Starring: Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Timothy Olyphant, Margo Martindale, Jon Lovitz, Hilary Duff, Britt Robertson



Ensemble comedy directed by Garry that revolves around three different generations on the titular spring holiday that’s a celebration of mothers everywhere.

We have Sandy (Jennifer Aniston) a single mom of two boys who’s ex-husband Henry (Timothy Olyphant) has just married a much younger woman. Then there’s Bradley (Jason Sudeikis), a single father with two teenage daughters, Jesse (Kate Hudson) who has something to hide from her southern parents, talk show host Miranda (Julia Roberts) and Kristin (Britt Robertson) who never knew her mother. But on one special day, they will come to learn the true meaning of Mother’s Day.


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[as about to eat a donut]
Sandy: Hey, you know no junk food for breakfast.
Peter: Dad lets us.
Sandy: He also lets you go to school without any underwear.
Mikey: It’s called freeballing, mom.


Jesse: Sandy’s ex just got remarried to like a twelve year-old.


Tina: Tweet at me if you want to check in.
Sandy: [to Henry] Did she just say Tweet at me?


[being interviewed for a job]
Miranda: Tell me more about this tween and your ex-husband.
Sandy: I’m sure I exaggerated. I’ll have a better idea once all the acne clears up.


Rachell: Could you go to the supermarket.
Bradley: What do we need?
Rachell: Juice, eggs.
Bradley: Eggs.
Rachell: And tampons.
Bradley: What was that?
Rachell: Tampons.
Bradley: I’m  just gonna write T. I’ll know what that means.


[at the supermarket checkout the cashier starts announcing on the speaker]
Cashier: Need a price check on organics cotton tam…
[Bradly stops her]
Bradley: No, that’s not necessary. They are, uh, they’re nine bucks. They’re nine bucks each.
Cashier: [into the speaker] Cancel that check on tampons, the organic cotton ones.
[Sandy is in the queue behind him]
Sandy: Daughter?
Bradley: Oh, uh, yeah. Two, actually, but only one is currently, you know, becoming a woman.
Sandy: Got you. Same boat, two sons.
Bradley: How is that the same boat?
Sandy: I, uh, its just the number.
Bradley: Yeah. Nice meeting you, Sandy with two sons. It was two, right?
Sandy: Yeah.


Kristin: It’s just all this Mother’s Day stuff and I start thinking about how I haven’t talked to mom.


Jesse: Come in, the door’s open.
[Jesse’s parents enter the kitchen where Jesse is getting dressed]
Flo: Surprise!
[Jesse jumps back in shock]
Jesse: You guys are supposed to be in Texas!
Flo: We’ve been driving twenty hours straight.
Jesse’s Dad: Where’s the little lady’s room? I gotta drain the lizard.
Gabi: Thank you for sharing, right down the hall.
Flo: I can’t take him anywhere.
Jesse: Yeah.


Kristin: I was adopted and I’ve always wondered did she just throw me away?
Jesse: What you have to do you have to find your mother.


[Sandy rushes in to talk to Miranda as she’s taking photos with contest winners]
Assistant Betty: Ma’am, these are contest winners. Only they get pictures.
Sandy: I’m actually not here for a picture, I’m here to show Miranda this.
[holds up a miniature model of her design]
Assistant Betty: Fine, stay here.
[she takes Sandy’s model miniature design]
Sandy: No, that’s actually… Hey, hey, hey!
[Betty shows it to Miranda]
Miranda: How cute.
Assistant Betty: Mm-hmm.
Miranda: Very sweet.
Sandy: Miranda, I’m sorry.
Miranda: Very sweet of you.
[as Sandy goes over to talk to Miranda, Miranda goes to pose for a photo with her like the other contest winners]
Miranda: Congratulations.
Sandy: No, I’m not a contest winner.
Miranda: Then why am I hugging you?
Sandy: I’m sorry, I’m late. I’m here for the interview.
Miranda: Oh, we’re not doing any press.
Assistant Betty: Okay.
[Betty starts to pull Sandy away]
Sandy: Oh, no, I’m not interviewing you! She’s interviewing me.
Assistant Betty: I need you to calm down.
Sandy: I need to calm down? I’m not here for a photograph, I’m here for a job.
Assistant Betty: Oh, you must be Sandy.
Sandy: Yes, I’m Sandy!
Assistant Betty: Yes, well, you missed the design meeting. Miranda’s a very busy person.
Sandy: Oh, really? Is Miranda busy? Well, I would have been here on time if my ex-husband hadn’t married a tween, or if my, my doctor had called in my child’s asthma medication or if my mother mobile rode faster than four miles per hour on the freeway! I understand it, I get it. Her time is very valuable and she’s very busy. My time is not.
[as she turns to leave she put her hand inside her blouse]
Sandy: My bra’s on inside out.
Miranda: Would you like me to help you with your bra?
Sandy: No. Thank you though.
[Sandy takes her design model and starts to walk off]
Miranda: I like your blouse.
Sandy: Thank you. I just made this.
[Sandy walks off in a hurry]


Sandy: Do you have kids?
Miranda: Career. Keeps me busy.


Rachell: I’m sixteen, I have a life!
Bradley: Where are you going?
[Rachel gets in a car with a boy and he drives off]
Bradley: Rachell get out of the car!


Jesse: [to Flo] No matter what’s happened between us you’re always my mother.


Miranda’s Agent: [to Miranda] We’re not who the world thinks we are. We decide who we are, when we want and who we want to know.


Sandy: This is so exciting your first sleepover with your dad and his new love person.
Mikey: Do you want us to call her mom too?
Sandy: No absolutely not, I would say “ma’am” is good.


Sandy: Will you just Tweeted me?
Jesse: Yeah, I’ll talk, I’ll Tweet… What?
Sandy: Yeah, see, right? That didn’t sound right.

Total Quotes: 16




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