Starring: Jason Statham, Tommy Lee Jones, Jessica Alba, Michelle Yeoh, Sam Hazeldine, Rhatha Phongam, Natalie Burn


Story: Action thriller sequel directed by Dennis Gansel, the Mechanic, Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham), thought he’d escaped his former deadly life and disappeared. But now somebody’s found him and kidnaps the woman he loves, Gina (Jessica Alba). Neither one of them will get out alive unless he completes a diabolical list of assassinations of the most dangerous men in the world and make them look like accidents.

Verdict: I like Jason Statham, and after seeing Spy I liked him even more, he showed he had something more to offer than just another action character, he really showed his comedic talents. However, in this movie it feels like he’s taking a step back. There’s nothing to offer plotwise and everything feels too staged and wooden. I think if you just fancy watching an instantly forgettable, brainless movie then this is a good choice to go for.


Best Quotes    (Total Quotes: 10)


Mae: The principle I represent has an offer for you. Each death must look like an accident. Your specialty I believe.
Arthur Bishop: I’m not doing his kills.


Arthur Bishop: [to Gina] I’m not doing those kills.


Riah Crain: [to Bishop] I’ve been waiting too long to get even with you.


Gina: [to Bishop] You have thirty-six hours to eliminate all the targets on this list, or they will eliminate me.


Gina: What’s going on?
Arthur Bishop: Gina Thorne, American, that’s you, right?
Gina: Yeah
Arthur Bishop: You’re the second woman who has my picture in her phone, first was working for a guy called Crain. That name ring a bell?
Gina: The only thing you got right was my name.
Arthur Bishop: First one’s always a messenger. Is that what you are? So what’s the message?
Gina: I already told you.
Arthur Bishop: Tell me about Crain. What are you supposed to do for him? Where is he?


[through the intercom]
Security Guard: There’s no sign of the intruder, Mr. Adams.
Max Adams: That’s because he’s sitting right in front of me in the safe room, jack-off.
[we see Bishop sat in a chair pointing his gun at Adams]


Arthur Bishop: I’ve spent my whole life setting up people to die.


Arthur Bishop: I want to help you avoid an accident.
Max Adams: What do you have in mind?
Arthur Bishop: You’ll have to die.


Max Adams: I never imagined that dying would be so daring.


Gina: They’re a lot less, aren’t they?
Arthur Bishop: So am I.

Total Quotes: 10






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