jonathan Kent. I always knew they were playing a part. I didn’t see them as the character. When they each made their exits in the film I said to myself “Oh man, Russell Crowe’s performance is over” not “well there goes Jor-El” which isn’t necessary a problem, but it’s worth noting. Now let’s talk about the villain in the film, which is Zod played by Michael Shannon, who is possibly the WORST choice to play Zod.

Terence Stamp’s performance was so good, you could tell he was Zod. Michael Shannon looks like a Superman villain mixed in with a tank. His look isn’t Zod, his performance isn’t good either, it’s over the top and not in a good way. I can watch a performance over the top and enjoy it, however, there is a line that you don’t cross. Michael Shannon crossed that line and started running a marathon once he passed it. What saddens me most is that Michael Shannon is a great actor and it seemed like he was finally getting his big break. I was thinking that this movie will get his more attention and launch him to the stardom that he deserves to be at. But his performance was the most criticized out of them all.

Even Amy Adams, which brings the film to its next problem, Amy Adams is so bland and so boring in this film, I thought I was being punk’d. I immediately thought this can’t be Lois Lane, it’s got to be a joke. But no, it was her. Not only was her performance terrible, but she had no chemistry with our hero Superman, played by Henry Cavill. Their relationship was rushed and there’s really nothing that would attract them to one another because they don’t share any scenes over five minutes.

I was originally excited that this film would be taking a dark tone but seeing the film, it was a mistake, it wasn’t even that dark anyway. Just because you darken the color of the film doesn’t make it a dark film. The script is a mess, the direction is terrible, the story is cluttered, and the action sequences are overdone and get repetitive. Now before I end the review I want to talk about the dark twist they take at the end of the film.

I won’t give anything away but what they do breaks the one Superman rule you don’t break. I wouldn’t mind it, if they addressed it after it happened, but no, it’s kind of ignored like it never happened. Superman is affected by it for thirty seconds and then it’s not covered again, which is a shame because you can do so much with it, but it’s downplayed. I also think they may have jumped the gun with the twist, it should’ve been held off until they already confirmed sequel. I just pray that the sequel is better than this film because they haven’t gotten off to a good start by any means. It’s not worth your time and money.

While there are some good aspects in the film, the negatives outweigh the positives. Maybe Zach Snyder (the director) will learn from his mistakes and do better for Man of Steel 2. However, for this film, thumbs down with a 4.5/10 stars.

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