By Rohan Mishra


Midway starring Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson, Luke Evans and Woody Harrelson. Directed by Roland Emmerich.

The story of the Battle of Midway, told by the leaders and the sailors who fought it.

Well, when you have a budget of a $100 million even though it is classified as an independent film, you expect better from a film. Not to take anything from the historical facts presented in this film, this is a war film that did disappoint me.

The film started of really well. It was moving into the right direction and setting up itself into a great war film but things took a heavy turn after 40-45 minutes.

The characters having this pep talks. There were multiple scenes where you think these conversations between the characters could have turned emotional and have had more impact onto the film but they were cut really short. It’s like the writer of the film just wanted to celebrate the 77th anniversary of Battle of Midway, forgot the basic and most important technical aspects of the film.

The film has only action and action. Though, they were great, at some points it just became too tedious and the VFX was horrendous. There were some good VFX but most of them were just bad. You could easily see those bad VFX shots.

When the film is told from characters’ point of view, they just heavily invest in those characters. The characters in the film never had “real” problems while facing such a threatening event. I mean, there were a few scenes where the character expresses his fear of losing the war and is really scared of what will happen next. For me, that’s not enough.

In most war films, you have an emotional and a powerful speech so that the soldiers are motivated for the fight, but this film had just small pep talks which never felt powerful. The script really lacked an emotional touch which powers such type of genre films.

The performances were great, especially from Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson and Woody Harrelson. I just wished their characters had more depth. The direction from Ronald was quite stylish and in some scenes, it really blew my mind. It’s safe to say, there were the only two great aspects of the film.

Also, the film’s run-time was 138 minutes. This could have been easily edited down to roughly 120 minutes. Some the war scenes were unnecessarily long and some of the scenes weren’t required at all.

Overall, from an action of view, this film is great. The hardcore fans of war films might love this film. But, from a film’s point of view, it lacked a great script, good VFX and deep emotional moments.

Criticism aside, I salute to all the veterans who fought in this war and how Battle of Midway changed the course of World War II.

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Rating: 3/5



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