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The Scorch Trials is the middle episode in novelist James Dashner’s trilogy. When Thomas and his friends Newt, Teresa, Minho and a few more, escape from the Maze, they’re taken to a hi-tech prison by a group of unknown soldiers. In this prison, they give them a home, food, new clothes, bed to sleep in and a place where they’re safe from the disease that’s killed most of the population and which they’re immunized from. Thomas has got the feeling that there’s something that they’re missing and he begins to suspect, his suspicions grow when he meets Aris, who is a loner that also suspects something. When Aris shows Thomas things, this leads Thomas to escape from the facility with his friends. They embark on a journey to find somewhere safe, but this will not be as easy as they thought it would be…


Wes Ball brings another adrenaline-filled, zombie thriller movie to the cinema. The movie will appeal to its target audience mainly because of its young cast.

When Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and his friends escape from the facility they find themselves lost out in the scorch – a desert. Their quest for safety leads them to a host of exhilarating moments as the group find themselves in a multiple deadly situations. My favourite part is the thrilling sequence in an abandoned shopping mall where the teens are chased by a group of bloodthirsty zombies, called cranks. In some particular scenes my adrenaline was racing and they took my breath away for a few seconds, some other bits made me jump out of the seat and even scream.

I must say that Dylan O’Brien, the young actor surprised me a lot with his role, he usually plays secondary roles in less famous films but now he’s got the main role and he has proved how talented he actually is. He was incredible in the action parts to be honest. I was amazed at how fast he could run.

The length of the film was good, it didn’t feel drawn out at all! I couldn’t believe it was over 2 hours. It went faster than I thought and the film seemed 1 hour long to me. I was so intrigued with the movie that I forgot about the time.

Also I must admit that the script isn’t that good because it doesn’t give enough information about the character’s personality. We don’t really get to know them well because the action is constant. But I like the fact that it has a little humour in it, it makes the film seem more fun. And in my eyes, some scenes were unnecessary and dispensable. They were pointless.

Compared to the previous film, this one is loads better, the plot develops in a much larger environment and I think that’s what makes the film more interesting. Also, the zombies make this film better than the other one, they look so real and they can make your heart stop beating!

I really like the fact that they all worry about each other and risk their life just to try to save the people they love. The final scene is one of my favourite parts too, the plot ties in nicely. It’s a very strong end and it makes you so excited for the next movie!

The film is definitely not the best one I’ve ever seen but I can say that it’s very entertaining and I would totally watch it again. The little despites are nothing compared to the breath-taking parts where your heart goes from 0 to 1000 in less than a second. So if you have a few hours to spare and you want to see a film that gets your attention at all times and makes you have a good time full of jump scares and some other laughs, this movie is yours! I recommend it.



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