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[at the army base, Clark, now dressed in his suit, flies in to turn himself in, all guns are pointed at him as he hovers above the base]
General Swanwick: Alright, you’ve got our attention. What is it you want?
Clark Kent: I would like to speak to Lois Lane.
General Swanwick: What makes you think she’s here?
Clark Kent: Don’t play games with me, General. I’ll surrender, but only if you’ll guarantee Lois’s freedom.
[Clark is then taken in handcuffs to meet with Lois in the interrogation room]
Lois Lane: Why are you surrendering to Zod?
Clark Kent: I’m surrendering to mankind, there’s a difference.


Lois Lane: You let them handcuff you?
Clark Kent: Wouldn’t be much of a surrender if I resisted. And if it makes them feel more secure, then… then all the better for it.
[looking at Clark’s suit]man-of-steel-13
Lois Lane: What’s the ‘S’ stand for?
[Clark smiles]
Clark Kent: It’s not an ‘S’. On my world it means ‘hope’.
Lois Lane: Well, here it’s an ‘S’. How about…Sup…
[at that moment they’re interrupted by the sound of a microphone]


Dr. Emil Hamilton: Uh, sir. Hi. Uh, my name is Dr…
[Clark looks over to two-way mirror, behind which Hamilton, Hardy, Swanwick and other army officials are watching Clark and Lois in the interrogation room]
Clark Kent: Emil Hamilton, I know. I can see your ID tag in your breast pocket, along with a half eaten roll of Wint-O-Green Life Savers. I can also see the squad of soldiers in the next room, preparing that tranquillizing agent of yours. You won’t need it.
Dr. Emil Hamilton: Sir, you…you can’t expect us to not take precautions. You could be carrying some kind of alien pathogen.
Clark Kent: I’ve been here for thirty-three years, doctor, haven’t infected anyone yet.
General Swanwick: That you know of. We have legitimate security concerns. Now, you’ve revealed your identity to Miss Lane over there. Why don’t you do the same with us?
Clark Kent: Let’s put our cards on the table, General.
[Clark rises, easily breaking his handcuffs as he pulls his hands apart, and starts walking toward the two-way mirror]
Clark Kent: You’re scared of me because you can’t control me. You don’t, and you never will, but that doesn’t mean I’m your enemy.
General Swanwick: Then who is? Zod?
Clark Kent: That’s what I’m worried about.
General Swanwick: Be that as it may, I’ve been given orders to hand you over to him.
Clark Kent: Do what you have to do, General.


[Clark and Lois stand facing each other as they wait for Zod’s ship to arrive]
Clark Kent: Thank you.
Lois Lane: For what?man-of-steel-12
Clark Kent: For believing in me.
Lois Lane: Didn’t make much difference in the end.
Clark Kent: It did to me.
[Lois takes Clark’s hand and they stare at each other for a moment when they hear a noise]
Clark Kent: They’re coming. You should leave now.
[Lois remains]
Clark Kent: Go, Lois.
[Lois turns and leaves and walks back to the army base, where they all wait, with weapons pointed, for Zod’s arrival]


[as Zod’s ship arrives, Clark watches Faora-Ul leave the ship and walk toward him]
Faora-Ul: Kal-El, I’m sub commander Faora-Ul. On behalf of General Zod, I extend you his greetings.
[she walks over to Swanwick]man-of-steel-14
Faora-Ul: Are you the ranking officer here?
General Swanwick: I am.
Faora-Ul: General Zod would like this woman to accompany me.
[she points to Lois, who’s standing behind Swanwick and Hardy]
Colonel Nathan Hardy: You asked for the alien, you didn’t say anything about one of our own.
Faora-Ul: Shall I tell the General you’re unwilling to comply?
Colonel Nathan Hardy: I don’t care what you tell him.
[there’s a moment’s pause as Faora-Ul and Hardy stare at each other]
Lois Lane: It’s alright, I’ll go.
[Lois leaves with Faora-Ul, and along with Clark they enter the ship which quickly takes off as the army watches]


[as Lois and Clark enter the ship, as Faora-Ul leaves for a moment, Clark hands over his ‘S’ key to Lois to keep; Faora-Ul returns, holding a helmet in her hand]
Faora-Ul: The atmosphere composition in our ship is not compatible with humans. You will need to wear a breather beyond this point.
[she places the helmet on Lois’s head; then we see the ship entering Zod’s main larger ship where Clark and Lois are taken to Zod]
General Zod: Kal-El. You have no idea how long we’ve been searching for you.
Clark Kent: I take it you’re Zod.
Faora-Ul: General Zod, our Commander!
General Zod: It’s alright, Faora-Ul. You can forgive Kal any lapses in decorum. He’s a stranger to our ways. This should be cause for celebration, not conflict.
[we see Kal starting to feel strange, the atmosphere of the ship affecting him]
Clark Kent: I…feel strange. Weak.
[Kal collapses to the ground and starts spitting up blood]


Lois Lane: What’s happening to him?
General Zod: He’s rejecting our ships atmospherics.
Lois Lane: Clark…
General Zod: You’ve spent a lifetime adapting to earth’s ecology but you never adapted to ours.
[Lois kneels beside Clark, looking concerned]
Lois Lane: Help him!
General Zod: I can’t. Whatever’s happening to him has to run its course.
[Clark looks visibly weaker as he lies on the ground]
Lois Lane: Clark! Help him! Help him!
[Clark passes out]


[as Clark passes on Zod’s ship, we seek him wake up in his normal clothes outside his family farm, which is being projected by Zod]
General Zod: Hello, Kal. Or do you prefer Clark? That’s the name they gave you, isn’t it?
[Clark rises, looking around him, confused]
General Zod: I was Krypton’s military leader, your father our foremost scientist. The only thing we agreed on was that Krypton was dying. In return for my efforts to protect our civilization, and save our planet, I and my fellow officers were sentenced to the Phantom Zone. And then the destruction of our world freed us. We were adrift, destined to float amongst the ruins of our planet until we starved.
Clark Kent: How did you find your way to earth?
General Zod: We managed to retro fit the phantom projector into our hyper drive. Your father made a similar modification to the craft that brought your here. And so the instrument of our damnation became our salvation. We sought out the old colonial outposts, looking for signs of life. But all we found was death. Cut off from Krypton these outpost withered and died long ago. We salvaged what we could, armor, weapons, even a world engine. For thirty-three years we prepared, until finally we detected a distress beacon, which you triggered when you accessed the ancient scout ship.


General Zod: You lead us here, Kal. And now it’s within your power to save what remains of your race. On Krypton, the genetic template of every being yet to be born is encoded in the registry of citizens. Your father stole the registry’s codex and stored in the capsule that brought you here.
Clark Kent: For what purpose?
General Zod: So that Krypton can live again…on earth.
[as they stand on Clark’s family farm, Zod projects the farm being destroyed, then we see Clark standing in his suit in the remains of ruined farm]
General Zod: Where is the codex, Kal?
Clark Kent: If Krypton lives again, what happens to earth?
General Zod: A foundation has to be built on something. Even your father recognized that.
[the ground beneath Clark’s feet starts to move, he looks down to see that he’s standing on thousands of human skulls]
Clark Kent: No. Zod, I can’t be a part of this.
General Zod: Then what can you be a part of?


[Clark starts slowly sinking into the sea of human skulls]
Clark Kent: No! Stop! No! No!
[as Clark fully sinks in the sea of human skulls, he suddenly wakes up and finds himself back on Zod’s ship, tied down to metal slab, he tries to free himself but he’s too weak, he sees Zod standing beside him]
General Zod: Your father acquitted himself with honor, Kal.
Clark Kent: You killed him?
General Zod: I did. And not a day goes by when it doesn’t haunt me. But if I had to do it again, I would. I have a duty to my people, and I will not allow anyone to prevent me from carrying it out.
[Zod turns and leaves Clark tied to the metal slab]


[we see 2 ships leaving Zod’s main ship; back at US Northcom Command Center]
General Swanwick: What’s the signal, Major?
Major Laramore: DSP is pinging two bogeys launching from the alien ship.
[to his colleague]
Major Laramore: Put it out.
Northcom Threat Analyst #1: Yes, sir.
[they see the two ships signal on the large monitor]
Major Laramore: There it is.
General Swanwick: Re-task ICOM four, get me a closer look.
Northcom Threat Analyst #2: Yes, sir.
[Swanwick makes a call]
General Swanwick: Command, the word of the day is trident. We have two alien craft on aggressive approach.
Northcom Threat Analyst #2: ICOM four coming online.
General Swanwick: Air speed?
Northcom Threat Analyst #2: Three hundred and eighty knots and entering Kansas airspace, they’re not responding to our hails.


[back on Zod’s ship as Clark struggles to free himself from his ties]
Jax-Ur: You’re wasting your efforts. The strength you derived from your exposure to the earth’s sun has been neutralized on our ship. Here, in this environment, you’re as weak as a human.
[Jax-Ur sticks a large needle into Clark and extracts some of his blood, meanwhile, Lois is taken into another part of the ship and thrown into a chamber, she looks around and finds a mainframe, she inserts the ‘S’ key into it then turns to find Jor-El standing behind her]
Lois Lane: Where did you come from?
Jor-El: The command key, Miss Lane. Thanks to you, I’m uploading into the ships mainframe.
Lois Lane: Who are you?
Jor-El: I’m Kal’s father.
Lois Lane: Can you help us?
Jor-El: I designed this ship, I can modify its atmospheric composition to human compatibility. We can stop them, we can send them back to the Phantom Zone.
Lois Lane: How?
Jor-El: I can teach you. And in return you can teach Kal. Will you help me?


[after Jor-El changes the ship’s atmosphere to human compatibility, Lois is able to take off her helmet]
Jor-El: The ship’s crew are alerted, we need to move quickly. Retrieve the command key.
[Lois takes the key out of the mainframe, Jor-El then opens the chamber door and as they leave the chamber they are met by one of Zod’s officers, Jor-El uses his power to stop her from shooting at them]
Lois Lane: Did you do that?
Jor-El: Yes. Pick up her side-arm.
[Lois takes the fallen officer’s weapon and follows Jor-El; as the atmosphere in the ship has changed, Clark now finds his strength returned]
Lois Lane: What’s happening?
[he manages to break his bonds and Jax-Ur feeling weak, manages to leave the chamber; we see Jor-El guiding Lois around the ship]
Jor-El: To you right, fire.
[as they come across an intersection, Lois uses her weapon to fire to the right, shooting another one of Zod’s officers]
Jor-El: Behind you.
[Lois quickly turns and shoots at another officer coming up from behind, then Jor-El uses his power to close the chamber door on more officers approaching]


[Jor-El then leads Lois to where the ship’s pods are kept]
Jor-El: Secure yourself inside the under pod. Safe travels, Miss Lane. It’s highly unlikely we’ll be seeing each other again.
[Lois gets inside the pod]
Jor-El: Remember, the Phantom drives are essential in stopping them. Move your head to the left.
[Lois looks at Jor-El in confusion, then suddenly Faora-Ul runs up from behind Jor-El, who disappears, and attacks Lois shooting at the pod, Lois manages to close the pod and launch out of Zod’s ship, but as pod is damaged it starts to plummet to earth]


[Clark manages to free himself from his ties and turns to find Jor-El standing behind him]
Clark Kent: Is it true what Zod said about the codex?
Jor-El: Strike that panel.
[Clark strikes the panel and breaks open the wall of the ship]
Jor-El: We wanted you to learn what it meant to be human first so that one day, when the time was right, you could be the bridge between two peoples.
[Jor-El looks out toward earth]
Jor-El: Look.
[Clark looks out and sees Lois’s pod as it quickly descends to earth]
Clark Kent: Lois.
Jor-El: You can save her, Kal. You can save all of them.
[Kal floats out of the broken panel then turns and flies off to save Lois, he manages to catch the pod and grab Lois out of the burning pod before it crashes to the ground]


[Clark brings Lois safely to the ground in the middle of a field]
Clark Kent: You’ll be safe here. Are you alright?
Lois Lane: Oh,
[she looks at Clark as he continues to hold her]
Lois Lane: I’m sorry. I didn’t wanna tell them anything about you, but they did something to me. They looked inside my mind…
Clark Kent: It’s okay, Lois. They did the same thing to me.
[they look at each other for a moment, but Clark senses something and suddenly flies off leaving Lois standing the field]
Lois Lane: Clark!
[Lois then hears sees a police car approaching and signals to them]


[Zod goes to the Kent farm to interrogate Martha about the codex]
General Zod: The craft he arrived in, where is it?
Martha Kent: Go to hell.
[Zod looks at Faora-Ul, who walks up to Martha and grabs her by the throat, holding her up high with one hand, as Martha starts to choke she looks over to the barn]
General Zod: There.
[Faora-Ul throws Martha to the ground, flies over to the barn, looks inside the ship but finds nothing and she flies back to Zod]
Faora-Ul: The codex is not here.
[on hearing this, Zod picks up Martha’s truck in anger and throws it at the house, destroying the side of the house]
General Zod: Where has he hidden it?
Martha Kent: I don’t know.
General Zod: Where is the codex?!
[at that moment Clark flies in and attacks Zod for trying to threaten Martha]


Clark Kent: You think you can threaten my mother!
[as they fly, Clark repeatedly punches Zod, they finally crash through a petrol station, causing a massive explosion, as Zod rises from the ground he finds his helmet is damaged and no longer working, his heightened senses start to overwhelm him as it had done when Clark was a child]
General Zod: What have you done to me?
Clark Kent: My parents taught me to hone my senses, Zod. To focus on just what I wanted to see. Without your helmet you’re getting everything. And it hurts, doesn’t it?
[at that moment, one of Zod’s smaller ships come down and shoot Clark aside, two of Zod’s men come and help him up and climb onto his ship and fly off]


[as Zod’s ship flies off, Clark turns to find Faora-Ul and another Kryptonian named Dev-Em, standing in the distance, Clark starts walking towards them and warning the people around]
Clark Kent: Get inside, it’s not safe.
[we then see the military flying in]
Colonel Nathan Hardy: All clear, this is Guardian. I am airborne mission commander. I have previously encountered and observed the beings we are about to engage in close proximity. They are extremely dangerous and we have been authorize to use deadly force.
A-10 Pilot #1: Roger, Guardian. We are inbound to target.
[as Clark Faora-Ul and Dev-Em are about to start fighting the military flies in and start shooting at them]
Colonel Nathan Hardy: Thunder one-one, good hit. Request immediate re attack.
A-10 Pilot #1: Roger, Guardian. We’re commencing our run at 2-1-2 degrees.


[suddenly Dev-Em hurls himself at the military aircraft that’s about to shoot at them]man-of-steel-6
A-10 Pilot #1: Thunder one-one! Eject! Eject! Thunder one-one, eject!
[Dev-Em takes the aircraft down which crashes to the ground, then Faora-Ul flies towards another military aircraft]
A-10 Pilot #2: I have a bogey incoming!
[the pilot shoots at Faora-Ul which doesn’t affect he, she quickly advances towards the plane]
A-10 Pilot #2: Oh, shit!
[as she’s about to take the aircraft down, Clark flies in and grabs her and flies off with her]


[Clark and Faora-Ul crash into an IHOP restaurant, where Peter Ross works, Clark and Peter look at each other for a moment before Faora-Ul attacks Clark]
Faora-Ul: You are weak, son of El. Unsure of yourself.
[Clark attacks her but she easily hits back and throws him aside]
Faora-Ul: The fact that you possess a sense of morality and we do not, gives us an evolutionary advantage.
[Clark flies in to attack her, but again she defeats him but grabbing him by the throat and throwing him down]
Faora-Ul: And if history has proven anything…
[she picks Clark up and throws him across, crashing into the next building, she flies in and stands in front of Clark]
Faora-Ul: …it is that the evolution always wins.
[Clark attacks her and as they crash outside, Dev-Em joins them and attacks Clark, throwing him aside]


[Clark continues to fight with Faora-Ul and Dev-Em, as they try to overpower him he manages to use his heat vision to help him fight them off, at the same time the military have landed and are making their way toward them]
Colonel Nathan Hardy: Bull Rangers, I need you to engage the targets.
Military Soldier: Guardian, this is battle 01. What about that guy in blue?
Colonel Nathan Hardy: I said engage all the targets.
[two choppers fly in and start shooting at Clark, Faora-Ul and Dev-Em]


[we see Clark get hit, then Dev-Em picks up a truck and throw it at one of the choppers which hits another chopper, making the pilot fall out of the chopper, Clark sees the pilot falling and flies in to grab him and save him]
Clark Kent: You okay?
[as the pilot is about to answer they get attacked by Dev-Em, who throws Clark aside; at the same time Hardy’s chopper which was hit earlier is about to crash]
Chopper Pilot: We’re going in hard! Break for impact! Break for impact! We’re going in hard!
[as Faora-Ul watches, the chopper finally crashes to the ground]
Chopper Pilot: Guardian is down, I repeat, Guardian is down.
[the soldiers on ground start shooting at Faora-Ul, but the bullets have no impact on her and she easily takes them down, at the same time Clark and Dev-Em are battling it out]


[after Hardy’s chopper has gown down]
Little Bird Gunship Pilot: Guardian, do you read? Thunder one-two calling Guardian. Guardian do you read.
Colonel Nathan Hardy: Thunder one-two, this is Guardian. I want you to put down everything you’ve got, put bullets at my position, this is danger close.
Little Bird Gunship Pilot: Copy, danger close. Good luck, sir.
[Hardy starts shooting at Faora-Ul until his bullets run out, but remains standing with the bullets having no impact on her; at the same time Clark manages to throw Dev-Em onto a stationary train]


[then back with Hardy, he rises and draws his knife, Faora-Ul takes her knife out]
Faora-Ul: A good death has its own reward.
[just as she’s about to attack Hardy, Clark flies in and stops her, she faces Clark]man-of-steel-18
Faora-Ul: You will not win. For every human you save, we will kill a million more.
[at that moment Dev-Em flies in with the train and smashes it near where Clark is standing destroying everything around it as it explodes, then the military gunship flies in and launches a rocket toward Faora-Ul, she tries to deflect the rocket but it explodes around her, then one of Zod’s ship flies in and destroys the gunship, Dev-Em finds Faora-Ul unconscious and carries her onto their ship before it flies off]


[after the departure of Faora-Ul and Dev-Em, the military on ground move to where Clark had been thrown in the destruction caused by Dev-Em]
Communications Officer: Do we have an all clear? Do we have an all clear? Alpha Team, do you copy?
[as the military move in closer, Clark comes out from behind the wreckage and walks slowly toward them, he sees Hardy, they look at each other for a moment]
Colonel Nathan Hardy: This man is not our enemy.
Clark Kent: Thank you, Colonel.
[as Clark and Hardy come to an unspoken understanding, Clark suddenly flies off]


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