Starring: Chadwick Boseman, Josh Gad, Sterling K. Brown, Kate Hudson, Dan Stevens, James Cromwell


Story: Bio-thriller directed by Reginald Hudlin which the story is based on a true incident in the life of Thurgood Marshall (Chadwick Boseman), when he was a young lawyer, long before his appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. As the nation teeters on the brink of WWII, a nearly bankrupt NAACP sends Marshall to conservative Connecticut to defend a black chauffeur, Joseph Spell (Sterling K. Brown), against his wealthy socialite employer, Eleanor Strubing (Kate Hudson), in a sexual assault and attempted murder trial that quickly became tabloid fodder.

In need of a high profile victory but muzzled by a segregationist court, Marshall partners with Samuel Friedman (Josh Gad), a young Jewish lawyer who has never tried a case. Marshall and Friedman struggle against a hostile storm of fear and prejudice, driven to discover the truth in the sensationalized trial which helped set the groundwork for the Civil Rights Movement to come.


Best Quotes    (Total Quotes: 19)


[to the white bar patrons threatening him]
Thurgood Marshall: You gentlemen are making a big mistake.
[the two bar thugs attack Marshall, but the quickly knocks them out]
Bar Owner: This here is Mr. Thurgood Marshall. The man is an attorney, you will treat him with the respect that he deserves.


Thurgood Marshall: My great granddaddy, he was a slave. We’re not slaves now. We got weapons we didn’t have before. We’ve got the law.


Buster Marshall: [to Marshall] Baby, you go into this town who’s never seen a Negro lawyer. You need to be careful.


Marshall’s Boss: Thurgood, you’re going to Connecticut.
[reads the newspaper story]
Thurgood Marshall: “Joseph Spell, a Negro servant attacks socialite in her own bedroom.”


Radio Reporter: This case has shown the world that colored men can get a fair trial in the United States.


Marshall’s Boss: [to Thurgood] There’s only thirteen million Negroes depending on you.


Langston Hughes: Don’t any of you have any confidence in me?
Thurgood Marshall: I’d say you have enough confidence for us all.


Thurgood Marshall: I only represent innocent people, people accused because of their race. That’s my mission.
Joseph Spell: I never touched that woman.


Thurgood Marshall: I need a partner who the jury can relate to.


Sam Friedman: Sam Friedman.
Thurgood Marshall: Good to meet you, Sam. Now, give me a hand with these, would you?
[Friedman picks up the two suitcases]
Sam Friedman: What you got in here, cement?
Thurgood Marshall: Guns.
[he pauses and smiles to himself]
Thurgood Marshall: Books, Mr. Friedman.


Sam Friedman: [to Marshall] You just sweep through town stirring up all kinds of ugliness. My life is on the line here.


Thug: Hey, Attorney Friedman, hold on a minute.
Sam Friedman: What do you want?
[suddenly a bunch of thugs start beating him up]


Thurgood Marshall: You’re one of us now, Sam. A real fighter.


[referring to Spell and Eleanor]
Thurgood Marshall: Neither of them have been telling us the truth.


[referring to Spell]
Eleanor Strubing: He attacked me!


[referring to Spell]
Lorin Willis: I’d advise him to accept the deal.


Thurgood Marshall: You lied in a sworn statement! Why would you do that?
Joseph Spell: Why did I lie? Because the truth gets me killed.


Thurgood Marshall: If you want your freedom, you’re going to have to fight for it.


Thurgood Marshall: The only way to get through a bigots door is to break it down.

Total Quotes: 19




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