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[just before the first game of the season is about to begin]
Billy Beane: I’m goin’ in. Text me play by play.
Peter Brand: Wait! What?
Billy Beane: I don’t watch the games.



[after losing the first game of the season]
Billy Beane: I should have made you a bigger part of the conversation from day one. That way we’d be clear what we’re trying to do here. That was my mistake, Art, and I take responsibility for that.
Art Howe: What are you trying to say?
Billy Beane: I’m saying it doesn’t matter what moves I make if you don’t play the team the way they’re designed to be played.
Art Howe: Billy, you’re out of your depth.
Billy Beane: Why not Hatteberg at first?
Art Howe: Because he can’t play first.
Billy Beane: How do you know?
Art Howe: It’s not my first baseball game. Scott Hatteberg can’t hit, he’s keeping us in the fences.


Billy Beane: Could this be about your contract?
Art Howe: No. This is about you doing your job and me doing mine. Mine’s being left alone to manage this team you assembled for me.
Billy Beane: I didn’t assemble it for you, Art.
Art Howe: No shit.
Billy Beane: Good meeting. Every time we talk, I’m reinvigorated by my love of the game.


[on the radio]
Call-In Radio Host: Grady, can you interpret for us what’s going on?
Grady Fuson: They call it Moneyball.
Call-In Radio Host: Moneyball?
Grady Fuson: Yes. And it was a nice theory and now it’s just not working out.
Sports Announcer: Billy Beane has built this team on the ideas of a guy named Bill James.
Call-In Radio Host: Right.
Sports Announcer: He wrote an interesting book on baseball statistics. The problem is that Bill James never played, never managed, he was in fact a security guard at a pork and beans company.
Call-In Radio Host: Do you see this as a decimation of the whole team?
Grady Fuson: I think that he bought a ticket on the Titanic.
Sports Announcer: Oh, boy! He’s tried to come up with a new approach, my hat’s off to him. It won’t work.


Billy Beane: I want you to go on the road with the team.
Peter Brand: You don’t go on the road with the team.
Billy Beane: That’s why I want you to do it.
Peter Brand: Why don’t you?
Billy Beane: I can’t develop personal relationships with these guys. I gotta be able to trade ’em, send ’em down, sometimes cut them. Which is something you should learn to do, by the way.
Peter Brand: I would never have to cut a player, unless you…
[Bean’s puts his hand up]
Peter Brand: Oh, come on!
Billy Beane: Come on, what? Let’s practice.
Peter Brand: No.
Billy Beane: Yeah, I’m a player and you gotta cut me from the roster. Go.
Peter Brand: No!
Billy Beane: What do you mean ‘no’?
Peter Brand: No!
Billy Beane: Do it.
Peter Brand: This is stupid.
Billy Beane: Part of the job, man.


[playing the part of having to cut a player with Billy pretending to be a player]
Peter Brand: Billy, please have a seat. I need to talk you to for a minute
Billy Beane: Go on.
Peter Brand: You’ve been a huge part of this team, but sometimes you have to make decisions that are best for the team. I’m sure you can understand that.
Billy Beane: You’re cutting me.
Peter Brand: I’m really sorry.
Billy Beane: I just bought a house here.
Peter Brand: Well…
Billy Beane: You know?
Peter Brand: Oh, uh…well…
Billy Beane: Well…? Well! That’s all you got to say? My kids just started a new school, they made friends


Peter Brand: That’s uh…well, you shouldn’t pull ’em out in the middle of the school year. You should wait.
Billy Beane: What the hell are you talking about?
Peter Brand: I don’t know! I don’t know! I shouldn’t…I’m not gonna do this. I don’t think that…this is stupid. I’m not gonna fire anybody and this is dumb!
Billy Beane: They’re professional ball players. Just be straight with them. No fluff, just facts. ‘Pete, I gotta let you go. Jack’s office will handle the details.’
Peter Brand: That’s it?
[Billy does a silent hand movement of cutting off the head]
Peter Brand: Really?
Billy Beane: Would you rather get a bullet to the head, or fire to the chest or bleed to death?
Peter Brand: Are those my only two options?
Billy Beane: Go on the road with the team.
Peter Brand: Okay.


[on the plane Peter is traveling with the team sat next to Justice]
David Justice: How come your boss doesn’t travel with the team?
Peter Brand: He doesn’t like to mingle with players.
David Justice: Is that supposed to make it easier to cut?
Peter Brand: I don’t…I don’t know.
David Justice: And how come soda is a dollar in the club house? Cause I’ve never seen it like that.
Peter Brand: Billy likes to keep the money on the field.
David Justice: Soda money? Really? Where on the field is the dollar I’m paying for soda?
Peter Brand: It’s hard to see exactly, but…
David Justice: Yeah.
Peter Brand: …it’s there.
David Justice: It is hard to see. I’m done.


Sports Announcer #1: Well with this loss tonight, the Oakland Athletics have incredibly lost fourteen of their last seventeen games. They are ten games back in the American League West.
Sports Announcer #2: It’s fair to say the experiment has failed.


Billy Beane: Look, Steve, I believe in what we’re doing. I believe the record doesn’t actively reflect the strength of this team or where we’re gonna be at the end of the season. Now, Pete and I here, feel very strongly that we stay on the track we’ve chosen.
Peter Brand: Our sample size has just honestly been too small…
Billy Beane: It’s early. It’s too early. Where do we expect to be by the All Star break?
Peter Brand: Our goal and our expectation is by mid-July to be within seven games first. That would get this working.
Billy Beane: That keeps us in the hunt.
Exceptionally below.
Stephen Schott: By July.
Billy Beane: July.
Stephen Schott: And what’s gonna prevent you from accomplishing that? What are you afraid of?
Billy Beane: Nothing. That’s why we’re here, Steve. That’s why we got a bit of money. That’s all we’re doing.


Casey Beane: Dad, there’s no way you’re gonna lose your job, right?
Billy Beane: What?
Casey Beane: Well, I don’t know. I’m just wondering.
Billy Beane: Where did you hear that?
Casey Beane: Well I go on the internet sometimes.
Billy Beane: Well, don’t do that. Don’t…don’t go on the internet, or watch TV, or read newspapers or talk to…people.
Casey Beane: I don’t talk to people, I just read stuff.
Billy Beane: Honey, everything’s fine. Everything’s fine. Really. You don’t have to worry.
Casey Beane: But if you lose your job we’d have to move away.
Billy Beane: Honey, I’m not gonna lose my job. You don’t have to worry.
Casey Beane: Okay.
Billy Beane: Hey, there’s no problem.
Casey Beane: Okay.
Billy Beane: Right, I got uptown problems, but you’re not a problem at all. You’re not worried, right?
Casey Beane: No, I’m not worried.


[after losing another game the players fool around in the locker room, Billy hears this and goes in and breaks the stereo]
Billy Beane: Is losing fun?
[nobody answers]
Billy Beane: Is losing fun?
Jeremy Giambi: No.
Billy Beane: What are you having fun for?
[nobody answers, Billy throws a baseball bat across the room, there is complete silence in the room]
Billy Beane: That’s what losing sounds like.


Casey Beane: Are you okay, dad?
Billy Beane: You’re doing it again.
Casey Beane: What?
Billy Beane: You’re worrying about me.
Casey Beane: You have a sad face, dad.
Billy Beane: Do I look worried?
Casey Beane: Yeah.
Billy Beane: Cause you’re getting on an airplane, those things crash all the time. Please stop worrying about your dad.
[they hug and kiss as they stewardess arrives to take Casey to the plane]
Billy Beane: I love you.
Casey Beane: I love you too.
[as she’s leaving]
Billy Beane: You’re dad’s not in trouble.


[as Billy is trying to trade Giambi and Pena]
Peter Brand: Billy, I think you need to take a minute. I think you seriously need to just think about what you’re doing, because you’re upset.
Billy Beane: Okay. What am I missing?
Peter Brand: These are hard rules to explain to people.
Billy Beane: Why is that a problem, Pete?
Peter Brand: Don’t make an emotional decision, Billy.
[to Peter as he takes a call from one of the club owners]
Billy Beane: We’re gonna shake things up.


Peter Brand: Billy, Pena is an All Star. Okay? And if you dump him and this Hatteberg thing doesn’t work out the way that we want it to, you know, this is…this is the kind of decision that gets you fired. It is!
Billy Beane: Yes, you’re right. I may lose my job, in which case I’m a forty four year old guy with a high school diploma and a daughter I’d like to be able to send to college. You’re twenty five years old with a degree from Yale and a pretty impressive apprenticeship. I don’t think we’re asking the right question. I think the question we should be asking is, do you believe in this thing or not?
Peter Brand: I do.
Billy Beane: It’s a problem you think we need to explain ourselves. Don’t. To anyone.
Peter Brand: Okay.
Billy Beane: Now, we’re gonna see this thing through, for better or worse. Just tell me, do you project we’ll win more with Hatteberg or Pena first?
Peter Brand: It’s close, but theoretically Hatteberg.
Billy Beane: What are we talking about then?


Billy Beane: Go tell Pena he’s gotta pack.
Peter Brand: You want me to tell Pena?
Billy Beane: Part of the job.
Peter Brand: What about Giambi? Do you want me to tell too?
Billy Beane: I’ll tell him.


[after Peter and Billy have gotten rid of Pena and Giambi]
Billy Beane: You can’t start Pena first tonight, you’ll have to start Hatteberg.
Art Howe: Yeah, I don’t wanna go through team rounds, Billy. The lineup card is mine. And that’s all, okay?
Billy Beane: The lineup card is definitely yours, I’m just saying you can’t start Pena first.
Art Howe: Well, I am starting him at first.
Billy Beane: I don’t think so, he plays for Detroit now.
[Art looks at him in shock]
Art Howe: You traded Pena?
Billy Beane: Yep. And Menechino, Hiljus, Tam. All been sent down.
Art Howe: You are outside your mind!
Billy Beane: Yep. Cookoo.


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