By Spencer Green (Davenport, IA)


The Men in Black are Back!

Men in Black 3: Now to be honest, after seeing the second movie I was very weary of seeing the third. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first movie and I had really high hopes for the second, but the movie never fully delivered on my expectations. However, the third movie forced the series back up and beyond! With a magnificent array of music I was constantly being brought to the edge of my seat. Most of the music was very powerful and increased the intensity of this movie tenfold! As for the graphics I felt that they were lacking in this department.

Now, for a 2005 movie the graphics were amazing, however, now days we have improved the technology like never before. As shown by other movies the graphics can be extremely stunning and vibrant however this one felt more like a bunch of people in costumes rather than actually being the creature themselves.

The story line was very well done, and to be honest I hadn’t seen very many movies use the whole time jumping ability. Most movies use some sort of large capsule, or a gate that would take someone through time. So the fact that Will Smith finds himself on top of the tallest building in the city made this a good movie to remember. The overall performance came over very well. The individual acting was very well portrayed and the length of the character development did not disappoint!

Every scene came across as a new adventure, and not some re run of the past 2 movies. So, I would recommend this movie, especially if you are one of those Men in Black fans!

Rating: 7.8/10

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