By Eddie Burton (New Jersey)


Not only do I think that Monsters University is on equal level to Monsters Inc., but it may possibly be better. While this film focuses more to children, it still has the clever moments and still captures the same elements that the first captured. Monsters University is actually a prequel to Monsters Inc. it stars Mike played again by Billy Crystal and Sully played by John Goodman and it goes to back to their college years when Mike and Sully were at one time at opposite ends, Sully was a jock and Mike was a nerd.

Due to it being a kids film, they didn’t really play it subtle with Sully being the cool guy and Mike being the outcast. It’s more straightforward and the simplistic clichés like Sully being laid back and having a go with the flow kind of attitude while Mike is more of a book enthusiast and has the attitude of everything needs to go this way and Mike is much more controlling. But it’s excusable because of it being a kids film and aiming for a younger generation. However, they still keep the symbolism that shines and is really creative. What I didn’t catch on to until I left the theater was that Pixar is following our generation.

Monsters Inc. focused on boo because we saw Monsters Inc. when we were children. Now that their generation of audience is grown to college years, they put the main characters Mike and Sully in college to make them more relatable and to follow us growing up while still keeping the humor to children, and to bring in a new audience. That is so ingenious and it’s amazing that they kept a balance between the two generations of audience seeing this movie.

The animation is a little too bright for my tastes. I think the colors are a little muted, much like Oz the Great and Powerful. However, the humor makes up for it, it’s still as genius and quick witted like Monsters Inc. the characters still shine in this film like they did in Monsters Inc. there are in jokes, like when Mike is moving to his dorm room he says that his roommate will be his friend for life and while everyone expected it to be Sully, it turned out to be Randal who was the main antagonist in Monsters Inc.

Sadly the plot is not well paced, rushing or even dropping certain sub plots in the film. I won’t go into detail because I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t seen it. But for those who did, you’ll know what I’m talking about and for those who haven’t seen it, see it and you will know what I mean.

The casting is very good, I mean how can it not be. The one thing I respect the film most for is the passion and dedication they had for the project. Pixar seems to always bring us back to our childhood and have us experience some nostalgia on how it was to be a kid. Sitting down and enjoying it as if we were kids. They did the same with Toy Story 3 while at the same time adapting to their environment and to their audience and how much we’ve changed. You could tell that Monsters University wasn’t just to make a quick buck, it was to give us, the audience, a great film. That’s what they gave us as well because while the animation is a little too bright and muted, and the plot is a little rushed, the humor is still as genius as the first.

The characters are still fantastic to see and it’s enjoyable to see how these characters have evolved from Monsters University to Monsters Inc. They are still as enjoyable and fun to watch in Monsters University as they were twelve years ago in Monsters Inc.

Altogether, it’s a film for the whole family and shouldn’t be ignored. You’ll still have the same amount of fun in Monsters University as you did in Monsters Inc.

Rating: 8/10


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