By Brandon J. Gomez (California)


Man of Steel. The title itself does not even sound like it would be a Superman movie. That is because it surpasses all of the original Superman adaptations such as Superman Returns. Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Clark Kent/Kal-El was beyond recognition and was performed incredibly heroically. The story follows the classic origin story of Kal-El coming to Earth after the destruction of his home planet Krypton. Growing up in Smallville, Kansas, Clark Kent grew up with struggles with his new enhanced senses and abilities which made him a sort of outcast. Grown up and on the move, Clark had made numerous encounters with many people. While coming back to Kansas, the misunderstood villain General Zod, has come to earth in search of Kal-El. General Zod, played by the brilliant Michael Shannon, has threatened to destroy the world in pursuit of transforming Earth into a new Krypton.

The movie as a whole surpasses the past movie adaptations of the man of steel. There are moments at some points where the acting tended to get a little cliché, such as Lois Lane’s screaming during the rescue scenes, but the whole story keeps the viewers on their toes due to the unexpectedness of what could happen. Zack Snyder’s direction of this film was completely amazing on giving Superman the original backstory that everyone knows, as well as the way Superman utilizes his powers. The realism brought on by Christopher Nolan was absolutely incredible and made the thought of Superman seem as a possibility (the sources and reasons for his powers).

The comedy in the movie is very well done and due to this being a more serious film in comparison to The Dark Knight, lightens the film as well. The fight scenes between Superman and Zod’s officers were very well done, and the special effects were also equally incredible. There are times in the film where the viewers are actually worried for the man of steel, due to the mass of threat that he must stop. The sense of realism for the powerful superhero is done better than other Superman movies that at one shot we actually get to see him bleed. Upon seeing numerous films such as Superman Returns, I would have never thought to see Superman actually bleed.

This movie deserves a full five-star rating and I highly recommend this movie to comic-book moviegoers as well as anyone else who just want to see a very well done film. I myself have seen the movie three times so I guarantee you this movie is worth your time and money.

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