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In every person’s life, there comes an experience or an event that will help them understand how life is for others .e.g. perhaps one person has everything in his life whereas the other is suffering and missing all. Once you see something that has impact on you, your life can change. Whether it’s for the better, or for the worse, your life will indeed be changed permanently. When we watch films or read books we can get benefits from it.

How much childish and silly this sound but I still choose the film called Matilda as important to me. The film was first written by Roald Dahl as a book in 1988 however because of how favourite this book became among kids the book was published as a film in 1996. This was the first film I ever watched and it was hilarious and interesting. I watched it at cinema in Norway throughout a trip with my school in 5th grade.

The film was about a small girl who was struggling and working hard to live the life every child wants that she never get because of her cruel parents. I was shocked and also amazed by how a so small child cold act like an adult and try to keep away from terrible things, learn quickly, help people and also try to achieve her goals.

Matilda was an exceptionally bright young girl with a greedy craving for books and reading. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood, thought she was just a nuisance. Matilda thought, rightly, that all they were interested in was watching TV and making money by on cheating people. She decided to punish them.

In fact, Matilda might be the smartest character I have ever watched, and that makes me like her a lot. She’s special. The nice thing about Matilda was that if you had met her casually and talked to her you would have thought she was a perfectly normal five-and-a-half-year-old child. Because she displayed almost no outward signs of her brilliance and she never showed off. I knew that Matilda was awesome in at least two ways: she was smart and humble. But she was also fair. Matilda had her own very moral code, complete with strong ideas about what’s right and wrong. That is what makes me think that in reality we need to be specific and don’t let wrong and right to be mixed together.

Before I watched the film I thought that life was something that only works in which way it wants, and no one can control it. I used to complain about things such as why I always fail in my exams, why all people are not nice and why things are not in place. On the other hand I was not a very confident person who decided what to do; I usually waited someone to tell me what to do. What I realized from the film was that only I can make my life to be what I want. That meant to think about my dream, work hard, receive it and finally thank god for making it happen. It is simple even though we can come across different situation.

One of the most astonishing scenes was when she used her powers to try and help Miss Honey get what was hers. After hearing about all the horrible things that the Trunchbull did to Miss Honey, Matilda just could not stand by while the evil woman took advantage of nice Miss Honey. So when Matilda used her telekinesis to pretend to be the vengeful ghost of Magnus (Miss Honey’s dead father), I cheered. Sure, it’s a bit extreme, but that punishment was totally deserved. And Matilda’s pranks come from a sense of right and wrong, not a need for revenge. Matilda treated her teacher with all the care, kindness, and respect that Miss Honey shows to her.

At Miss Honey’s cottage, Matilda was shocked by the shabby condition of her teacher’s home. But she did not make rude comments and stock her foot in her business. She just told her teacher, “That’s all right,” because She did not want to hurt Miss Honey’s feelings by pointing out how bare and wild the little home was. Therefore Matilda came up with a genius plan to improve her teacher’s quality of life. She was focused on making things better, not harping on the past. Matilda was not so good that she never did anything wrong. But she certainly did not prank people for the sake of it. She did not relish hurting others. And she also did not hesitate to help those who needed her help. That is what all of us human should do.

As conclusion, in this film I was impressed by the way the girl behaved and her perfect manner. I understand that being self-confident is way to put things in the right way and avoid wrong deeds. I got a lot of advantage and benefits of how a person should assist people and be patient. When I first observed that film I wanted to become like her although she just was a character of a book. Being intelligent and learning things quickly and achieve my goal was my plan. And this girl was an example for me. One of the quotes she mentions that made me wonder was, “If you are good life is good.”

Rating: 5/5


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