By Joseph Smith (Colchester, IL, USA)


Masterminds is about a man that is a long-term worker for a money transferring company at which he meets a girl that he ends up falling in love with. When she is fired then she mixes with the wrong crowd that then invites her to join in on a big heist. She convinces the main character to join them and break into a vault. After the heist, the main character is forced to run from law enforcement in Mexico to eventually return from the US. If you would like to see more than I provided then you can check the trailer here. This movie is a combination of a deep plot and what would be considered “stupid” humor in which the jokes are very cringe to the point it is funny. I found this movie to be an overall good movie, however, I would not go see it again for a very long time because most of its jokes are more a one-time joke that would only be funny if you didn’t see it coming.

This movie, having a comedic aspect to it, forced me to decide to take a look at how humorous the movie actually was. There are quite a few memorable moments throughout the movie that stick in your mind as a funny moment that replays in your head later on to make you chuckle to yourself. A majority of the comedy contained in this movie is cringy jokes, however. This aspect makes it a movie that should be seen only every once in a while because it could get old quickly if you watch it multiple times in close ordinance to each other.

When it comes to movies then I like to look at how family friendly the movie would be for those parents that have their kids begging to take them to see it. The first thing I look out for is how bad the language in the movie is. Many parents don’t want their children to sit there and repeat a bunch of cuss words they heard from a movie. This brings me to the point of how bad the language in the movie was. This movie does not use near as many cuss words as many other movies do, however, it does use quite a few cuss words that make this movie not as suitable for younger audiences to watch. This movie alongside the cuss words also asked some offensive language that is not appropriate for a family to see especially if the children don’t know any better than whether or not to repeat what is said.

Now something that most people just get sick at the thought of is gruesome gore scenes. Something that makes this movie better is the face that there isn’t a whole lot of gore. This movie does a good job of coming up with intense action scenes that allow you to enjoy the cool aspect of an action movie that has a twist of humor to make it funny. Every one of these never contains a whole lot of gore, though. This is a great aspect to have in a movie that is trying to accomplish what this one did.

Good Things About This Movie:

• Constant action
• Fun humor
• A love interest
• A good combination of action and comedy

Bad Things About This Movie:

• Bad language
• Inappropriate themes
• Graphic content

Rating: 3/5



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