Starring: George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jack O’Connell, Dominic West, Caitriona Balfe


Story: Political thriller directed by Jodie Foster which centers on Lee Gates (George Clooney) a bombastic TV personality who offers up stock advice on his hit show “Money Monster.” However, after Gates offers a tip on a stock that then mysteriously crashes, an irate investor Kyle Budwell, (Jack O’Connell), who lost all of his money takes Gates, his crew, and his producer Patty Fenn (Julia Roberts) hostage live on air.

Unfolding in real time, Gates and Fenn must find a way to keep themselves alive while simultaneously uncovering the truth behind a tangle of big money lies.

Verdict: A standard thriller with some comedic elements. It doesn’t add anything new to the genre but Clooney and Roberts did a fine job in their roles. Director Jodie Foster tried to bring in the tension to the plot but it falls apart by the final act and goes down a predictable route. 


Best Quotes   (Total Quotes: 30)


Patty Fenn: Anyone who can get out, get out right now. Do not look up, do not make eye contact. Just go. Lee, stay calm, I’m right here.
[we see Gates being held at gunpoint by Budwell live on air]


Matty The Floor Manager: We’re live in five minutes.
Patty Fenn: Do you have the revisions for the opening?
Lee Gates: I’m still making some changes.
Patty Fenn: Am I gonna get the changes before the show or after the show?
Lee Gates: You know the drill. You just point the camera in my direction and we’ll figure it out together.
Patty Fenn: It always sounds so simple and yet so moronic.


Voice of Presenter: Here is the Wizard of Wall Street himself.
Lee Gates: The name is Lee Gates, the show is Money Monster.


Lee Gates: Without risk there is no reward.


Patty Fenn: Who’s that guy on camera two? Who is it? Anybody know?
[suddenly we see Budwell take out a gun and point it at Gates]
Lee Gates: What is this a union thing?
[Budwell shoots his gun and hits Gates]
Patty Fenn: Cut the feed!
Kyle Budwell: Whoever’s in there, turn the camera’s on!
Lee Gates: Turn the camera’s off, Patty!
Production Assistant: What do you want me to do?!
Lee Gates: Turn them off!
Patty Fenn: Put it up!
[the cameras turn on live to show Gates being held at gunpoint]


[referring to the bomb jacket]
Kyle Budwell: Take it out, put in on.
Lee Gates: How do I know it won’t blow up?
Kyle Budwell: Because I have the detonator. My thumb comes off this trigger and we all explode!


Kyle Budwell: [into the camera] I want everyone to know something. I might be the one with the gun here, but I’m not the real criminal. It’s people like these guys! They’re stealing everything from us an they’re getting away with it too. I’m telling you it’s rigged. They literally control the information. The whole damn thing! How’s that even fair?


Kyle Budwell: They like how the math adds up, so they gotta keep rewriting the equation.


Lee Gates: I can’t breathe.
Patty Fenn: Lee, stay calm. I’m right here.


Patty Fenn: [to Gates] Just keep talking to him, alright? You’re good at that.


Lee Gates: Okay, I get it. You lost some money.
Kyle Budwell: Some money.
Lee Gates: You lost a lot of money.


Lee Gates: [to Budwell] You lost a lot of money when the market tanked.


Kyle Budwell: I want an explanation, Lee! I want what happened to make sense!
Lee Gates: I’ll get you some answers. You came here to get some answers. You deserve to get some answers.


Lee Gates: [to Budwell] You came here to get some answers and I can get you some answers.


Kyle Budwell: I’m not the only shareholder screwed over here.
Lee Gates: You’re the only shareholder here with a gun.


Lee Gates: [to Budwell] Take a deep breath and keep your finger on that button.


Patty Fenn: We need help right now!
Captain Marcus Powell: Just tell him to keep stalling.


Kyle Budwell: [to Gates] My honest job pays me fourteen dollars an hour.


Molly: [to Budwell] That was everything we had, every last cent. What are you doing?


Walt Camby: Nobody was asking questions before, these guys could expose everything!


Lee Gates: We both want an explanation for what went wrong.
Diane Lester: We don’t know. High frequency trading is so complex…
[Budwell shoots the TV monitor that Gates was talking through with Lester]


James Goodloe: If we knew how we lost eight hundred million dollars we wouldn’t have lost eight hundred million dollars.


Diane Lester: You have to understand how delicate a situation this is.
Patty Fenn: I’m sitting eighty feet from a bomb! Don’t talk to me about delicate situations!


Lee Gates: We’re human being, we’re not computers. We have a conscience.


Lee Gates: [to Budwell] You came here because you wanted people to finally listen to you, now they are.


Patty Fenn: [to the cops] I’m trying to save him, you’re trying to shoot him.


Dan Issa: Follow the money, find the fraud.


Lee Gates: [to Budwell] We’re in this together now, don’t turn your back on anybody.


Lee Gates: I don’t want you do die.


Patty Fenn: [last lines] So what the hell kind of show are we going to do next week?

Total Quotes: 30




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