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Mike goes to college (Spoilers!)

A flashback of Mike’s Monsters Inc. childhood field-trip shows how he becomes obsessed with scaring. Monsters University follows Mike’s life as he goes to college to study scaring. Billy Crystal does such a fine job seamlessly going back into character that we don’t even realize it’s been 10 years since he voiced Mike! John Goodman’s recognizable voice is astoundingly excellent as he conveys a multitude of emotions as Sully in just a few words! I don’t know how much of Sully’s roar was Goodman’s or how much was electronically added, but the entire soundtrack was flawless.

When Mike arrives at Monsters University, he doesn’t know Sully yet. On campus, the fraternities are hosting a scaring competition that in order to compete, Mike has to join one. The frats are scouting for new members and Sully is immediately recognized and accepted by the top frat to Mike’s chagrin. Mike befriends Randall by giving him pointers on scaring, later the fraternity competitions drive them apart, showing us how Randall, the chameleon-like monster, came to dislike Mike and Sully so much.

On the first day of class Mike knows all the answers to “scaring” questions and Sully comes in late and has to borrow a pencil. It becomes clear that Sully has used his roar to get by, making us wonder how they become friends; he even flunks out of the scaring program and is expelled from his frat. The dean creepily enters the classroom and asks Mike to do a demonstration of the scares he knows so well. He is caught off guard and fails out of the program.

As the competition nears, Mike has to make a decision to join a frat and the only one accepting members is not scary at all, in fact, OK (‘Ooze’ma Kappa) is downright silly. He joins, but they need one more member to compete. Sully is the only one since Randall was accepted in his place. Mike grudgingly lets him in and takes it upon himself to whip them into shape for the first competition, a race. Hilarity ensues as they fail to avoid caltrops which make them immediately swell up if stepped on. Mike and Sully come in second; what they didn’t know is that the entire fraternity has to finish, the rest realize it too late and come in last.

The next competition is sneaking through the library to get their flag while avoiding getting tossed out by a gigantic slug librarian. Sully breaks formation, tries for the flag and as the angry librarian starts to throw him out, their OK brothers distract her so they all can get out. Mike is furious at losing a second competition, but the most mild mannered OK member is holding their flag. They realize everyone has their strong points, so Mike devises a new plan for victory. Meanwhile, Mike helps Sully with his studies so they can get back into the scare program. The final competition is in the scare simulator, OK all do pretty well, but Sully cheats by altering the simulator for Mike, who is outraged because he knows every type of scare or phobia by heart and wonders why he would do such a thing. It’s obvious to all but Mike that he’s not scary and Sully finally tells him.

Mike refuses to be thwarted by the university throwing him out or Sully not thinking he’s scary and goes to the lab where they have an experimental door to the “human world” to prove himself. The only problem is, it seems like the doors at Monsters Inc., but there is something wrong with this one… Mike goes in anyway. When Sully and the others realize where he went and hasn’t come right back, the authorities shut the door down for fear of contamination, trapping Mike in the human world. Sully bursts through security and goes in after Mike.

They find themselves in a girl scout camp with so many of them that they aren’t afraid. The troop leaders chase them around in the dark and Mike comes up with a plan to use their fear to power the door from the human side. They lead them back into the same room and creep around making scratches on the walls plus eerie noises to frighten the adults. Mike is genius at setting the stage and even uses a fishing pole to trip them in its line. Sully jumps out and roars so loud that grown men scream and run, jumping out the window.

The door comes back online and they go back just in time to see their scare fill hundreds of tanks in the lab and fry the door circuits, leaving it in a smouldering heap. Cheers and fanfare are called for, but the decontamination team jumps on them and they are finally expelled from Monsters University. It’s ok though, they get jobs in the mailroom at Monsters Inc. and are such a good team that they move up to scaring in no time.

MU is thoroughly enjoyable for adults and short enough to allow 4 year olds to sit through the entire 3D movie.


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