Starring: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Antje Traue, Harry Lennix , Richard Schiff, Christopher Meloni, Ayelet Zurer, Laurence Fishburne, Mackenzie Gray



First installment of DCEU’s superhero action adventure directed by Zack Snyder. The story follows Kal-El (Henry Cavill), an alien who as a baby is evacuated from his dying world of Krypton by his father and mother, Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van (Russell Crowe and Ayelet Zurer) to Earth in order to preserve their race. The baby’s spacecraft lands at the farm of Jonathan and Martha Kent (Kevin Costner and Diane Lane), who name him Clark and raise him as their own son. Though his extraordinary abilities have led Clark to living on the fringe of society, he finds he must become a hero to save those he loves from a dire threat.



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[first lines; on the planet Krypton, Jor-El helps his wife Lara as she gives birth to their son, later Jor-El meets with the Kryptonian Council]
Jor-El: Do you not understand? Krypton’s core is collapsing, we may only have a matter of weeks. I warned you, harvesting the core was suicide. It has accelerated the process of implosion.
Lor-Em: Our energy reserves were exhausted. What would you have us do, El?
Jor-El: Look to the stars, like our ancestors did! There are inhabitable worlds within reach. We can begin by using the old outposts.
Ro-Zar: Are you seriously suggesting that we evacuate the entire planet?
Jor-El: No, everybody here is already dead. Give me control of the codex, I will ensure the survival of our race. There’s still hope. I have held that hope in my hands.
[he’s interrupted by noises from outside the chamber, Jor-El looks behind him and sees General Zod and his forces breaking into the council]
General Zod: This Council has been disbanded.
Ro-Zar: On whose authority?
General Zod: Mine.
[Zod points his weapon at Ro-Zar, shoots and kills her]
General Zod: The rest of you will be tried and punished accordingly.


[Jor-El walks toward Zod]
Jor-El: What are you doing, Zod? This is madness!
General Zod: What I should have done years ago. These lawmakers, with their endless debates, have led Krypton to ruin!
Jor-El: And if your forces prevail, you’ll be the leader of nothing!
General Zod: Then join me, help me save our ways. We’ll start anew, we’ll sever the degenerative bloodlines that led us to this state.
Jor-El: And who will decide which bloodline survives, Zod? You?
General Zod: Don’t do this, El. The last thing I want is for us to be enemies.
Jor-El: You have abandoned the principles that bound us together. You’ve taken up the sword against your own people. I’ll honor the man you once were, Zod. Not this monster you’ve become.
[Jor-El steps back, Zod turns to his army]
General Zod: Take him away.


[as Jor-El is being marched away by Zod’s men, Kelex, the service levitating robot, appears]
Kelex: Sir, is everything alright?
Tor-An: Out of the way!
[Jor-El nods his head slightly]
Tor-An: I said…
[Kelor uses a burst of light to give Jor-El his chance to strike at the two men holding him and manages to take them down and take their weapon; to Kelex]
Jor-El: Get me Lara.
[a metallic robotic version of Lara’s face appears on Kelex]
Lara Lor-Van: Jor, behind you!
[Jor-El turns and quickly shoots two of Zod’s men appearing behind him]
Jor-El: Lara, you have to ready the launch. I’ll be with you as soon as I can.


[outside, Jor-El sees chaos ensuing around the planet, he calls to winged creature, H’Raka, that lands before him, he hops on its back and it flies off, Kelex appears beside Jor-El]
Jor-El: Can you see the codex?
Kelex: It’s just beneath the central hub, sir. But I’m compelled to warn you, breaching the Genesis Chamber is a Class-B crime.
Jor-El: Nobody cares anymore, Kelex. The world is about to come to an end.
[Jor-El leaps down and swims to the central hub, where all Kryptonian babies are kept, and retrieves the codex, as he gets out of the water he’s confronted by Zod’s ships]
Voice from Ship: Jor-El, by the authority of General Zod, surrender the codex.
[the ship shoots at Jor-El, who misses it by jumping down and as he falls down H’Raka suddenly flies in and carries him off]
Jor-El: Easy, H’Raka.
[they finally reach the citadel where Lara is with the baby, Jor-El places the codex on the ship]


Jor-El: Did you find the world?
Lara Lor-Van: We have.
Kelex: Orbiting the main sequence yellow star, just as you said it would.
[Kelex shows them earth]
Jor-El: It’s a young star. His cells will drink it’s radiation. It’s a seemingly intelligent population.
Lara Lor-Van: He’ll be an outcast, a freak. They’ll kill him.
Jor-El: No, he’ll be a God to them.
Lara Lor-Van: What if the ship doesn’t make it? He’ll die out there, alone.
[looking down at her baby in her arms]
Lara Lor-Van: I can’t do it. I thought I could, but…
Jor-El: Lara…
Lara Lor-Van: Now that he’s here.
Jor-El: Krypton is doomed. It’s his only chance now. It’s our people’s only hope.


Jor-El: What is it, Kelex?
Kelex: There are five attack ships converging from east. Citadel’s defenses are being scanned and evaluated.
Jor-El: I’ll upload the codex.
Lara Lor-Van: No, wait.
Jor-El: Lara…
Lara Lor-Van: Just let me look at him.
[she looks down at the baby in her arms]
Lara Lor-Van: We’ll never get to see him walk, never hear him say our names.


[Jor-El takes the baby from her arms]
Jor-El: Out there, amongst the stars, he will live.
[Lara kisses the baby’s head as does Jor-El, as Jor-El turns to place the baby in the ship, Lara begins to cry, Jor-El begins transferring the codex into the baby and leaves an ‘S’ key on the ship]
Jor-El: Goodbye, my son. Our hopes and dreams travel with you.
[Jor-El and Lara watch as ship gets prepared to leave, at the same time Zod and forces approach with their ships, Jor-El puts on his armor]
General Zod: Concentrate fire on the main door!
[Zod’s ships fire at the citadel opening up a hole allowing them entrance into the citadel]


[Lara prepares for the ship containing Kal-El to be launched]
Kelex: Lady Lara, the Phantom prods are coming online.
Lara Lor-Van: Proceed to ignition.
[as Zod and his forces enter the citadel]
Faora-Ul: General, we have identified an engine ignition within the citadel.
General Zod: The launch. Hold this platform, commander.
[as Zod enters further into the citadel, Jo-El emerges in full armor]
General Zod: I know you stole the codex, Jor-El. Surrender it and I’ll let you live.
Jor-El: This is a second chance for all of Krypton, not just the bloodlines you deem worthy.
General Zod: What have you done?
Jor-El: We’ve had a child, Zod. A boy child. Krypton’s first natural birth in centuries, and he will be free, free to forge his own destiny.
General Zod: Heresy!


[to his men]
General Zod: Destroy it!
[Jor-El shoots Zod’s men down then Zod and Jor-El start fighting with Jor-El managing to subdue Zod as Lara prepares for the ship to launch]
General Zod: Lara, listen to me! The codex is Krypton’s future! Abort the launch!
[Lara and Jor-El look at each other for a moment before Lara finally pushes the button that launches the ship]
General Zod: Nooo!!!
[Zod screams in fury and impales Jor-El with his knife making Jor-El fall to his death, Lara runs to Jor-El’s body and kneels beside him, crying]
General Zod: Your son, Lara. Where have you sent him?
Lara Lor-Van: His name is Kal, son of El, and he’s beyond your reach.


[Zod walks up to the rest of his forces]
General Zod: Bring that ship down.
[as Zod’s ship is about to shoot the ship carrying Kal-El, his ship is shot down by the council’s forces]
Council Force: Lay down your weapons, your forces are surrounded.
[Zod and his forces are brought before the council]
Lor-Em: General Zod, for the crimes of murder and high treason, the Council has sentenced and your fellow insurgence to three hundred cycles of schematic reconditioning. Do you have any last words?
[Zod makes a move toward Lor-Em but is stopped]
General Zod: You won’t kill us yourself! You won’t sully your hands, but you’ll damn us to a black hole for eternity!
[he spits at Lor-Em]
General Zod: Jor-El was right, you’re a pack of fools! Every last one of you!
[he suddenly turns and walks toward Lara]
General Zod: You believe your son is safe? I will find him. I will reclaim what you have taken from us!
[he’s pushed away by the council’s forces]
General Zod: I will find him. I will find him, Lara. I will find him!
[Zod and his forces are frozen and sent to the ship that will carry out their sentence]


[as the planet is being destroyed, Lara touches Jor-El’s armor and walks toward the edge of the home with her two service robots following her ]
Kelor: Lady Lara, shouldn’t you find refuge?
Lara Lor-Van: There is no refuge, Kelor. Jor-El was right, this is the end.
[she watches has her planet gets destroyed]
Lara Lor-Van: Make a better world than ours, Kal.
[as she stands, Lara is consumed in the planet’s destruction and Krypton is obliterated, at the same time we see the ship holding Kal-El heading toward earth]


[years later, we see an adult Kal-El/Clark working on a boat with other fishermen; as Clark is working he’s suddenly saved by another fisherman as one of the metal fishnets hanging above is about to fall on him]
Byrne: Watch it, dumbass! Keep your eyes open or you’re going to get squashed!
[he gives Clark a hand to stand]
Byrne: Where the hell did they find you, Greenhorn?
Heraldson: Gentlemen secure the deck, we just got a distress call from a rig due west of us. Secure the deck!
[the boat goes toward the oil rig in distress, Clark hears the Heraldson talking to the coast guard in the helicopter]
Coast Guard #1: All civilian, stand clear. Subsea valves failed and the rig is about to explode.
Heraldson: Roger, coast guard. What about the men left inside? Over.
Coast Guard #1: Forget them, they’re dead.
[to Clark]
Heraldson: Greenhorn, fetch me my binoculars.
[Clark doesn’t respond]
Heraldson: Greenhorn!
[he turns to see Clark has disappeared]


[we see Clark at the oil rig trying to rescue the people inside]
Oil Rig Worker: This is the last of the oxygen! I don’t know how much longer we can hold out!
[suddenly they see the metal door being thrown aside and Clark emerging through the oil rig fire]
Coast Guard #1: This is coast guard 6-5-10. We’re going to make one more pass, then we’re getting out of here.
[he sees Clark emerging out of the oil rig with the workers]
Coast Guard #1: Wait, wait, wait! I got some guys on the heli-pad!
[the helicopter lands and Clark helps the oil rig workers get onto the helicopter, then just as the helicopter is about to take off, he sees the burning oil rig about to collapse on the helicopter]
Coast Guard #2: Get that last guy loaded. We have got to go!
[to Clark]
Coast Guard #1: Hey, let’s go! What are you doing?
[at that moment Clark manages to hold off the large heavy metal collapsing from the oil rig onto the helicopter; the helicopter manages to take off safely but finally collapses and takes Clark with him into the ocean]


[as Clark is floating in the ocean he has a flashback to his childhood in Kansas, he’s in his elementary school class and his teacher is writing something on the black board and asks young Clark a question]
Ms. Rampling: Clark? Are you listening, Clark?
[Clark looks disorientated and doesn’t seem to hear the teacher, she walks up to Clark]
Ms. Rampling: I asked you to tell me who first settled in Kansas?
[Clark looks at his teacher and his heightened senses (x-ray vision, hearing, etc.) start to overwhelm him]
Ms. Rampling: Are you alright, Clark?
[Clark runs out of the class]
Ms. Rampling: Clark! Clark!
[he gets into the janitor’s closet and locks himself inside]
Ms. Rampling: Clark!
[the teacher tries knocks on the janitor’s door, trying to get Clark to come out]
Ms. Rampling: Clark, come out of there.
Clark Kent (9 Years): Leave me alone!
[we see all the school kids have gathered outside the Janitor’s door surrounding the teacher]
Ms. Rampling: Clark, I have called your mother. Clark!
[getting annoyed, Clark uses his heat vision to burn the metal door handle, making the teacher take her hand off the handle as it burns her]


[Clark’s adoptive mother Martha runs through the school corridor]
Martha Kent: Clark, I’m here. Clark, honey, it’s mom.
[Martha walks up to the door]
Martha Kent: Can you open the door?
[with his superhuman hearing, Clark hears the other kids talking about him and he starts crying]
Martha Kent: Sweetie, how can I help you if you won’t let me in?
Clark Kent (9 Years): The world’s too big, mom.
Martha Kent: Then make it smaller. Just, um, focus on my voice.
[Clark closes his eyes as he listens to his mother’s voice]
Martha Kent: Pretend it’s an island, out in the ocean. Can you see it?
Clark Kent (9 Years): I see it.
Martha Kent: Then swim towards it, honey.
[Clark opens the door and embraces Martha]
Clark Kent (9 Years): What’s wrong with me, mom?
[Martha looks at him lovingly]
Martha Kent: Clark.
[back to Clark in the ocean, he opens his eyes and is surrounded by whales, later we see Clark, in his tattered pants, running into someone’s backyard and quickly stealing some clothes from the back of an open car]


[after grabbing some clothes, Clark walks into a small town and notices a school bus drive past him and he start having a flashback to when he was a teenager and he’s on a school bus going on a field trip when he starts getting mocked by another kid]
Teenage Pete Ross: Hey, ass wipe. What do you think? Did you see the game?
Lana Lang: Leave him alone, Pete.
Teenage Pete Ross: Oh, what are you? His girlfriend? I want to hear what he has to say.
[Clark looks at Lana for a moment]
Teenage Pete Ross: Come on, dick splash.
[suddenly the bus gets a flat tire and the driver swerves off a bridge and into the lake, as the kids are almost drowning Clark gets out through the emergency exit and pushes the bus out of the water and onto the side of the lake, Lana looks back and notices Clark outside the bus, then Lana and the other kids watch as Clark goes back into the lake and rescues Pete]


[later, Pete’s mother, along with Pete, meet with the Kents to talk about how Clark had rescued her son]
Helen Ross: My son was there, he was in the bus. He saw what Clark did.
Jonathan Kent: I know he did. I’m sure, I’m sure what he thought he saw was…
Helen Ross: Was act of God, Jonathan. This was providence.
[Jonathan smiles uncomfortably and looks at Martha]
Martha Kent: Well, I think you’re blowing it a little out of the proportion.
Helen Ross: No, I’m not. Lana saw it too, and the Fordman boy. And this isn’t the first time Clark’s done something like this.
[Jonathan looks through the window into the backyard, where Clark was sitting on the garden swing, but he sees that Clark’s left]


[Jonathan leaves the house and finds Clark sitting on the back of the truck walks up to him]
Clark Kent (13 Years): I just wanted to help.
Jonathan Kent: I know you did, but we talked about this. Right? Right? We talked about this, you have, Clark, you have to keep this side of yourself a secret.
Clark Kent (13 Years): What was I supposed to do? Just let them die?
Jonathan Kent: Maybe. There’s more at stake here than just our lives, Clark, or the lives of those around us. When the world, when the world finds out what you can do, it’s going to change everything. Our beliefs, our notions of what it means to be human, everything. You saw how Pete’s mom reacted, right? She was scared, Clark.
Clark Kent (13 Years): Why?
Jonathan Kent: People are afraid of what they don’t understand.
Clark Kent (13 Years): Is she right? Did God do this to me?
[Jonathan doesn’t respond and just looks at Clark]
Clark Kent (13 Years): Tell me!


[Jonathan takes Clark to the barn and shows him the ship he was found in as a child]
Jonathan Kent: We found you in this. We were sure the government was going to show up at our doorstep, but no one ever came.
[Jonathan takes out the key with ‘S’ logo on it that Jor-El had placed in the ship]
Jonathan Kent: This was in that chamber with you.
[he gives the key to Clark]
Jonathan Kent: I took it to a Metallurgist in Kansas state. He said, whatever it was made from didn’t even,  didn’t even exist on the periodic table. It’s another way of saying that it’s not from this world, Clark. And neither are you. You’re the answer, son. You’re the answer to are we alone in the universe.
Clark Kent (13 Years): I don’t want to be.
Jonathan Kent: And I don’t blame you, son. It’d be a huge burden for anyone to bare, but you’re not just anyone, Clark. And I have to believe that you were, that you were sent here for a reason. All these changes that you’re going through, one day, one day you’re going to think of them as a blessing. And when that day comes, you’re going to have to make a choice. A choice of whether to stand proud in front of the human race or not.
Clark Kent (13 Years): Can’t I just keep pretending I’m your son.
Jonathan Kent: You are my son.
[he embraces Clark]
Jonathan Kent: But somewhere out there you have another father too who gave you another name. And he sent you here for a reason, Clark. And even if it take you the rest of your life, you owe it to yourself to find out what that reason is.


[back to the present, we see Clark working in a bar when he overhears two army men talking about something being spotted in the Arctic]
Canadian Airman #1: I heard somebody found something strange on Ellesmere. Aircon’s been making runs out there all week.
Canadian Airman #2: That rat hole, you got to be kidding me?
Canadian Airman #1: I know. It’s crazy, right? The Americans are there too. Lots of them. They’re calling it an anomalous object, whatever that means.
[at the same time Clark sees the waitress being harassed by a one of the bar patrons]
Chrissy: Back off, Ludlow. I’m serious.
Ludlow: Oh, come on, Chrissy.
[Ludlow pats her on the ass and she slaps his hand off]
Chrissy: Knock it off!
[Ludlow grabs her hand]
Ludlow: Sit down.
Chrissy: Let me go.
[at that moment Clark intervenes and puts his hand on Ludlow’s shoulder]
Clark Kent: Hey. Leave her alone, man.


[Ludlow rises in anger to face Clark]
Ludlow: Or what, tough guy?
Clark Kent: Or going to have to ask you to leave.
Ludlow: I think, I’ll probably just leave when I’m good and ready.
[he throws his beer onto Clark’s face and Clark just looks at him]
Ludlow: Ooh, there he is.
[Ludlow goes to push Clark, but Clark doesn’t move and it’s like he’s hit a rock, Clark makes a step toward Ludlow but the waitress stops him]
Chrissy: It’s not worth, sweetie.
[Clark takes his apron off and turns to leave]
Ludlow: Hey, asshole, don’t forget your tip.
[Ludlow throws a metal can at the back of Clark’s head, Clark ignore the jibe and walks out of the bar, later when Ludlow leaves the bar he sees his truck smashed between two power lines, then we see Clark hitching for a ride]


[in the Arctic, we see Clark working as crew for the army, he’s motioned to go meet the helicopter that’s just arrived with reporter Lois Lane, he helps her off the helicopter]
Lois Lane: Thanks.
[she turns to meet Jed Eubanks]
Lois Lane: Hi.
Jed Eubanks: Miss Lane, how are you doing? Jed Eubanks, Arctic cargo.
Lois Lane: How far to the station?
Jed Eubanks: Camp’s just over the rise, I’ll walk you over.
Lois Lane: Great.
[Eubanks points to Clark]
Jed Eubanks: Joe can take your bag.
[to Clark]
Jed Eubanks: Joe! Help her out.
[Clark takes Lois’s bags from the helicopter]
Lois Lane: Careful with those, they are heavy.
[Lois turns and starts walking off with Eubanks]
Jed Eubanks: I got to confess Miss Lane, I’m not a fan of the Daily Planet. But those pieces you wrote when you were embedded with the First Division were, well, they were pretty impressive.
Lois Lane: Well, what can I say. I get writers block if I’m not wearing a flat jacket.


[at the army’s camp, Lois meets with Colonel Hardy and Dr. Emil Hamilton]
Colonel Nathan Hardy: Miss, Lane! I’m Colonel Hardy U.S. Northcom. Dr. Emil Hamilton from DARPA
[Lois extends her hand to Hardy to shake but he ignores her]
Dr. Emil Hamilton: Hi.
[Hamilton shakes her hand]
Colonel Nathan Hardy: You’re early. We were excepting you tomorrow.
Lois Lane: Which is why I showed up today. Look, let’s get one thing straight, guys, okay? The only reason I’m here is because we’re on Canadian soil and the appellate court overruled your injunction to keep me away. So, if we’re done measuring dicks, can you have your people show me what you found?
[Hardy looks at Hamilton, who smiles]


[later Lois is being shown satellite images of the ship that was found in the Arctic]
Officer Sekowsky: NASA’s ER satellites pinged the anomaly first, the ice shelf plays hell on the echo soundings, but there’s definitely something down there.
Lois Lane: A submarine, maybe from Soviet era?
Colonel Nathan Hardy: Doubtful, that’s three hundred meters, considerably larger than anything we know they built back then.
Officer Sekowsky: But here’s the spooky part. The ice surrounding the object, it’s nearly twenty thousand years old.


[later Lois is outside the camp, looking around]
Colonel Nathan Hardy: Miss Lane, try not wander. Temperatures drops to minus forty at night around here. We couldn’t find your body until after spring.
[as Hardy takes her to where she will be sleeping, we see Clark stepping out of the room]
Colonel Nathan Hardy: There you go.
Lois Lane: What if I need to tinkle?
Colonel Nathan Hardy: There’s a bucket in the corner.
[that night, Lois goes out exploring and taking pictures with her camera when she snaps a picture of Clark walking in the distance]
Lois Lane: Where the hell are you going?
[she follows Clark and enters a cave in the ice, we then see Clark using his heat vision to make way into the cave and finally finds a large spaceship, he enters the ship and finds one of the service levitating robots that allows him to place his ‘S’ key in it, but before he can, the second robot behind him lashes out at him and attacks him, Clark manages to fend it off and enter his key into the robot, after which the ghost of Jor-El appears and starts walking off]
Clark Kent: Hello?


[Clark starts following Jor-El’s ghost, meanwhile, Lois enters the ship and finds the Kryptonian service robot and takes a picture of it, this provokes it and causes it to attack her, Clark hears her and manages to grab the robot before it attacks Lois again and destroys it]
Clark Kent: It’s alright. It’s alright. It’s alright!
[Lois backs away from him in fear]
Clark Kent: It’s alright.
[he manages to grab hold of her and calm her, he then opens her jacket and sees that she’s been wounded]
Clark Kent: You’re hemorrhaging internally. Now if I don’t cauterize this bleed…
Lois Lane: Okay.
Clark Kent: I can do things that other people can’t. Hold my hand. This is going to hurt.
[he then proceeds to use his heat vision to treat her Lois’s wound, making her scream out in pain]


[at the camp Hardy and his men hear a rumbling occurs near the base and they notice the ship rising to the sky and flying off]
Lois Lane: [voice over] While Colonel Hardy and his team surmised it was a Soviet era submarine, it was actually something much more exotic. An isotope analysis of the surrounding ice bores suggests that an object had been trapped in the glacier for over eighteen thousand years. As for my rescuer, he disappeared during the object’s departure. A background check revealed that his work history and identity had been falsified. The questions raised by my rescuers existence are frightening to contemplate, but I also know what I saw.


[we see Lois at the Daily Planet reading her story to her boss, Perry White]
Lois Lane: And I’ve arrived at inescapable conclusion, that the object and its occupant, did not originate on earth.
Perry White: I can’t print this, Lois. You might have hallucinated half of it.
Lois Lane: What about the civilian contractors who corroborated my story?
Perry White: The Pentagon is denying that there was a ship.
Lois Lane: Of course they are, that’s what they’re supposed to do, it’s the Pentagon. Perry, come on, it’s me we’re talking about. I’m a Pulitzer prize winning reporter.
Perry White: Then act like it.
Lois Lane: Print it or I walk.
Perry White: You can’t, you’re under contract.
[Lois sighs in frustration]
Perry White: I’m not running a story about aliens walking among us.
[Perry sits behind his desk and looks at Lois]
Perry White: Never going to happen.
[Lois smiles]


[later Lois meets with an internet blogger at a bar]
Ace O’ Clubs Bartender: That’s a scotch straight up for the lady.
[Lois emails her story via her cellphone]
Lois Lane: I’m sending you the original article. My editor won’t print it, but if it happened to leak online.
Glen Woodburn: Got it. But didn’t you once describe my site as a ‘creeping cancer of falsehoods’?
Lois Lane: I stand by my words, Woodburn. But I want this story out there.
Glen Woodburn: Why?
Lois Lane: Because I want my mystery man to know I know the truth.


[we see the ship, that Clark took, in a remote place in the Arctic; inside the ship Clark listens to the ship’s computer generated voice guidance]
Scoutship Voice Guidance: Recursive diagnostics complete. Guiding presence authenticated. All systems operational.
[suddenly a doorway behind Clark opens and behind it is Jor-El, he steps toward Clark]
Jor-El: To see you standing there and grown into an adult. If only Lara could have witnessed this.
Clark Kent: Who are you?
Jor-El: I am your father, Kal. Or at least a shadow of him, his conscience. My name is Jor-El.
Clark Kent: And Kal? That’s my name?
Jor-El: Kal-El, it is.


Clark Kent: I have so many questions. Where do I come from? Why did you send me here?
Jor-El: You came from Krypton. A world with a much harsher environment than earth’s. Long ago, in era of expansion, our race spread out through the stars, seeking new worlds to settle upon. This scout ship was one of thousands launched into the void. We built outposts on other planets, using great machines to reshape environments to our needs. For one hundred thousand years our civilization flourished, accomplishing wonders.
Clark Kent: What happened?
Jor-El: Artificial population control was established. The outposts on space exploration were abandoned. We exhausted our natural resources, as a result our planets core became unstable. Eventually our military leader, General Zod, attempted a coup. But by then it was too late.


Jor-El: Your mother and I foresaw the coming calamity, and we took certain steps to ensure your survival.
[Jor-El show Clark a model of the Genesis Chamber]
Jor-El: This is a Genesis Chamber. All Kryptonians were conceived in chambers such as this. Every child was designed to fulfill a predetermined role in our society; as a worker, a warrior, a leader and so on. Your mother and I believed Krypton lost something precious, the element of choice, of chance. What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended for him or her? What if a child aspired to something greater? You were the embodiment of that belief, Kal, Krypton’s first natural birth in centuries. That’s why we risked so much to save you.
Clark Kent: Why didn’t you come with me?
Jor-El: We couldn’t, Kal. No matter how much we wanted to, no matter how much we loved you. Your mother Lara and I were a product of the failures of our world as much as Zod was. We were tied to its fate.
Clark Kent: So I’m alone.
Jor-El: No. You are as much a child of earth now as you are of Krypton. You can embody the best of both worlds. A dream your mother and I dedicated our lives to preserve.
[at that moment a chamber opens beside them and Superman’s iconic suit is revealed]


Jor-El: The people of earth are different than us, it’s true. But ultimately I believe that’s a good thing. They won’t necessarily make the same mistakes we did. Not if you guide them, Kal. Not if you give them hope. That’s what this symbol means.
[he opens his coat to reveal ‘S’ shape symbol on his suit]
Jor-El: The symbol of the house of EL means hope. Embodied within that hope is the fundamental belief in the potential of every person to be a force for good. That’s what you can bring them.
[Kal turns and looks at the suit]


[we see Clark in his suit leaving the ship and walking out into the icy mountain]
Clark Kent: [voice over] Why am I so different from them?
Jor-El: [voice over] Earth’s sun is younger and brighter than Krypton’s was. Your cells have drunk in its radiation, strengthening your muscles, your skin, your senses. Earth’s gravity is weaker, yet its atmosphere is more nourishing. You’ve grown stronger here than I ever could imagine. The only way to know how strong is to keep testing your limits.
[we see Clark flying off testing his flight, but suddenly he loses balance and falls down, crashing into the icy mountain, he emerges from the mountain ruble and stands again]
Jor-El: [voice over] You will give the people of earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun, Kal. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.
[Clark closes his eyes and raises his face toward the sun, then he takes off again and this time soars off across the planet with great speed and strength]


[Lois continues to search for Clark, tracking him and speaking to the people he’s come into contact with]
Lois Lane: [voice over] How do you find someone who has spent a lifetime covering his track? You start with the urban legends that have sprung up in his wake. All of the friends of the friend who claim to have seen him.
[we see Lois speaking to Jed Eubanks, then the waitress he’d helped in the bar]
Lois Lane: [voice over] For some he was a guardian angel. For others, a cypher, a ghost who never quite fit in.
[we see Lois talking to the fishermen he worked with on the boat, then the coast guards that had seen him help rescue the oil rig workers]
Lois Lane: [voice over] As you work your way back in time, the stories begin to form a pattern.


[Lois then tracks the adult Pete Ross at his work place]
Lois Lane: Pete Ross?
[he turns and looks at Lois]
Lois Lane: I’d like to talk to you about an accident that occurred when you were younger, a school bus that went in to the river?
[this leads Lois to the Kent farm and goes up to the house to meet Martha]
Lois Lane: Mrs. Kent?
[Martha nods her head]
Lois Lane: I’m Lois Lane. I’m from the Daily Planet. Um…
[Martha’s dog starts barking]
Martha Kent: Quite!
Lois Lane: I’m from the Daily Planet and I’d like to talk to you about your son.


[later Lois goes to a cemetery where Jonathan is buried, she suddenly feels Clark behind her]
Lois Lane: I figured if I turned over enough stones you’d eventually find me.
[she turns over and starts walking toward Clark]
Lois Lane: Where are you from? What are you doing here? Let me tell your story.
Clark Kent: What if I don’t want my story told?
Lois Lane: It’s going to come out eventually. Somebody’s going to get a photograph or figure out where you live.
Clark Kent: Well then I’ll just disappear again.
Lois Lane: The only way you can disappear for good is to stop helping people all together, and I sense that’s not an option for you.
Clark Kent: My father believed that if the world found out who I really was, they’d reject me out of fear.


[we see another flashback to when Clark, a young man now, is arguing with Jonathan as Jonathan drives them home]
Clark Kent: I’m tired of safe! I just want to do something useful with my life.
Jonathan Kent: So, farming, feeding people, that’s not useful?
Clark Kent: I didn’t say that.
Jonathan Kent: Our family’s been farming for five generations, Clark.
Clark Kent: Your family, not mine. I don’t even know why I’m listening to you, you’re not my dad, you’re just some guy who found me in a field.
Martha Kent: Clark!
Jonathan Kent: That’s alight, Martha. He’s right, Clark has a point. We’re not your parents, but we’ve been doing the best we can and we have been making this up as we go along, so maybe our best isn’t good enough anymore.
Clark Kent: Look, dad…
[Jonathan spots something ahead]
Jonathan Kent: Hold on.
[Jonathan stops the car and they get out to look at the beginning of a tornado coming towards them, Martha also gets out of the car, leaving their dog in the back seat]
Jonathan Kent: Go for the overpass.
[Clark walks over to Martha]
Jonathan Kent: Go for the overpass!
[Clark takes his mother to the overpass and Jonathan directs the rest of the people gathering]
Jonathan Kent: Take cover! Take cover! Take cover!
[Jonathan goes over to help a woman trying to get her kid out of the car]
Young Mother: She’s stuck!
[Jonathan gets the little girl out of the car and helps her and her mother to go to the overpass]


[as they run toward the overpass; referring to their dog]
Martha Kent: Hank’s in the car! Hank’s in the car.
[Clark runs over to Jonathan, who’s holding the little girl he’s rescued from the car]
Clark Kent: I’ll get him, I’ll get him.
Jonathan Kent: No. No. Get your mom to the overpass.
[Jonathan hands the little girl to Clark and Clark takes her and Martha safely to the overpass, Jonathan runs over to their car to get their dog, but the tornado closes in and a flying car lands on Jonathan’s car, he manages to get the dog out safely but gets his foot stuck in the car, as the tornado gets closer, Jonathan gets his foot free and he falls out of the car]
Martha Kent: Jonathan!
Clark Kent: Mom, stay here.
[Jonathan tries to walk but he’s injured foot makes it impossible, Clark goes to rescue him but Jonathan holds his hand out for him to stop and shakes his head, he smiles at Clark as he allows himself to get taken by the tornado, and Clark screams in sorrow]



Clark Kent: I let my father die because I trusted him. Because he was convinced that I had to wait, that the world was not ready.
[he pauses for a moment as Lois looks at him]
Clark Kent: What do you think?


[Lois enters the Daily Planet and makes her way to her desk]
Weaver: You better watch out, Lois.
Steve Lombard: Hey, Perry’s gunning for you, He knows you’re Woodburn’s anonymous source and he cannot wait to rip you into one.
[Lois walks over to Perry’s office and enters, closing the door behind her]
Perry White: I told you not to run with this, and what do you do? You let Woodburn just shotgun it all over the internet. Now, the publishers want me to sue you.
Lois Lane: Well, if it makes a difference, I’m dropping it.
Perry White: Woh. Just like that?
Lois Lane: Yeah.
Perry White: What happened to your leads?
Lois Lane: They didn’t pan out, the story is smoke.
Perry White: Or perhaps it just didn’t get the attraction that you hoped it would. Two weeks leave, no pay, that’s your penance. You try something like this again, you’re done here.
Lois Lane: Fine.


[Lois turns and starts to walk out of the office]
Perry White: No, let’s make it three weeks, since you’re so willing to agree with me.
Lois Lane: Perry!
Perry White: No, no. Don’t. I believe you saw something, Lois, but not for a moment do I believe that your leads just went cold. So whatever your reasons are for dropping it, I think you’re doing the right thing.
Lois Lane: Why?
Perry White: Can you imagine how people on this planet would react, if they knew there was someone like this out there?


[on the Kent farm, as Martha work in the garden she notices Clark walking toward the house in the distance, the dog barks and runs toward Clark]
Martha Kent: Go get him!
[Clark pats the dog and walks towards Martha]
Martha Kent: Well look at you!
[Clark and Martha embrace and walk toward the house]
Martha Kent: A reporter came by here.
Clark Kent: She’s a friend, don’t worry.
Martha Kent: Oh.
Clark Kent: Mom.
Martha Kent: What?
Clark Kent: I found them.
Martha Kent: Who?
Clark Kent: My parents, my people. I know where I come from now.
[Martha looks happy and sad at the same time]
Martha Kent: Wow, that’s wonderful. I’m so happy for you, Clark.


[Martha looks sad as she turns from Clark and stands on the porch steps]
Clark Kent: What?
Martha Kent: It’s nothing.
[they both sit on the porch steps]
Martha Kent: When you were a baby I used to lay by your crib at night, listening to you breathe. It was hard for you, you struggled and I worried all the time.
Clark Kent: You worried the truth would come out.
Martha Kent: No. The truth about you? You were beautiful, we saw that the moment we laid eyes on you. We knew that one day, the whole world would see that. I’m just, I’m worried they’ll take you away from me.
[as Martha starts to cry, Clark holds her and comforts her]
Clark Kent: I’m not going anywhere, mom. I promise.


[General Swanwick enters NORAD/US Northcom Command Center]
Dr. Emil Hamilton: General Swanwick, sir.
General Swanwick: What am I looking at, doc. Comet? Asteroid?
Dr. Emil Hamilton: Comets don’t make course corrections, General. I wanted you to see this before some amateur with a telescope creates a worldwide panic.
[he show Swanwick images of a spaceship that has been spotted]
Dr. Emil Hamilton: The ship appears to have inserted itself into a lunar synchronous orbit, though I have no idea why.
General Swanwick: Have you tried communicating with it?
Dr. Emil Hamilton: Well, they haven’t responded as of yet.
General Swanwick: I’m just speculating, but I think whoever is at the helm of that thing is looking to make a dramatic entrance.


[at the Daily Planet, Lois is having problems with the photocopying machine]
Lois Lane: Does anybody know where we keep the toner cartridges?
[she looks up to see everyone in the office walking toward the TV screens their office]
Lois Lane: What’s going on?
Jenny: It’s all over the news. You’ve got to see this.
[Lois joins everyone else as they look at the news footage of a UFO being sighted; back at the Kent farm, Clark is in the kitchen watching football when Martha calls out to him after spotting the UFO in the sky]
Martha Kent: Clark.
Clark Kent: Yeah, coming.
[Clark joins Martha outside and they look up to see the spaceship in the sky; back at the Daily Planet as everyone is watching the news suddenly the lights go out and the news is interrupted with a transmission]


[on the Kent farm, Clark enters the house as he hears the message]
General Zod: You are not alone. You are not alone. You are not alone. You are not alone.
[we see the same message being repeated and broadcast all over the world in different languages before going back to the Daily Planet]
Jenny: It’s coming in on the RSS feeds. It’s on my phone too.
[suddenly the transmission changes and starts showing shadows of Zod on the screen]
General Zod: My name is General Zod. I come from a world far from yours. I have journeyed across an ocean of stars to reach you. For some time your world has sheltered one of my citizens. I request that you return this individual to my custody. For reasons unknown he has chosen to keep his existence a secret from you. He will have made efforts to blend in. He will look like you, but he is not one of you.
[as he hears this message Clark turns to look at Martha]
General Zod: To those of you who may know of his current location, the fate of your planet rests in your hands. To Kal-El, I say this. Surrender within twenty-four hours, or watch this world suffer the consequences.
[suddenly the message ends and all the lights are turned back on making Martha jump in terror, Clark embraces her as he comforts her]


[the next morning, as Lois is getting ready to go to work she watches the news showing Woodburn being interviewed]
News Show Host: We hardly know anything about him, isn’t that right?
Glen Woodburn: If he truly means us no harm, then he’ll turn himself into his people and face the consequences. And if he won’t do that, then maybe we should. Uh, The Daily Planet’s Lois Lane knows who this guys is, and I think that she’s the one that we should be questioning.
[at that moment Lois gets a call from Perry]
News Show Host: Hold on. You’re saying, Lois Lane, the Pulitzer prize winner, knows who this guy is?
[Lois answer the call from Perry]
Lois Lane: Hello?
Perry White: Are you watching this crap? It’s been running all morning. For once I actually agree with Woodburn. Now have you seen him? Do you know where he is?
Lois Lane: No. And even if I did, I wouldn’t say.
Perry White: The entire world is being threatened here. This is not the time for you to fall back on your journalistic integrity.


[as Lois looks out her apartment window she notices several official cars pulling up outside her apartment building and sees FBI official getting out of the cars]
Perry White: This is serious, Lois. The FBI is here. They’re throwing around words like treason.
Lois Lane: I got to go.
[Lois runs out of her apartment and just misses the FBI coming up to her apartment floor, she runs out of her building and goes through an alleyway to avoid being seen but at the end of the road an FBI car pulls up on front of her and stops her]
FBI Agent: FBI! Hands up! Drop the bag, now!
[Lois drops her back and holds her hands up as she’s being held at gun point by three FBI soldiers]


[back in Smallville, Clark enters a church and hears the priest listening to the news on the radio talking about the visitors and Clark]
Radio Show Host: Regarding the visitors, we know very little at this point. According to government officials I’ve spoken to, the visitors do not represent a threat, despite the ominous tone of their message. Then of course, there’s the question on everyone’s mind, who is this Kal-El person? Does he actually exist? How could he remain hidden from us for so long?
[as Clark listens to this, he has another flashback, remembering when several bullies come upon Clark as he’s sat in his father’s truck reading]
Roughneck: Come on, Kent.
[he drags Clark out of the truck and pushes him against a fence]
Roughneck: Come on, fight back! Get up, Kent.
[he pulls his fist up as if he’s going to hit Clark, but Clark just stares at him]
Roughneck: So, is that it? Is that all you’ve got?
[Clark continues to stare at him as he continues to taunt him]
Roughneck: Come on, Kent. Come on!
[he’s stopped by his friend, they turn to see Jonathan standing behind them, the bullies leave, then Clark looks up and sees Pete Ross offering him a hand up, which he takes, as Clark rises we see the dent his hand has left in the iron pole near the fence he was holding onto]


Jonathan Kent: Did they hurt you?
Clark Kent (13 Years): You know they can’t.
Jonathan Kent: That’s not what I meant. I meant, are you alright?
Clark Kent (13 Years): I wanted to hit that kid, I wanted to hit him so bad.
Jonathan Kent: I know you did. I mean, part of me even wanted you to, but then what? Make you feel any better?
[there’s a moment’s pause as Clark looks at Jonathan]
Jonathan Kent: You just have to decide what kind of man you want to grow up to be, Clark. Because, whoever that man is, good character or bad, he’s going to change the world.


[back to the Church in Smallville, Clark sits on one of the pews]
Father Leone: What’s on your mind?
Clark Kent: I don’t know where to start.
Father Leone: Wherever you want.
Clark Kent: That ship that appeared last night, I’m the one they’re looking for.
[the priest swallows nervously as he looks at Clark]
Father Leone: Do you know why they want you?
Clark Kent: No. But this General Zod, even if I surrender, there’s no guarantee he’ll keep his word. But, if there’s a chance I can save earth by turning myself in, shouldn’t I take it?
Father Leone: What does your gut tell you?
Clark Kent: Zod can’t be trusted. The problem is, I’m not sure the people of earth can be either.
[Clark rises and starts walking out of the church]
Father Leone: Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first. The trust part comes later.
[Clark stops and looks back at the priest]


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